Friday, July 17, 2009

a strange guy lurking by the freezer case at WM

This week has been a blur.
I really have no idea where it went!

And I have no idea what to blog about.
As I'm typing this it is Thursday night about 11:15.

For me,
that is WAY late.

But I'm having another sleepless night (so far).
But thanks to a little blue pill, I will
be fast asleep soon.

Hopefully I won't write something too odd
before I crawl into bed.

Ok, so let me give you a quick adoption update:
No updates.

We are about 3 weeks past our LOA
and we are just waiting for our TA,
which should be on track to come in another
4-5 weeks.

You will be tickled to know that while I am in Ch*na
(and blogging from there of course!),
my sweet mother will also
be blogging about her adventure
in taking care of my trio back home.

You will quickly see that this nut
didn't fall far from the tree.

Sorry Mom, I'm just sayin'.

Because we will be traveling the first
of September, I have
decided to start school the first
of August.
You can just imagine how thrilled my
pupils are!
Yes, I said pupils...
Brenden requested (request granted due to lack of tuition)
to be homeschooled this year.

I'm excited.
And a little overwhelmed but we will do just fine.
And what fun it will be to have 4, yes FOUR
kiddos at home for me to educate.

One of which doesn't even know English yet!

Oh the blogging material I will have!!

Speaking of blogging material...As I was pushing my cart
through WM the other day,
I turned the corner to fine Brenden crouched down
by the freezer case waiting for Lucy to walk
by so he can jump out and scare her.
Which will (and did) leave her laughing hysterically
at him...which just eggs him on more.

Later, they were skipping hand in hand through
the store. You can imagine how adorable
Lucy looked. Brenden needed to
pick himself up some dignity in aisle 4.

Oh and the last time I whipped out my real camera to
take family pics (I mean, who doesn't do this??),
a WM employee quickly warned me that I was NOT
to take pics in their store. I think she even flashed
a badge or something.


So this pic was taken with my cell phone.

K, it's time for me to go to sleep now.


Jean said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about homeschooling your crew! What a wonderfully active home you will have with 4 busy kids!

I have heard that some blogs are blocked in Ch*na. So have an alternative for us - like JTM- we need to hear all about your time in Ch*na! Gramma will be great but we'd all go through withdrawals if we didn't have our daily Lori fix!

So excited for you to get TA!! I guess it takes longer now with the new 1-800 process. Bummer
Praying that it comes asap!!

Tracy said...

I have to agree with Jean, on the withdraw thing!

We traveled in Sept. a few yrs. ago and the weather was a little humid, but mostly just beautiful.

And whats up with the WM security? thats too funny. I'll have to try that next time im there and see if I get tackled or something.

McNew Family said...

Sorry to say that there is no hope for playing in the stores - my HUBBY does it too! Oh, brother!

Hurry up TA!

Chris said...

That son of yours! He will leave an impression on the homeschool.
Gotta love big brothers

WM won't let you take pics in their store b/c of home*and security and *erroris* They are supposed to report suspicious that Brendan

Martha said...

I had to google "taking pictures in W@lm@rt" to see for myself. Who knew? I read that there are signs up that state that you can't take pictures or videos in the store. Oops, I think I have done that very thing - oh well :o)

On the school front, you will need the science teacher's manual soon - I will hunt it down.

I wonder if you wouldn't rather do a more palatable science. Personally, BJU science and root canals are in the same catagory :o)
(sorry to any BJU lovers :o)

Holly said...

I missed reading your blog while I was gone! I just love you and your family, Lori! (not in a weird way.) Yeah, yeah, I know I don't technically "know" you, but I love you anyway. :)

Janet said...

LOVE that Brendan will get silly with Lucy--and not be too cool or embarassed like a typical teen.
I tryed to spell that right, firefox kept telling me it's wrong, no matter what I do.
Someone mentioned BJUP science is dry--do you know about Apologia? LOVE IT!!
This whole LOA, etc., process seems so slow. I'm rootin' for ya, and the times to speed up, because I sure don't want to wait that long! Janet

codyssister1 said...

i was just getting ready to ask if you really carry your camera with you into walmart! i guess i'll probably do the same thing when my baby is home
from rq, it sounds like things might be gearing up for placements, finally 32 lid's & counting :)

Karin said...

You really need to tell him Linny's story about how BADLY things can go when you jump out and scare someone in a public place. heehee

But that is very precious that they were holding hands. :)

What's up with those nazi-store employees flashing badges?? A friend of mine was accosted in a store one time for 'interfering with an official investigation.' She had noticed some guy peeking around the corner at some girls. Thinking the girls had a secret admirer, she mentioned it to them. Apparently, the guy was undercover and they girls were potential shoplifters. The employee reprimanded my friend for interfering and threatened to throw her out of the store. Okaaay.....

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