Friday, December 12, 2008

Birth Mothers

This week I have thought a lot about the sweet birth mothers who so bravely choose to give their babies up. As we celebrated Lucy's birthday, I couldn't help but have a heavy sadness for the sweet woman somewhere halfway around the world who I know must be mourning the fact that her baby girl turned 3 without her. The unanswered questions of where she is, who she is with, and is she being loved, must eat away at her. Oh how I wish I could show her how loved her girl is.

Lucy was abandoned over three months after her birth. Can you imagine?? At three months they are starting to get their little personalities...smiles, giggles. The pain Lucy's China Mama felt that day is beyond what I can imagine...the loss of a child, especially this way, no doubt left deep scars like nothing else.

The past six months or so I have been helping a dear friend through a difficult time...her beautiful teenage daughter is pregnant and is due any day now. This young girl is so smart and is a very talented athlete. She has made the decision to give her baby up for adoption. My sweet friend knows that her daughter is making a good choice for her baby boy....he is going to a wonderful Christian couple who have no children of their own. This healthy boy will be loved and cared for by two loving parents. But seeing this through the eyes of my friend who will be losing her first grandchild has been difficult...until now, I have only experienced the wonderfully joyous side of adoption. Now I have seen the horrific painful part.

I guess my point is, if you are an adoptive parent...please pray for your child's birth mother....never forget the pain that she felt, and still feels for the loss of her child. And for the grandparents who also grieve.

And if you are a birth mother who selflessly gave your baby up, please know that this adoptive mother thanks you. Thank you for your bravery, your deep love and for thinking beyond yourself. I pray that God would honor and bless you.

Adoption is so bitter sweet. And on each side, the emotions and love are extreme.

"Thank you Lord Jesus for adoption....I thank you that birth mothers have this wonderful option to give their babies a chance at life that they couldn't provide themselves. I pray that you would bless them greatly. I pray for the grandparents who are grieving, like my friend. Please comfort her and take the sting out of this for her and her daughter. And I thank you that I have the honor of being on the sweet side of adoption....I will never take for granted what pain lies on the other side of it." Amen.

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Lynsay said...

Thank you for this post! Birthmothers are truly so special! I got an email today from Mercedes Birthmom, the first contact she has ever made with us in 4 years! I guess a big part of me just thought she moved on, and because of that must have forgotten, but she said she still thinks of us every day!

What a precious gift she gave us! I will also always be thankful for the two women who gave us such precious gifts!

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