Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here's my yesterday in review....

I spent the morning working on home study stuff....happily crossing several items off my list. But momentarily more important, I also spent a great deal of time getting ready for my big dr.'s appointment. As all women know, it takes a certain degree of primping, as if you were getting ready for your honeymoon, for this kind of visit.

I was absolutely giddy as I headed out the door (K came home to watch Lu)...I felt like Thelma, sans Louise. Freedom. I can't remember the last time I had my ride all to myself. It was peaceful...what should I do with this quality me-time? I called two friends...not home. So, I just enjoyed listening to entire songs without interruption and cruised along finding myself speeding, anxious to get to my appointment (as if it was a day at the spa).

I arrived & got checked in, looking forward to getting to know the waiting room quite well. Miss Check-In gave me papers to fill out. What? No, you don't understand...I have filled my quota for forms to last me a lifetime. All my personal information is in various parts of the world, including Ch*na. Surely she could just make a phone call or something & get the info she needs. I guess not. I quickly & sloppily filled out the forms, wondering if anyone really reads them. I couldn't wait to pick up an outdated magazine & chill.

I sat there no more than 5 minutes....what's this all about? What ever happened to waiting and waiting and waiting? Doesn't my doc have a baby to deliver? Don't these other ladies want to go ahead of me? I need a little downtime here. Someone really needs to tell these people how a dr.'s office is supposed to work.

Well, rats. Oh well, now I get some attention all to myself. It's all about ME! Not 30 seconds in the room and I kicked my shoes off knowing what was coming...weigh-in. My brain was feverishly trying to figure out how I could whip off my jeans without the nurse noticing my odd behavior before I stepped on the scale. Darn...I just don't think quick on my stocking feet. Ok, I'll just deduct 5 lbs from what the scale says....jeans weigh about 5lbs, right?

Apparently Dr. S had some sort of negative experience with caffeine, leaving her bitter over its use by anyone. She stressed it's evil effects and that it only enhances PMS. UUHH, I dont' think so Doc. Are you kidding me? Give up my giant-mug-o-java? My family would be in grave danger. She said its pick-me-up effects are psychological....well, you can only imagine my fury. But since my beauty school certificate was no match for her medical school degree, I chose not to debate the matter.

I tried hard to work into the doctor-patient conversation how I could get an epidural to get me through this daunting adoption paperchase but I figured that the lack of leg use might further hinder my chasing.
The rest of the appointment went's not often I get to lay down in the middle of the day so I enjoyed every awkward minute of it.

And quick as a flash, my me-time was over.


Anonymous said...

You still crack me up!
* Only you would find something to blog about in THAT visit. :)
* Now, let's be honest, if you took off 5 lbs. you would blow away!
* The side effects may indeed be psychological, but I NEED it & won't give up my tea!
* Maybe for Christmas Santa will put a true spa certficate in your stocking.

Jodi said...

Oh, how funny!!!! Love it!

Mom Of Many said...

Love you girlfriend!!

And for that 5 probably just had too much hairspray on...cause I can't imagine you gaining an ounce!

Love from Uganda,

Holly said...

Oh, how I know how you feel! I so enjoy Dr. appt.s too! When the dr. apologizes for taking so long, I thank her for the delay. :) But, I don't feel the same about the dentist.

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