Friday, July 31, 2009

school bell ringing and Lucy's first dentist appointment

Well, next week we start homeschool.

My boys are thrilled.
Just tickled like you wouldn't believe.

Sure they are.

I feel really guilty starting them so soon
but we simply must get in a good
month of school before we head to Ch*na.
But honest to goodness, most of the time those
boys are sitting around doing nothing
which drives me crazy! So sticking their
noses in a textbook will bring much
satisfaction to me at least.

I want to take 2-3 weeks off after
we return with Macy Shu Li.
So, they will be thankful once that nice little
break rolls around.
But for now, they are grumpy.

My time will be mostly consumed with that
so, please bear with me as I may
have days that I just can't post anything...
or it will be very short and sweet.

Or long and bitter, depending on how
things are going.


Today is Lucy's first dentist appointment.
I covet your prayers.

This little unpredictable dynamo is
excited/resistant about going.

I keep telling her she will get a surprise
and a new toothbrush.
That's enough to make any girl want
to hop in the drill-screeching chair, right?

Seriously, if they were smart the reward would be a new
pair of shoes.
Or at least a venti frappacino.

I'm bringing my camera...not sure
though that whipping out my big Canon Rebel
will go over well....
so I may have to just nonchalantly snap
pics with my cell phone.

Good times ahead.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nicknames and Lucyisms


The other day I was telling my mom something cute
that Lucy said.
She totally cracked up then said,
"I don't recall reading that on your blog."

Apparently I'm supposed to report everything to you all!

So that really got me thinking that since I have yet to
start Lucy's scrapbook (guilt flooding down),
I guess I should try to record these cute things

Like the time my boys were itty bitty (maybe 3 & 5).
We were driving down the road...with the normal boy to
mom conversations (i.e., "Do frogs taste good? Why can't we
drive as fast as we want to worms yawn?

Yeah, those kinds of conversations.
Then Brenden asked me something out of the blue,

"Mom, do I have a nick-name?"

"Hmmm," I thought, "well, I guess Bren would be your nickname."

"No. How about Jefferson?"


Sure, Jefferson is a perfect nick name.
I can't imagine why I didn't think of that myself.

See, this kid has been getting to me from very early on.
Wait til I tell you one day about the time he tried
to tape the ceiling fan to his head so he could fly.

Anyway, back to Lucy.

We were sitting on the swing with my mom,
swaying in the cool summer breeze.
I asked Lucy,
"Are you my sweet girl?"

"No Mom, I'm Chinese!"


Another time on the swing set....
I had been trying to teach Lucy how to pump her
legs so she could swing all by herself.

After a couple of weeks...
she just about had it mastered.
She couldn't quite pronounce the word "pumping"...
and it came out more like...


And since I already told you she keeps all L's silent,
here was what she told me as she
so independently was going back and forth
on the swing...

"Look Mama, I'm cookin' my 'eggs!"


Ok, that's all for now.
Funny, huh?

Oh, and look who has discovered lipstick.

donut dreaming

Where, oh where is a donut when I desperately
need one?

Preferably a chocolate iced Bavarian creamed filled, please.

I've moved beyond I'm having


I seriously have no idea what in the world prompted me to write
this post.....except that I'm so hungry for something
yummy to go with my coffee. If you can help, bring
yourself and donuts over right away.

right finger in left nostril

First of all, let me just say that your comments
yesterday truly meant a lot to me.
I always love hearing from you but yesterday's
words of kindness were especially touching
to me because the whole name thing
was heavy on my heart.

God used you all to give me confirmation.

Thank you.


In case you were wondering,
I got Nick to his BIG tournament yesterday
not only on the correct day,
and the correct time....
but early!

It was an off & on rainy day so I wasn't
sure the tournament would go
as planned but, it did.

Nick was just thankful to be there at all.
After a very successful golf season
on his school team,
the summer tour he was on was proving
to be quite difficult for him.
Yet after each disappointment I would tell him,
"Nick if you really love golf, then you must
persevere and keep at it."

And that's exactly what he did each
and every time.

The fact that he qualified for this championship
tournament was an honor...
even though he went into it in LAST place.

