Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a giveaway!!

to my friend Sally who sent
me this awesome

She had an essay contest asking her
"followers" what they like about her

I am stealing borrowing this idea
from Sally.....

though since I am not a teacher like she is,
I won't ask for an essay.

But what I would love from all who are willing,
is a comment (ok, I guess an email will work also!)

*how you first came to my blog
*what you like about my blog
*and/or your all-time favorite blog post of mine

In about a week (I'm not going to pinpoint an exact
date because I don't work well under pressure),
I will draw a name (or names?)
and mail the winner(s) one of my favorite things!
(Most likely something I've made)

Sound kinda fun?

I think so.



Debby said...

I'll bite.....

I believe I linked to your Blog from Amy (A Time Such As This).

I love that you post nearly everyday...because I certainly do not!!

And, because I joined the party sort of late, I have loved every newer post where you write about your waiting daughter. If I could adopt again, my heart would definately be opened to exploring an older child adoption.

Karen said...

Sounds interesting...
1.) I came to your blog from Michelle at "He Moves Mountains" who is a friend from high school.
2.) I like first that you are so dedicated to blogging once or more per day---my life is not that interesting (nor do I have time to do that with a 1 year old and aa 4 year old ;)and I am good to blog once a week! I also like that you are so down to earth and a country girl like me! We live out in the sticks!
3.) My fav blog post since I've been reading (about a month or two) has been the ones about crazy stuff Lucy Joy does--like the stickers all over--my daughter does that too and she's 4!! We call it "the kids redecorated the house".

Angie H. said...

Not sure how I found your blog but have been reading for about 6 months.
Love how you make everyday activities seem comical :)
Too many favorite post to list but I do love the Flour girl one :)
Angie H.
Soso, MS

thecountlessconklins said...

1. through Journey to me,

2. i love that you are not afraid to be real.

3. A couple, the boys umm "prints" on the fridge. Can so see that happening here. And that you share all your family not just the adopted chid or children .

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll stay out of the give-a-away but I love that you want to know "how" we got here.

My friend adopted from China which got me hooked on JTM. Lucy Joy's was one of my favorites so of course when you started the blog, I came along. (BTW, you also got me hooked on Stef's blog & the Salsa twins).
My favorite thing about your blog is that you are funny & real. I feel like I could stop by & have coffee.
My favorite (although heartbreaking) series of posts were when you worked so hard to keep us updated on Linn during the fire & seeing how your friendship developed through bloggyland.

Tracy said...

Im not really sure how I got here, but if I guessed i would have to say that i found you through Linns blog.
I think what has continued to draw me back is the fact that you stay real, and you are a comedian, and I love it when people can make me laugh and in an instant change the course of my day! So thank you for that.
I know that when I come to your blog, even early in the morning when im having coffee, you have already been here and offer me something amusing to read. I only wish I were better at that.
To be honest I think some of my favorite post have been the ones that include pictures of your son. You know that saying "to funny for words." Well, he is so funny you dont need words."
I also loved the post, I believe it was shortly after you all got the swingset set up and you were trying to do a photo shoot of Lucy on the swingset. She was having a mental break down...still makes me laugh, and you continued to take pictures.
I just think your a kick, and just the kind of person I would love to sit and have coffee with someday.

Karin said...

I stumbled onto your blog awhile back but started reading daily after Linny's fire. I think I came over from her blog.

I love your blog because your sense of humor is so similar to mine and I know there is a good chance I will laugh out loud at one of your posts. But you are also serious at times, which I also like. I adore the post about your boys putting their butt prints on the fridge because that is something that could SO happen at my house!! :)

CJ said...

I found your blog via my bloggy turned IRL friend Jaime at fearfully and wonderfully Jaime.

I enjoy reading about the active life of Lucy and your boys. I am the mom of three boys and one very active almost two year old girl that was brought to us through the miracle of adoption as well. So in many ways I can relate to you.

My favorite post.....I like them all.....but I think I am going to have to go back and find this one about prints on the fridge....hmmmmm

quilt'n mama said...

I'm not sure how I ended up on your blog the first time... maybe from Karin? I was curious because I realized we live in the same State. You keep me rolling, I love to come read your funnies and of course to hear about the process to bring home your newest daughter!

Jaime said...

