Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy, Boring Saturday

There are two big requirements for the journey of adoption...1. Faith 2. Sense of humor. I have both but today I'm feeling pretty weary. Though I'm trying to keep things in perspective, especially as I look at what's happening in Uganda right now with Dwight & Linn's adoption...if you haven't been reading Linn's blog, oh my, you simply MUST scoot over there and spend a few hours catching up. It will be worth every minute, I promise.

Lucy and I have been single gals for the last 24 hours & we have about 5 hours to go before our guys get back from Brenden's basketball tournament. I had all these grand plans to get SO MUCH DONE around the house while they were gone. Well, I did get a lot done but no near what I had hoped. Mostly, I just worked on adoption stuff, which I'm so happy to say that the checklist is pretty much marked off...only remaining things are that which is out of my control at the moment (Dr's reports, criminal check, etc.). I even finished up the required 10 hour adoption education.

When I was at the doctor the other day she asked me if I was fasting. Ummm (quickly trying to remember what I was supposed to be fasting and praying about....). Feeling a bit neglectful & lacking spirituality, I honestly said, "no...should I be??" Quickly I figured out that she meant fasting to get my blood work done. Oh, of course. But no, of course not. So, I had to wait until this morning to get my blood work taken care of.

Fasting and praying, though not easy for me is so very productive and beneficial. Fasting for the sake of a test score that will be forever engraved on my medical chart seems just....stupid. But I did it. I got up this morning and didn't even go to the kitchen...I knew my coffee pot (no, I couldn't even have my cup of psychological effect) would be entirely too tempting for me to resist. So I got myself ready to go, literally not even seeing straight. Got Lucy ready quickly & out the door we went. And of course I forgot my breakfast/water. The only thing I got to indulge in was left behind. So I was not only seeing stars from a lack of java but also dehydrated.

My sweet mom met me at the doctor's office to watch Lucy while my caffeine-deprived blood was taken. Quick as can be, we were out of there. We raced to the nearest Starbucks and I felt so alive again. I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done then we had to zip home because our social worker had emailed this morning wanting our autobiographies emailed to her ASAP. Oh goody! So, I spent the afternoon working on that and now I'm beat.

Sorry this post is uneventful and is even boring to me. Just thought I would give you a quick little update. Please continue to pray for us...we are working against the clock. I am so very thankful to have the social worker that we do....she understands the urgency and is working so hard to get our homestudy done.

I will leave you with a few pics from Nick's basketball game the other night...though there are none of Nick (how sad!! But I will tell you that he scored 22 points!!!).

A very rare occasion that Lucy decided it was ok to let me put pig-tails in her hair. won't happen again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! So she puts her foot down when it comes to pigtails huh? Well, my friend, welcome to Estrogen in mini-me form. It won't be the last thing she voices her opinion about. Prepare yourself for more drama in the coming years from your girlie-girl. Hee, hee!

Hope Dw is Uganda bound right now!

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