Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a Day!

Well what a day yesterday was! I woke up with determination in my step to cross off as many items off our homestudy to-do list as possible, starting with getting the boys' social security cards copied off (why these are needed, I just don't know but in this process you don't question, you just do it). Easy as can be. Well, both cards have been missing (lost somewhere in the house) for some time. And I had looked for them on several other occasions but my mission was serious now and I knew I would find them because well, I just had to!

I searched high and low. Cleaned out many drawers and cabinets...nope, not there. I prayed & prayed for God to reveal where they were. Well, the revalation that they were probably in the landfill finally came to me. That meant only one thing (no I wasn't going to the landfill). Yippee, I get to go see my friends at the ss office! I was craving me some quality time with government workers. As it turned out, you will be happy to know that your taxes, in this case, are going to good use because I was in and out of that office with no problem at all. Good work Suzie Social Security worker!!

With confidence building, I eagerly went to the courthouse to apply for Lucy's birth certificate. Wrong building. Walk next door, go through security. To the very pretty girl I said, "I need to apply for a birth certificate for my daughter who was just adopted from China." Pretty girl, "Ummm, ummmm, I think you need to see an attorney for that ma'am." Me (frustration suddenly appearing out of no where), "No, no, I have the form right here that I downloaded from your website. I don't need an attorney, that's not how this works." Not-so-pretty girl says, "sorry, I can't help you."

Trying to keep my Christian happy face on (ok, I really failed on this one but I did keep my words sweet and few), I walked out and Lucy and I made the long haul back to our meter-running parking spot (over an hour left on it btw). Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was SNOWING big time (but of course not enough to keep K and B home from the basketball tournament 3 hours away). I called Vital Statistics and the lady told me to go back to the office I was just in and not leave until someone who knew what they were talking about could help me. I love this lady! She had my kind of spunk.

I went back in and now-ugly-girl said smartly, "Did you figure out what you needed?" GGGRRR. Girl, don't mess with me. I re-worded my original question and said, "I need to file a foreign born adoption." Girl, whose only hope of getting a husband is a shady online dating service says, "Oh, sure I can do that" Gee, really? Thanks! **Sigh** I really miss Suzie SS worker.

Well, I could go on and on about the rest of my day but suffice it to say that I managed to get a lot of things crossed off my list, including my autobiography! I also managed to semi-straighten up my house!

Brenden played back to back games (JV & Varsity). Personally, he did great but they lost both games. :( It's because his mama wasn't there!

Oh and it was Lucy's BIRTHDAY!!! Poor 3rd child....being dragged around all day. Well, I did stick a candle in her oatmeal & sang "happy birthday!"

And today, I get to go get a Pap smear!! Sorry, TMI.


Brittne said...

Eek that sounds awful! I had a dredfull experience a couple months back with the SS office here, so your lucky with that 1! Happy birthday LUCY! God Bless!


Nicole A. said...

That's probably a day you were happy to be done with ... hop (or fall) in bed that night and wait for tomorrow! Too funny! Good luck with all the tedious paper-chasing. I would have thought it would be just a simple update from what you already had done from adoption #1; but it will all be worth it in the end. Have a better day!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Jaime said...

your post made me laugh out loud! i feel sort of sorry for the not-so-pretty girl... maybe she's not pleasant b/c she has to work with pretty-girl and is bitterly jealous and plotting in her head how to make pretty girl fat and ugly, and you interupted that train of thought so she got cranky.

Shelley said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you should be a writer? Your posts are a whole bowl full of fun!!! This one made me laugh out loud ("shady online dating service"... - HILARIOUS!!!)I LOVE checking in on your blog everyday because you always manage to touch my heart and/or make me laugh (not to mention make me feel awful for not keeping up with my blog as well as you keep up with inspire me to do better :)). I am in prayer for you as you begin your new journey. Be blessed and Happy Birthday to sweet little Lucy!


Holly said...

Ahhahahhahahahaha!!! I'm not laughing at your horrible day. We've all been there, especially all of us in the lovely adoption process! I love the pap smear add-on. Oh yeah, lovely ending to the day! Here's hoping tomorrow will be better. ;) I'm sure Lucy enjoyed her birthday oatmeal anyway!

Jean said...

I love how that pretty girl quickly became not so pretty ... The pap smear was great- thanks for sharing!

Lucy is adorable with her birthday oatmeal! Way to go all out for your little princess! Your my kind of mom!!


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