In the meantime,
Brenden, Lucy and I went to get my
picture taken for my visa.
They told me not to smile...
I did my best to "smile" with my eyes
cause I didn't want it to look like
a mug shot.

It turned out OK, only I was drawn
to the fact that my lips are
just way too thin.
*Note to self, try lip-liner one.more.time.

Brenden said it wasn't a rule that you
can't smile your pic for passport or visa,
the people working there simply
want to use you as their source of entertainment
for the day.
He said to be happy that I wasn't the poor soul
who they told to...
stick your right finger into your left nostril...
open your mouth wide...
and click.
There you go.
And the rest of the day, the employees
at the photo place make fun of you.

That kid has a vivid imagination.
I hope he isn't right.
Nick called me with exciting news...
he was currently tied for 3rd place!
We were elated!!

When I arrived they were putting up the
final scores....
then, they wrote something next to Nick's
he was wrong.

He wasn't tied for 3rd....

he got 2nd place!!!!

And only 1 stroke over the first place

This determined young man is
quite happy!


Still no news on our TA.


But I did get our visa applications sent!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Macy Shu Li

I have fallen in love with not only,
Shu Li....our daughter,
that we have yet to meet in person
(yet I feel I already know her in many ways),
but I also love her name.
Hearing it just makes me smile.

Hearing Lucy say it makes me smile.
Shoo Wee.

But because I know that she will very likely
want an American name,
we have decided on

Macy Shu Li.

I love that name...and I love that it
goes well with Lucy.

Macy and Lucy.
Cute, huh?

But still...I'm really struggling with bringing
myself to call her that,
even as I type this...
or say her name around the house.

It feels the same as me changing
my name to Betty.

Cute name's just
I talked to Patty about it
(for those who don't know she just adopted on of Shu Li's friends)
and she said she feels the same way about
her daughter's new American name.
I'm relieved to know that because I thought
I was being rather odd about it.

ultimately we will let Shu Li, I mean Macy,
choose what she wants to be called.

If she wants to stick with Shu Li,
I'll be tickled.
If she likes Macy Shu Li,
I'll be tickled.


I am up earlier than the chickens today
as Nick and I are heading to his
BIG golf tournament.

YES, I'm positive that it is today.
He is so excited.
And I'm excited that it's the last time
I have to get up so dog-gone early!

Monday, July 27, 2009

leaving behind a neat and tidy house

Since it appears that our Travel Approval could

any day now (??),

I've really been trying to prepare myself
for the fact that we could possibly
leave earlier than September.

It's not that I'm getting my hopes up...
it's more that I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row!
There is TONS to do before we leave.

Something that's really different this time
around is that instead of leaving my
house will be filled with my children
and my mom. Plus my in-laws are going
to come over a lot to fill in for my mom
when she needs (oh and she WILL need) to
get out of the house.

SO.....even though I always try to leave
my house clean when we leave to go just rarely happens.
I can't have my house messy for my mom
and Mom-in-law to see!!!
So on Saturday I cleaned out my refrigerator.
Ahhh. Nice, nice feeling having all those
science experiments tossed in the trash.
I washed my windows and screens.
I never knew the world outside
was so clear and lovely.
I mopped my floors.
Ok, that will definitely have to be done
again (and again) before we leave.

I'm feeling well on my way to having
a neat and tidy house.
And as long as the grandmas leave their
white gloves at home,
I'll be fine.



HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

to my dear friend Angela!!
She turns 30 today!

Ten years younger than me.
And she's skinnier.


Love you Ang!!
I hope you have a happy, happy day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

we have a winner!

Again, my apologies for this taking
so long!

But I finally did the drawing for my little

And the winner is...

Christy Rose!


Christy, if you would email me your mailing address,
I will send you your prize!

Lucy's Jesus

The other day Lucy and I were on the back
porch hanging up our laundry to dry.

As I was hanging and she was handing me
the clothes pins,
I was singing the song,

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...sweetest name I know...."

She interrupted me and asked,

"Mom, what are you singing about?"

I said,
"I'm singing about Jesus!"

