Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My List for 2014

Happy New Year, friendly friends!

I hope you are waking up feeling a fresh resolve this morning.  Fresh hope.  Fresh ideas for 2014!

(Note to self:  Put fresh sheets on the bed.)

I just did a quick check on my blog from last year at this time and I found my list for the new 2013 year.
And, ummm...I tackled exactly 3 of my list of 11.  Actually, more like 2 1/2.  That's not even 30%!  And as my haunting memories of junior high fill my head, I quickly remember that that equals a big fat F!

Oh, well.  Resolutions are stupid.

And here's my list for this year!

1.  Exercise regularly.  (How boring and cliche'!!)

2.  Organize my dang house and keep it that way.  Or, sell it and move.

3.  Be better at meal-planning.  Like, a month at a time.

4.  Start a big-girl blog.  (We will talk about this more later!!)  (Warm up your idea machines!)

5.  Buy more chickens, including, *maybe*, a flock of meat birds.

6.  Take on fun DIY projects!  Like, re-purposing treasured finds at thrift stores & such.

7.  Be more productive.  Figure out how to get a burst of energy in the afternoons (instead of fizzling out)!

8.  Read more, particularly God's Word.

9.  Plant an awesome garden!

10.  Be a better me.

I hope to at least get a C on my list this year!

Bonus resolution:  Never eat goat cheese again.  I made this beautiful-looking pizza last night and I quickly realized that goat cheese is not something I care for.  At all.  Goodbye, goat cheese.  Our brief fling was anything but pleasant and I never want to see you again!

May we all work hard to keep our resolutions and meet our goals in the new year!  May we be less selfish and more caring towards others!  May we be a blessing to everyone around us!

And may we never eat goat cheese again.


Sheri Watson said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Last year's resolutions seem to have been a bit heavy on the goats. So with no goat related activities you really accomplished 3/4ths of your list! Maybe more! You go girl! Don't forget about going to Beijing and Ohio. Sheri

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, Sheri...that is just hilarious!

Yes indeed, Beijing and Ohio this year! We must!!

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