(i've heard great things about this soap and will eventually, one day order some, which my hubby will see as more tree-hugger hippie infringement in his life, so i have to baby his way into it)

*i found you from Linny's blog, right before she revealed the plan of bringing elijah and elizabeth home

*i love your sense of humor and your awesome family

*my favorite it the butt-cheeks-on-fridge blog. whenever my mind wanders to you, that's what i think of, quickly followed by "i need to head towards KC and meet up with lori"

Jaime said...

awww! Christa (CJ) said I'm her IRL friend!!!! how sweet!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Love the idea of a giveaway of your favorite things :) !!

Honestly, I have no idea how I found your blog, perhaps through Linny and that is how I found my favorite post. It is the one where they were starting the adoption process in Uganda and you made a family photo where you cropped all your family pictures in it stating they should adopt your family! It was pretty cute, I remember that. Must have been in the fall of 08 or something.

I love your humor, perspective and love for your family and God.

You always keep me coming back for more!
By the way, did I tell you what a great idea?

Isn't there a prize for a stolen I mean great idea?

Chad and Kristy said...

1. I guess I stumbled upon your blog during our adoption of Anna Li. I believe She was on the same list as Lucy Joy! It seems such a long time ago... but not really:)

2. I like everything about your blog.. you are a great mentor to me. I look up to you and learn from you. I admire your passion for Jesus Christ.

3. This is a tough one but I love the pictures of Lucy's cheesy smiles:) and I love how you always have a camera to take pictures of EVERYTHING from Wal-Mart trips to yard sale stickers stuck all over the house to the picture of fried chicken (which by the way caused me to have a huge craving for fried chicken and I did attempt my own.... it just didn't taste as good as yours looked!! I'll have to keep on practicing!).

Jerry and Christy said...

I think I came to your blog through Linny's blog.
I like your blog because you have a heart for adopting an older child and your blog encourages me. We would like to adopt an older child, but we have a road block. Our oldest son (we have 5 sons) is totally against us adopting again. He says he will disown us and means it. We are praying his heart will change.
The other thing I can relate to is we also adopted through CHI and applied many times for a SN child. We never came in first place. We finally got our NSN daughter last Sept.
One of my favorite blog posts is when Lucy trapped daddy in her room and you were not allowed to come in. My oldest daughter has done that. Girls and their Babas!

Nancy said...

I first came to your blog through Jean's blog (theres no place like home), I Iike your sense of humor, and my favorite post was the one with your boys cheek marks on the fridge! I didn't even have to go back over posts to find my favorite, I knew it off the top of my head.

Hezra said...

hmmm, well, I love that you are fun, and down-to-earth. I appreciate your friendship and encouragement-- even though we are practically strangers. I love your wit and wisdom. I can't remember how I ended up her, I guess from Linn's blog.

McNew Family said...

Good morning, Lori! Glad to see that you are back on-line!

I usually don't enter these giveaways, but I guess I will this time!

I honestly don't remember how I cam to your blog, but I sure am glad that I did!

What I like best about your blog is that you are real and honest - the good, the bad and the ugly! Also I like that you post frequently - it is like dropping in for a cup of tea with a good friend! We have similar situations - starting a family over again, living in the country, baking bread, chickens, etc.

I still think my favorite post of yours is the one with the picture of Lucy and the snake - I can just feel her little body poised for instant flight if that darned snake pees or moves too close to her! All the stickers everywhere is a close second, though!

Blessings to you and yours this wonderful day!

Jean said...

Okay- I'm in too!!

I first came to your blog through journey to me. I followed you while you were waiting for Lucy Joy! Then you sent us to your new blog after Lucy was home! I've been following for awhile!

I like your blog because of you- I love your sense of humor, your forgiving spirit, your bluntness, you gentle spirit of adventure (like trying something new) and your faith in our Lord! You share everyday life with us and I like that!!

I like all your posts!

Love ya!!

Janet said...

I linked to your blog from Linn.

Your posts are almost always a little humorous, and they are always good clean Christian fun.

Without going back too far to look, I'd have to say the doritos and underwear post. Cracked me up, especailly how the cleaning lady was sneaking off like she was getting away with something.

julie said...

Hi Lori,
I found your blog on JTM, while following our friends journey to their Asian Princess. I remember the first post I read was the one where the UPS guy delivered Lucy's picture-I think it was headlined something like "The Big Brown Stork". You always have such fun titles.
I really enjoy reading your blog, you have quite a gift of writing.
My favorite post had to be the one about your preparation for your yearly gyn appointment. I still chuckle when I think about that one. In fact, last month when it was my turn for the dreaded event-I was actually thinking of you as I was driving to my appointment!
Thanks for making my day, and I hope that one day we can meet. After all, we only live about 4 hours apart.
Take Care.