She said with great surprise,
"Are you singing about MY Jesus??

Me, chuckling...
"Yes, your Jesus and my Jesus!"

Continuing to investigate she asked,
"Jesus...from the Bible??"


"Yes, our Jesus from the Bible."

Sweetly Lucy,
"Oh...that's so nice, Mama!"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

a new homeschool blog

If you haven't read the post below, please do so.

I've got great news...
I have started a blog for homeschool moms!!

Home Sweet Homeschool
a gathering place for homeschool moms

A place to share ideas, questions, concerns,
and yes, even to vent on those
frustrating homeschool days.

Check it out!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

giveaway....and homeschooling

First, I gotta tell you, my friends....
I can't believe you haven't said a peep
about my giveaway that I promised
a while back!

Either you are being graciously polite
or you forgot.
My guess it's the first one.


I haven't forgotten,
I just am having a hard time deciding what
to make to give away!!
But then I
decided that I would do the drawing FIRST,
then make something to fit the winner.
If I don't "know" you well
then I'll just do my best to make something
you might like.

I hope to do the drawing this weekend...
but please continue your polite


Ok, last week I finally ordered all my
final selections of our curriculum for
homeschooling this year.

I was rather amazed (shouldn't have been I guess)
how God sent just the right people to
me (via blog comments and email) to
answer my very specific prayers for
guidance and discernment in what to buy!


And what I am quickly realizing is how
so MANY of you homeschool and I'm so excited
about that!

So, here's my little idea....
since bouncing ideas off each other is
always beneficial,
I'd like to have sort of a data bank of
homeschool families...
maybe I'll list them on my sidebar
(with your permission),
so perhaps others can get in touch with you
if they have questions.


So, if you are interested,
Please email or leave in a comment..

*the age range of your kids that you HS.

*the cirriculum you use
(if it's a variety, just give what you use for main subjects)

*list where you live
(non-specific you,
Midwest is fine")

I will link to your blog (if you have one)
and/or will list your email address (if you want).

I just think it will be fun to have a
little "community" of homeschoolers across
the country.

Let me know what you think!!

mystery delivery and a dancin' dress

Sorry to leave you hanging about the mystery
package that was delivered yesterday!
I wasn't trying to leave
you in suspense!

It was a DVD that we ordered for Shu Li.
So, sort of adoption-related but not anything
to shed more light on when we
will travel.

Oh, and if you are adopting an older child,
you might want to look into getting
this video...

The Jesus Film

which is available in MANY languages to
reach the world for Christ.

I pray constantly for Shu Li...
that she would come home soon,
that she won't be fearful of her future,
that she will love us...
but most of all,
I pray that she will accept Jesus as
her Savior very soon.

That's truly the most important thing above all.


Here are a few pics of Lucy and Brenden...

Lucy is absolutely crazy about
her brothers.
They are constantly scooping her
up and lovin' on her!

This is Lucy's dancin' dress...
well, every dress that she is
wearing at the time she calls her
dancin' dress.

And Brenden gives her a spin
on the dance "floor".

Dancin' fun!!
And funny!

Ok, I'm done.
And adorable.

Because I know you will ask, my mom bought this dress
at a garage sale that a lady made out of a pillow case.
I keep meaning to duplicate it but I just haven't taken the
time to sit down and figure it out.
But isn't it darling!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my brain...where has it gone?

I had a crazy-busy morning...
I dropped Nick off at the golf course, went to buy
a few things I forgot at WM yesterday,
went to the grocery store to buy the things
I couldn't get at WM,
stopped by our local peach orchard to buy
peaches and tomatoes.

Got home,
put groceries away and threw together
some lunch for Lucy.


Just a little while later, Brenden said,

"Ummm, Mom, what's Lucy eating??"

"Turkey and chips, why?"

"Her turkey"


Well, it sure is.
I tried to feed my baby girl moldy, blue turkey.

And if that isn't enough to prove that my brain is
on half-a-cell...

I was on the phone with my friend Angela,
while playing with Lucy in her room.

All of a sudden the door bell rang.

By the time I got off the phone & out of Lucy's room and
to the door,
I saw a notice stuck to our door as the F*d Ex guy was
driving away.

