Sunday, December 14, 2008

MTM Flip & Hot Tub Fun

Lucy learned a very valuable lesson with her Ninny = new clothes & shoes!! She got this adorable little outfit (it didn't photograph that great, sorry!) that got rave reviews at church today! And notice the MTM flip! Darling!!

Easy on the enthusiasm Lu.

Miss Independent insisted on doing the buttons herself (eventually I had to intervene).
Lucy couldn't help but notice Baba's ouchie on his forehead & she insisted on putting a bandaid on it!

And a kiss to ensure quick healing!

Brenden, Nick, Ethan & Nate enjoyed the hot tub on this very frigid day!! (note the deformed trampoline in the background that had to be retrieved from the trees after a bad storm!)

We got Lucy's swim suit on & got inches from the hot tub then she burst into tears before her little brown toes even hit the water! So she enjoyed it from the warmth of our rec room.


Shelley said...

Just when you think Miss Lucy can't possibly get any cuter - here comes the MTM flip! PRECIOUS!!!

Carol said...

Miss Lucy would look cute in a paper sack with a hole for the neck!

Her Nin

Holly said...

Oh my. Can she get any CUTER??

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