Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my new year's list

My to-do list for 2013:

1.  Start honeybees this spring.

2.  Buy a pig (stop laughing, I'm serious).

3.  Buy a goat or two.

4.  Learn to love goat milk.

5.  Make goat cheese.

6.  Increase bakery business.

7. Figure out other creative ways to make extra cash.

8.  Memorize Scripture.

8.  Organize the catch-all pit, otherwise known as my laundry room.

9.  Stick to our budget.

10.  Drink more water.

11.  Make my own breakfast sausage.
Did it this morning!
Hooray for me!

All right, that's a good list, right?
One that will bring much drama and excitement throughout the year.
Exactly what I'm looking for!

Now, let's all sit back and see just how much of this I actually accomplish.


Happy New Year!!   


Jen said...

I wish I were your neighbor! I'd help you out with that bakery business!! :-)

Happy New Year.

Vicky said...

I wish I was your neighbor too! I would certainly love buying from your bakery! Especially those already made items! Happy New Year!

Shonni said...

Hey Lori, we are doing bees this year for the 1st time. I am excited!

Anne said...

Well in a former life, I have been there and done that with the pigs and the goats. I can't wait to see what this year brings in the way of entertaining blogs!! :)

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours this year.

Desiree' said...

All of those are on my list!! But we need to move first. Top of the list...buy a farm!! What about goats milk soap?!?! Maybe another business venture??
We had pigs as a child, seriously easier than chicken and twice as yummy!! LOL

Karin said...

Goat milk can actually be pretty good. It depends on the goat! Seriously! My sister had goats and one of them gave really good milk. It tasted good for about three days and then it started getting...um...Goat-y? Yeah. So much better for you than cow's milk.

Katy said...

You have inspired me to make my own list :)

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