I dashed out the door, flailing my arms
frantically and running down
my driveway trying to get his attention.

Because you see,
the thought of NOT getting whatever it
was he was here to deliver,
just made me crazy!

He finally saw me....
and with a look of sheer terror on his face,
he rolled his window down.

"I'm here, I'm here!! Do you have a package for me?!"

FX guy,
"Ummm, yes ma'am...I left it on your porch."

"Oh. *giggle, giggle* Ok, thank you."

Humiliation rushing.

And so he did....left it right there, smack by my door.
It's a wonder I didn't trip over it.

My brain, where has it gone?
Ship it back to me if you find it, would you?
You might want to use UPS.

limitless entertainment

There are no limits to the lengths we will
go to entertain our children....

He is going to kill me for posting this!

Of course, Lucy thought this was the funniest thing
she had ever seen.

We've discovered post-it notes.
I think we all knew it was only a matter of time.

Let me know if you want Lucy to come do
some decorating for you.
It looks marvelous, don't you think?
And very functional, I might add.

**Oh, and I never heard back from our agency
about our TA news.
I'm just going to assume that we need
to be prepared to leave within a few weeks....
or wait....some more.
I'm getting good at both.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just had to add another pic!

TA tourny....and Lucy cuteness

TA News!!

We got an email from our agency yesterday, with basically one sentence...

We found out that our representative in Guangzhou picked up and mailed your second Confirmation Letter to the CCAA at the end of last week.

Honest to goodness, this sounds like good news but
I have no idea what it means!!
All this is SO different from just over a year ago when
we got Lucy that I just don't know if our TA is
coming in a week....or 5!

Hopefully I will find out more today.

But, here's a sweet picture of Shu Li that we
received from my friend Patty!
She's the one with the glasses...isn't she darling?!
Smile, girl!


Thanks for all your sweet comments from yesterday.
I had myself a pretty good pity party.
Not just over that but I (well, I'm not convinced it was me)
lost an important paper.
Not anything adoption related, just a lien release
letter that we needed.
You would have thought my life depended on it.
We got another one ordered easy enough
and then after reading Linn's blog post from yesterday
I got a pretty good attitude adjustment.

last evening Nick got an invitation (via email)
to the Jr. Championship Golf tournament!!
Even though he missed the
tournament on Monday,
he still (barely) qualified!!!
We were both elated!


I will leave you with some pics of Lucy helping
her daddy wash his jeep.

She LOVES being outside with him!

Such a good little helper!

And like any good woman, she's a multi-tasker!
(And look at those sexy calves! No chicken
legs on my man!)

Too darn cute.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

when we disappoint our children

Just when I thought that I was a shoe-in for
Mother of the Year....
(Ok, not really)

I go and rely on my brain and mess up,
disappointing my sweet
middle child.

*sob, sob*

Today was supposed to be Nick's final
tournament for the summer junior golf tour
he is in.
It was one last chance to improve
his standing to qualify him for the championship

We got up bright and early,
headed out for the almost-hour away
golf course.

Got there.
Wow, where is everyone??
Ask guy who is walking through parking lot.

He says,
"Oh, the tournament was yesterday."

Shock and disbelief.
Nick and I are both crushed.

I know, I the big scheme of things,
it's just a stupid golf tournament.

But for today,
to this sweet young man,
it was everything.

I feel like such a clod for not getting the date

Jesus loves the little Lucys...

As a lame riveting continuation
from yesterday...
(only because I have nothing else on my mind and I'm writing
this on Monday night because I have to get up super duper
early "today" to take Nick to a golf tournament)

After playing with Lucy for quite a while...
I found my way over to the
hammock in the shade.

My view...relaxing, for all of
15 seconds before an
Asian invasion.

Well, what's not to love about this little
snuggle-bunny climbing in on
the not so relaxing fun!

A song we ALWAYS sing while swaying in
the hammock is,

"Jesus loves the little Lucys... all the Lucys of the
and yellow, black and white, they are
precious in His sight, Jesus loves
the little Lucys of the world!"

