Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Ways You Know You're a Mom on New Year's Eve

You know you're a seasoned mom on New Year's Eve when:

1.  You awake bright and early, with no intention of leaving the house or actually staying up until midnight.

2.  You mention nothing to your little children about the rest of the world staying up until midnight.

3.  You excitedly plan a sophisticated menu of horderves:  Pigs in a blanket, Rotel cheese dip, and a bowl of Chex Mix.

4.  You have a strong conviction that confetti and noise-makers are of the devil and will not be tolerated at your 8 PM celebration to bring in the new year.

5.  Your pajamas are your version of a sequin party gown.  And you feel comfortably glamorous!

6.  You have no champagne in your house.  Ginger-ale in plastic cups for all!

7.  You enjoy a nice celebratory board game with your children, while rotating loads of laundry, loading the dishwasher, and sweeping the kitchen floor, in between your turns.

8.  You brace yourself for the fact that it will be July before your stop writing the wrong year on checks.

9.  You throw caution to the wind and have a cup of coffee after 4 PM, in order to be the wide-eyed party girl that you are.

10.  You awake bright and early on New Year's Day.

Happy New Year, my friendly friends!


connie said...

And when we live next door to each other we'll celebrate in this fun way together :0

quilt'n-mama said...

Love it!

Lacy said...

Love it!!!

My fun New Years Eve plans are grocery shopping and laundry. We will play some games and eat appetizers.

Last year Katie and I were the only ones home. At 10PM I let her watch the ball drop on youtube from the year before. She opened the door, yelled Happy New Year, threw her confetti and blew her horn. She turned around and looked at me and said "Our neighbors are so boring. Where is everyone?" She was in berd by 10:15. I still feel a little bad. lol!


Tip for your checks - Write 2014 in on a few in advance, or many! - it's my only hope :-)
Your holiday sounds divine!

Angie said...

Have you been peeking at my life? This sounds like my NYEve...except we're getting Chinese take-out!

Mary DeGennaro said...

Lori, I am sure you are not aware but there is a really bad advertisement on the right of your blog called League of Angels, I do not know how to delete, but I am sure you would want to remove it.
Just thought I would let you know.

Sally-Girl! said...

you still write checks?????

Happy New Year!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Exactly! Happy New Year!

Vicky said...

Love this! I just came back from picking up pizza for the gang!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! And here I thought I was the only lame Mom who has her kids in bed at regular time.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

You guys make me laugh! So glad I'm not the only one sitting home on NYE!

(Mary, I think I got that pesky ad blocked, whew!)

Happy New Year to all of you!

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