Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last evening K and I had our interviews scheduled with our social worker We got there exactly on time (which for me makes me feel late). Anyway, before we even pulled into the parking lot I was telling Lucy that Mama was going inside to talk to Miss Heather and to give her some papers and she was staying with Baba (oh excuse me, I mean Daddy. She told me the other day..."no Baba, I say Daddy." K is sad...he likes Baba). But try as I did to "prepare" her for my quick departure, she burst into tears (the girly is with me 24/7...you would think she would be thrilled to get rid of me for a few). I had no choice & she was in good hands so I just reassured her that I wouldn't be long and shut the door with her crying and arms reaching for me. :( :(

I wasn't in the building two minutes and my phone rang as I was heading up on the elevator. With a bad signal, K's voice was breaking up but I swore he said that Lucy just threw up. No, this couldn't be. "Get back down here quick"....I think he said. Well, hoping I had misunderstood completely, I went back down and sure enough, sweet LJ puked ALL. OVER. HERSELF.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't have any idea she had eaten so much earlier...to blanket herself in all that ick. I gotta give my man huge credit for how he handled this. He told me to go ahead and go back up to meet with Heather but to listen for my phone to ring. THANKFULLY, he isn't grossed out by much and he not only cleaned it all up but found some clean PJ's that just happned to be in the van & got her changed. I called him before we started our interview and he told me things seemed to be fine....Lucy was in good spirits and even said, "Let's get ice-a-cream!" Great idea Lu, but not such a great idea right after you just lost your dinner.

Ok, the interviews went well, Lucy did great & didn't act the least bit sick after that. Who knows what the deal was.

After our interviews I realized that there was a couple of very minor things I forgot to disclose on our pre-approval papers being sent to the CCA*. I am feeling a bit (ok, A LOT) upset because I don't want any hang ups. And when I say they are minor things, I mean MINOR. But my fear is that it won't be consistent with the info in our dossier. It may not be anything that they even notice but still. I feel as though I am being hit hard by the enemy...that eveything is going to sink on this. I am unsure as to whether I should say anything to our agency because I don't want it to look like I was covering up anything. I already had to tell them that I miscalculated what our income was going to be for this year and the amount I gave them was higher than the actual amount. **big sigh** They said it was likely no big deal as long as the homestudy and dossier amounts were consistent with each other.

This is really eating away at me. But I'm reminded of something that my pastor has said on many occasions...."There are only two times that the enemy will attack you...when you are in the will of God and when you are outside the will of God." And I'm feelin' the attack.

Anyway, as we were heading home from our interviews, being parched from all that yammering, I sipped on the cup of water I had brought along. A few minutes later, K said, "oh don't drink your water because Lucy drank out of it." Me, "did she drink through the straw??" "Yes." Fantastic. I've been trying to find ways to boost my immune system anyway. (I'm feeling fine in case you were wondering)

Since no blog post is super-fun without pics, I will leave you with a few from our Christmas program at church....

Lucy's first candy-cane!!
Lucy sitting as close as possible to see the show (she was supposed to be in it but we decided not to fight that battle, knowing she would likely protest)
This is fun Mama, I want to be up there! (of course)
Brenden and his twin buddies, Ethan & Nate were a big hit in the show...they were rapping camels.

Lest you think these guys have major dental issues, that is aluminum foil you see (aka, grills...silly white boys)

I decided not to include this pic in my last post unsure if Nate would appreciate it or not....well, clearly he was not happy with that decicision and insisted I include it in this post. He is super cool, just ask him! (You may recall that Nate had MAJOR open heart surgery just a few months ago! He is pretty proud of his zipper!)


Anonymous said...

Omygosh! I just read this post & my DOG threw up TWICE on my rug!!!!! NOT kidding!
p.s. glad Lucy is better! :)

Nancy said...

I really missed your post yesterday. Don't do that again!!!Kept checking all day and NOTHING!! Loved the one today. Glad Lucy is better.

Brittne said...

EEk about Lucy, so glad she is better! And man how i wish i could have been there for the christmas show this year! I've been the past 5 years in a row! TEAR!

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