And she raises her hands to praise the Lord.
Mercy be!

**Sadly, no...I didn't make Lucy's outfit. I bought it at Baby G*p with a gift card that a friend gave me. I would love to find a pattern to duplicate would be so easy!!! K-man said she looks like a hippie in it...well she's the cutest hippie I've ever seen!

Monday, July 20, 2009

mama in a wagon

The weather continues to be unseasonably cool
here...that global warming, don't ya know.
Don't even get me started on that.

So Lucy and I played outside, enjoying
the lovely temps and low humidity.
My hair never looked so good in July.

I pulled her around in her wagon, then
she insisted on pulling me.
"Oh honey, Mommy is too heavy."

She insisted.

I quickly assessed what my driver's license says
I weigh and decided, what the heck...
This is going to be fun...for both of us!
It's about time this girly did some of the work around here.

*Screeching halt*

Lucy quickly assessed that a 29lb. girl
just can't pull around a 1@% lb. Mama.

Thank goodness she's out!

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a hot date but not to China

K-man and I have been needing a date night
(with each other!)

Before Lucy came along went out at
least once a week.

We knew things would change drastically once our
sweet girl arrived and boy did they!

Wonderfully so!

But, a happy, refreshed marriage is such a
gift to our children, don't you think?

Plus we are trying to get Lucy used to the idea
of us leaving her when we go to China.

So, our wild night out tonight left
Brenden and Nick in charge.

These boys who love Lucy dearly....were scared to death!
It was comical.
And you can only imagine how they reacted when I started
explaining what to do if she had to go poo on the potty.

Prayer works because I have no doubt that they prayed
hard that Lucy would not need to poo and
in fact, she didn't.

And we fully expected Lucy to cry and beg us to stay...
and we were fully prepared to do just that.

Oh no....
She said a hearty good bye and refused to give us kisses.


So, this being a REAL date we took K-man's jeep...
not my boring mini-van.
A little self portrait of the happy couple...

K-man pulling out of the drive way...
does he really think I won't be taking pics of this date?

And here is a treat for hair.

It blew every.which.way.
Believe it or not, it looked fairly decent once we
arrived at the restaurant.

25 years ago, had he made me endure
this follicle torture,
he wouldn't have seen me for a 2nd date.
Thankfully, I've lightened up over the years.
Obviously, because look at
those pics I'm letting the world see.
If you find my dignity along I35,
please mail it back to me, would you?

We weren't gone long but we had a
super time!!

When we got home,
Lucy raced outside to greet us...
jumping up and down.

She seemed overly-excited..
She looked around everywhere then said with panic in her voice,

"Didn't you go to China to get Shu Li??"

Oh, sweet baby girl.

We gently said no and she BURST into tears.
I mean, she cried hard.

We felt horrible!!

We eventually calmed her down and tried to explain
that it wasn't time for us to go to China yet.

Then K-man knew just what would cheer her up!

A ride around the yard in the jeep!

She had a blast.

family picnic

The weather here is INCREDIBLE.
Today's high, you ask?

77....and very low humidity.

Yeah, it's pretty much heaven.

Next week at this time it will no doubt
be 105.

Last night as I was throwing dinner together,
I announced that we would be having
dinner outside on the wonderful
picnic table that K-man built.

Getting warmed up for the show.

I told Brenden to sit up straight.
So he did.
Lucy had to nuzzle her way in between
her two favorite teenagers.

As always, Brenden is taking good care of of his Lucy...
and her always-flipping off flip-flops.

Brenden sternly told Lucy NOT to smile.

Ok, now you can smile.
Sweet girl.

Lucy literally refused to be photographed in
this picture. Control freak.

Oh I WILL kiss you!

My quiet child...but let me tell you,
Nick is HILARIOUS and keeps me
laughing constantly.

My only blue-eyed child....

And my only...Brenden.
Thank goodness!

Sibling lovin'.

Sibling sweetness!

Will Lucy ever be allowed to have a boyfriend?
I highly doubt it.

Lucy loves her Nicholas!

It's really too bad these boys don't like
Lucy very much, isn't it?

Have a super weekend!!
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