Wednesday, July 15, 2009

classic blog posts

All your sweet comments yesterday
kept a smile on my face all day long!!

You guys are so cool!

Sally, I had totally forgotten about that
picture that Brenden

For those of you out of the loop,
we decided that we would love for the Saunders
to adopt our family
so Brenden just went ahead and
took care of the new family pic.

Take a look....

We fit in nicely, don't you think?

And unanimously, the butt print post was
your favorite.

Again, if you are new here or missed it somehow, must check it out.

Click HERE.

But then my gyno appointment posts
was brought back to my attention.
Golly, they truly are classic.

It's actually in two parts so go...

HERE for the first one,
then please go HERE for the 2nd.

Truly, you will be blessed.
Ok, probably not blessed but I can almost
guarantee you will laugh...and relate.

Be sure to swing back by this post and leave me a comment!
I LOVE hearing from you, my sweet bloggy friends!!

I will hold the drawing sometime
next week!


Jaime said...

i had forgot about the gyno posts!!!!! those were hilarious too! (i think you have two different typrs of people about the butt post... the people that think it's hilarious to elave butt prints on things - which are also the type of people that used to find pleasure in mooning people before they became "responsible"... and then some dirty ladies that like young perky butts. i'm in the first group.)

christy rose said...

That picture is just awesome! Two families into one! ;)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Wow! I think giving you OPENING post material for today qualifies for another entry into the giveaway that you stole (where's the strike key here?) borrowed from me!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just found your blog about a month ago. That butt post is very... interesting.. haha. By the way, LOVE the picture of your "family". :)

McNew Family said...

Oh, Lori - the print on the refer was before I came on board - that is truly, ah, special! Thank you Jesus, that we have a textured white!

Karin said...

OK--I am dying about you posting about peeing on your fingers!! :) Yeah...we've all done it. And lately, I've had kids peeing on them...but I digress...

I was just telling my 15 year old about the butt prints yesterday. He is obsessed with the idea now (as I should have known). He was wishing I had told him before he went to camp last week. It seems that the camp kitchen has a whole wall of stainless steel refrigerators that could have had his butt prints on them. :)

Faye Verquer said...


I LOVE all of your posts...I love the Adopted Family Picture with Linns family, your Gyno posts are hilarious and everything you post about Lucy fills my heart with "JOY"! You are an amazing writer and should consider a book! I also adore your talent for sewing..Lily LOVES her dress we won in your drawing! She wouldn't take it off for 2 days!

JR said...

I started following your blog right around the time of the Saunders' house fire (Jan 2009). I think I found your blog from the Love is Simple site.

I love your sense of humor - you always make me smile/giggle/laugh!

My fav posts are your Lucy posts - especially the ballet class ones, those pics were priceless!

BTW, I would LOVE to win one of your handmade items - you are extremely talented!! I hope I'm not too late to enter

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