Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Paperchase Begins

On your mark, get set, GO!!! We went to our orientation with our social worker last night so she could go over all that she will need for our homestudy. Let me just say this, if I don't keep a sense of humor about this process, I will absolutely lose my ever-lovin' mind. There are so many more things we need this time I can't even believe it!! Not only will there be a ton of different things for our dossier to meet the Hague requirements, our lovely state has added some of their own new standards. Super!

Now don't get me wrong....there definitely needs to be high standards set to keep creepy weird people from adopting but, please! Can't this process be streamlined just a bit?? I'm pretty sure I read in the hunormous stack of papers that they even want a toe-nail clipping sample...and that our social worker WILL be lifting our couch cushions to examine what's lurking underneath....well, that's good because we may need all the change found to pay for all this!

We brought Lucy with us to the meeting....it went fine, though by the end of it K's entire left leg was covered with stickers. And apparently I had great confidence in my 40 year old memory capacity because I didn't take any notes (high school all over again). We got home and I asked K this and that about what I needed to do first and he said, "don't you think you should have written some of this down?" Now why would I do that? Stress is what keeps me going.

After the meeting we zipped to Nick's basketball game about 45 minutes away arriving just in time for him to start. Whew. On the way though we stopped for a quick hamburger to eat in-transit. As we were driving along, eating in the dark, K said, "What happened to my hamburger?" Me, "ummm, what are you talking about??" K, "My hamburger, it's gone...it fell off my lap." Me...**Sigh**...of course it did. So he turned the lights on and low and behold, there sat his bun on his lap and no patty in sight. This could only happen to him. So we are looking everywhere for the run-away hamburger patty...laughing our heads off. I spotted it it just by his foot and with God's mercy in tow, it somehow landed on a napkin, protecting it from the very dirty mini-van floor! I think there is a sermon there somewhere.

Ok, hope ya'll don't mind (you really have no choice!) but you will have to endure basketball pics for the next few months.....

Ninny couldn't make it to the game this time so it was just Papa to entertain Lucy....

And entertain he did! Listen closesly...you will hear my mother's mortified response when she sees that I posted this pic!!

Drum roll please...one of my super-star basketball players! And yes, it went in and yes they won!!


Jaime said...

ugh.... the dreaded paper chase. ours was bad enough for a domestic adoption that i'm afraid to even try to comprehend the complexity and duplicity of an international adoption... in a time crunch, none-the-less.
best of luck in the chaos! God Bless!

Mom To Six said...

I hated the paperchase, but oh, how I wish I were doing it again.

I love the pics of Lucy, and that dunk! Oh, man! You just GOTTA be a proud Mama!



Holly said...

GREAT picture!! What kind of camera do you have?

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