Friday, December 12, 2008


We got our fingerprints done at our local police department this morning. It was quite a hoot because I suddenly felt like we were going to see Andy & Barney as we entered through the wooden screened door of this tiny PD in our tiny town. We walked in and the aroma of cinnamon filled the air as if we just entered someone's cozy home. The officer was super nice & eager to help us right away. He led us back to the fingerprint room, aka tiny kitchen. He pulled the little print dealy out of the cabinet right next to the mini-fridge and we did our prints on the table where lunch would no doubt soon be eaten. It was another pleasant government-run experience...remember Suzie Social Security worker? I think this guy was her husband....though there is quite an age difference...but heck, who am I to judge...they seem very happy (ok, I've gotten completely carried away with this little imaginary scenario).

Anyway, now another item has been crossed off my's starting to look like I will have everything done by our first interview with our social worker on Monday!! Not much can slow down this excited adoptive mom!

I realized that I haven't given many details about our sweet girl. I definitely can't post a picture yet but I will say that she is beautiful! Her name is Shu Li (and has been given the American name of Katie...but I'm not sure if she goes by it or not). We have a video of her, which is an interview discussing being adopted. She is very quiet and shy and cute as a bug. She has a beautiful smile and we have watched the video over and over and over and over!!! She says her favorite subject in school is English (Yippee!!), she likes to paint and read. She wants to be adoted by a foreign family with children (Yippee again!) and she wants parents who love her very much! Perfect, cause we love her already!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lori. She will be so blessed & happy with your family! :)
Big hugs to you.

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