Mom Of Many said...

It has been abit since I have been regularly visiting my bloggy friends blogs. Life here has just been non-stop nuts.

Anyway, as far as my favorite post? I definitely liked the one of the blanket of Nick's that he was going to make - ya' know? The sexy one!!

Just got a kick out of your quiet son thinkin' it was going to be sexy.

And I followed your journey to Lucy from you JTM site. Then after you stalked me I invited you to our home. LOL I think that's how it was...and we loved, loved, loved having your family here last guys rock!! And I loved that K-man left Dw (and maybe me - I can't remember) a text when we were headed to ABQ for Autumn. So sweet of him. (Even K-man caring meant so much!)...and then you guys coming after the fire to help...thank you forever! We feel honored to call you friends. xoxoxoxoxoxo

christy rose said...

1. I am not sure how I came upon your blog. I know I was blog hopping. I think it was about 6 weeks ago.
2. I know that when I first came across your blog, I was enticed by your family and Lucy being adopted.
3. I love all of your posts. But one of the first ones I read was about you getting the news about being able to adopt Shu Li. I was so excited for you!

Nancy said...

OK I first started reading your blog on your Journey to Me when your were preparing for Lucy. I encouraged you to write a book but PTL you started your own blog. I start my day reading Joy Unspeakable, and if you don't blog, my day is ruined. I love your sense of humor. And your write beautifully. I have laughed with you and cried with you many times. I certainly cannot pinpoint which entry I like the most. I really enjoy the blogs with crazy things Lucy has not take her ballet classes. Keep on writing, Lori.

Holly said...


Okay, this is difficult, because I just don't remember which one was my favorite. I laugh every day!

I came to your blog through JTM. It was one of my favorite journals over there. I love your blog because it is hilarious, always unpredictable, and REAL.

Oh golly, a favorite. Can I just pick two...a funny and a serious? I have to say, I seriously loved the one about the nutty things that Lucy loved in Ch*na. It just melted my heart. And I really can't choose, but one of my favorites was when you hiked out to where your son was playing golf to take pictures and had to pass through adventures like swarms of bees and things. Just picturing you doing that cracked me up because I know it is something I would do too.

Other faves off the record: the gyno appt., the Sec. of St. office...wasn't that what it was?, putting the cell phone up at the ceiling to send a text, Lucy kicking you out of the tea party, oh, many more. :)

Susan said...

A friend told me about your blog because we are also adopting some children from the Hope project, but we are with a different agency. She had followed your JTM site for Lucy.

I like your blog as we are also a Christian homeschooling family with a child from China and adopting an older child(ren).

I enjoy all your humerous posts. One of my favorites was the doritos and underwear. We had a similar incident when my husband left some shoes, but they came chasing us down to give them back to us. I thought that's what you were going to say about the underwear!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...


Ok, I first came to your blog with your journey to me blog when you were in the process of adopting Lucy.
And I like how yo post often, are so funny, and post a lot of pictres.
And I don't know if I can choose a favorite. But I laughed out loud at the one when Lucy couldn't pronounce her "L"s. Oh! And when, put his (not)fingerprints on the fridge.

Carla said...

Am I too late to comment on this post? Always good intentions to leave some meaningful comment, but then life gets in the way... Or three boys, ages 11, 8 and 4!

We had missionary friends adopting from China on Journey to Me. I quickly became a loyal (addicted) follower to many families - lifting them up in prayer as they waited, traveled and returned home. All the while, the thought of whether adoption may be for our family danced in my head.

Your site attracted me instantly - you were funny, your faith shined and you are from the Midwest. You still entertain and inspire me everyday! My prayer is that when my boys reach the teen years, they love and have as much fun with their M&D as much as your boys do. I also see Lucy and pray that if God does have a girl waiting for us in China, that we would know clearly and pursue adoption. And then you inspire me to keep on - being a daughter of the Lord, a mom who takes time to be fun for her boys, and a wife who treasures her husband. Thanks, Lori!

As far as a favorite post, goodness gracious, that makes me think too hard. I'll have to admit, lately, I've thought many times about Lucy's figs, all of the material things our children have and what we could share with the orphans of the world...

Now, if you would just come to Nebraska to do my hair...

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