Wednesday, July 23, 2014

work, work, and more work!

Well, guess what?  I have a job interview this afternoon!  Just a little part-time gig for an work-at-home research thing.  But I tell ya, I am so second-guessing myself on taking on one more thing.  Am I crazy?  I'm thinking so.  Because here's the jobs I've got going on so far:  (NOT TO MENTION ALL THE MOTHERING AND WIFING!) 

1.  I bake for people every single week:

2.  I do hair:

(Can you even stand this picture??  This was Isaiah's first haircut that I gave him after we brought him home.  Oh my goodness.  He's just too cute!!)

3.  I am a cute waitress at a unique eating establishment:

And now this new opportunity.  Goodness, goodness.  We shall see!  

But for now, I gotta go take care of my chickens.  
Have a fabulous Wednesday, folks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer has me crazy-busy and without any kind of predictable routine, friends.

It is my every hope to be back up and blogging ASAP!

Love ya!

(Thanks to my dear friend, Lori Anne, for sending me this pic. Cute!)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Good Being Me {this week}!

Well, how ya doing, guys?  I am SO FINE!  The last two days I have literally been TOTALLY ALONE.  As in, no kids!!  No kids at all.  Big boys are at work all day, Eli is at camp, the other three are at my parents' lake house.  Leaving me, ALL ALONE!!!

Here's what I've been doing:

Shopping (ALONE)!!

Lying on a beach towel in my yard (ALONE) (while my toes take over the universe!)!!

I've also been doing a few miscellaneous chores, but only because it's the right thing to do...because, after all, I've been complaining all summer long that I can't get anything done around here because of all these blasted kids. 

My plans for this afternoon are:  Go to the little local farm store to buy chicken feed and chat it up with the gals that work there.  Then maybe take a nap.  Then probably watch a few things on my DVR.  Then, maybe I'll throw something together for dinner.  Then lie down on the couch after all those exhausting activities!

It's a good week to be me, friends! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bad Chicken Mama

  I may have gone down a dark path with one of my hens, friends.
The deal is, one of my old girls has been so broody lately and I always feel bad taking her eggs
from beneath her, even though I remind her that, ummm, "honey, there's no rooster here, so ummm,
your eggs can't possibly be fertilized.  Do we need to have the birds and bees talk again?"
Apparently so.

But instead I did what any chicken Mom would do, I put a golf ball under her.

But now she won't leave her golf ball.  She sits on it day and night, day and night.
So now I am thinking I need to take it from her, because I'm basically lying to her.
I'm such a horrible mother!!

And look, even her friends won't tell her.  They just look at her like she's crazy.

Anyway, that's the latest drama going on here.

Everything else is just normal, mundane summertime stuff:

Have a great Tuesday, folks!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Summer, Thus Far {BORING!}

So, ummm, yeah....every two weeks like clock-work, I post to my blog.  And I'll tell you this, it has taken me about 34 hours to write this one, meager as it is!  My apologies in advance for wasting 17 seconds of your time to read this.  But you know me, I gotta catch you up on all the mundane things that I'm doing!

My summer, thus far:

And here's my breakfast this morning:  (Which, was I think Thursday morning, when I started this post.)  My new breakfast BFF's are eggs, avocados, and oatmeal.  Mmmmm!

1.  Three of my six kids walked through sewer water/mud today.

2.  Isaiah has declared, at least fourteen times, that he is going to find another family, or at the very least, go back to China.  I might let him.

3.  Here is a pic of me on what feels like day 3,487 of summer break. 

 3.  So, yeah...fortunately, (or unfortunately, however you choose to look at it), I have been working at my little waitressing job a lot lately.  And really, I do love it so much it at least gives me a chance to put on makeup and talk to big people.  Although we recently hosted a sorority formal and as I was serving a particular table their second course, I stood starring at them in disbelief that their napkins were still on the table.  In disgust, I took the napkin of the dolled-up girl closest to me and put it in her lap for her.  She was embarrassed and declared that they all really need to go to etiquette school.  I concurred.   

And my kids wonder why I'm so militant about table manners.

4.  It is my goal this summer to create premium boredom in my children.  And so far, I am well on my way to reaching that goal!  As a start, I  have even conditioned them to be excited about our once-a-week trip to the library.

5.  My farmy farm is coming along nicely!  Here are pics:

And goodness gracious, if I hope to ever publish this post, I better do it now or it's not going to happen.  So for the less-than-exciting goings-on!

I hope YOU are all having THE most fantastically boring summer also!

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