Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jesus loves the little Lucys...

As a lame riveting continuation
from yesterday...
(only because I have nothing else on my mind and I'm writing
this on Monday night because I have to get up super duper
early "today" to take Nick to a golf tournament)

After playing with Lucy for quite a while...
I found my way over to the
hammock in the shade.

My view...relaxing, for all of
15 seconds before an
Asian invasion.

Well, what's not to love about this little
snuggle-bunny climbing in on
the not so relaxing fun!

A song we ALWAYS sing while swaying in
the hammock is,

"Jesus loves the little Lucys... all the Lucys of the world...red
and yellow, black and white, they are
precious in His sight, Jesus loves
the little Lucys of the world!"

And she raises her hands to praise the Lord.
Mercy be!

**Sadly, no...I didn't make Lucy's outfit. I bought it at Baby G*p with a gift card that a friend gave me. I would love to find a pattern to duplicate it...it would be so easy!!! K-man said she looks like a hippie in it...well she's the cutest hippie I've ever seen!


Shonni said...

You are so fun...thanks for the smile this morning!

Holly said...


christy rose said...

ow Wow! Hammock living that sounds delightful! "Jesus loves the little lucys" How sweet!

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