Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Sure You Don't Drink After Runny-Nosed Kids!

I am such a stickler for drinking out of glass!
And I try to persuade my kids to do the same...although, I really only have the little ones convinced, thus far.

But the trouble with it's easy to forget who was drinking out of what glass.  And being how OCD I am, I just start all over with a new glass if I'm not 100% sure my glass is truly mine.  It's simply not worth the icky risk.

But!  Lucy came up with a brilliant solution!  (Actually, it was Isaiah's idea.)  She whipped us up some various colored bands made with her Rainbow Loom.  That way, we wrap our designated colored band around OUR glass....and it is ours forever and ever!  Well, for the duration of the day, anyway.

I love my kids and their grand ideas.  One of these days they'll surely come up with THE one thing that will put Mama on Easy Street!

Tell your kids to make you some glass bands.  We'll save the world from icky germs, one band at a time!

You're welcome.

And do stay tuned for Thursday's post where I'm going to give you  Lori's Cold and Flu Elixir recipe!
(Just in case you get your glass mixed up with a runny-nosed kid.)


Angie said...

We use different colored cups, or different number of rubber bands around cups. Cups are one thing I urge them NOT to share! :)

acceptance with joy said...

AT LAST!! a reason for those stupid rubber bands. I hate that they are ALL over my house - courtesy of a sweet teacher who bought my child a lovely christmas present...

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