Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As of today, our GRAND TOTAL is, $2,480!!! Wow!

Today is our last "formal" day of our fundraiser. Though I will keep something on the sidebar to give info on where to send any future donations.

A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you who donated....whether it was $10 or $500, your generous sacrifice is very appreciated and God will honor you for your part in this growing ministry.

If you are here for the first time...please read below to see what our fundraiser is all about!

Ok Ya'll...this can only happen with God's favor & your generosity....here we go!

I have mentioned several times my friend Lynsay who is in Ch*na with her husband, Bill, and darling daughters. Their call to Ch*na to open a home for Special Needs orphans is a passion in their hearts. They have given up so much to do what they are doing....sold their home, cars and pretty much EVERYTHING in order to serve the Lord. In this Babylon-type society we live in...you just don't see that kind of giving. Sure, we all find it rather easy give out of our surplus but how many of us GIVE ALL we have? Don't worry, I'm not asking you to give ALL but I want you to get a real grasp on what the Lord asked these precious friends to do. Their love for the Lord and for caring for orphans was so great that they saw it as the least they could do. Now I know Lynsay would want me to say...it's NOT about THEM...this fundraiser isn't for their reward or comfort...it's about the LORD...giving ALL GLORY to HIM through all they do.

Here's the scoop....they got their very first baby to care for recently!!!! Little Corrie. She has proven God's power already in her little frail life. She wasn't expected to live...her situation was grim, grim, grim. BUT GOD!!! Corrie is now out of the hospital & in the loving home of Bill & Lynsay. She isn't out of the woods yet but she is getting better day by day. PLEASE continue to PRAY for Corrie.

And finally, that leads me to my plea to all of you....until now B & L have relied on bicycles & public transportation to get around. The problem is, you can only imagine how difficult this is with now three little ones AND how problematic this is if they need to get to the hospital quickly. If you have never been to Ch*na...trust me, there's no getting anywhere quick on a crowded bus (when I say crowded, I mean sardine-crowded...seriously. Can you imagine taking a sick baby to the hospital on a bus loaded with coughing, sneezing people? AAAHH!!). And a taxi gets very expensive. SO....they NEED THEIR OWN CAR!!! I asked Lynsay how much they needed...she reluctantly told me that they need around $10,000 for a small car, which they would be pleased as punch to get. BUT, we all know how hard it is to get kiddos in and out of a CAR, right? AND, they WILL be getting more orphans VERY SOON! What they REALLY NEED is, a VAN! So look, you can see this is a big time fund-raising campaign. I dont' have any prizes to offer you, I have no way to give you recognition for your generosity, short of thanking you on this blog. PLEASE give for the sake of HELPING...because in your heart you KNOW it's the RIGHT thing to do...because you BELIEVE in James 1:27. We aren't all called to adopt, but if we call ourselves CHRISTIANS, we are ALL called to care for orphans...this is a BIG WAY you can HELP!!!

I have shared their blog link before but I would also encourage you to visit their website that tells more about their ministry....click HERE.

I know it is Christmas time & money is tight for all of us...but would you please prayerfully consider what God would have you do to help? You can contribute through ChipIn or if you would rather mail a tax deductible check, please send to:

Morning Star Project
PO Box 2143
Bend, OR 97709

**Make checks out to RIVER CHURCH...in memo put "Morning Star Project - Car"

Please comment or email me with questions!!! BloggerLori@aol.com YIPPEE JESUS!!!

Our goal of $15,000 was decided upon based on the average cost of a larger, used vehicle in Ch*na. What we are trusting God for is generous donors and a generous seller so that the actual funds raised will be exactly what is needed to buy a vehicle, no matter what the cost turns out to be!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!


Mom Of Many said...

Yipppee Jesus!! I am so thrilled by your God-idea!! I just got off the phone with Bill and Lynsay in Ch*na....they called and sang Happy Birthday to me! Such precious people - and I am tickled beyond words...Yipppee, yippee, yippee Jesus!!

Jean said...

Awesome Lori- what a great cause!! Wow they are really have done so much in our Lord's name. What a joy it would be to be able to help them! Every little bit counts towards this goal! praise our Lord and bless his children!
Ming Ming- your Momma is coming to get you!! Yahoo!!

April Isaacs said...

Your little Lucy is so stinkin cute! I am going to start lurking... and probably following. I am hopeless. I have got to lock this computer up during the day!


Lynsay said...

Lori, you are awesome and I love your heart girlfriend!

Thank you everyone! We have been praying for a car for some time and didn't know how it would happen, but know that God is always faithful!

Today is a balmy 20 degrees, so a car will be so appreciated when He provides (groceries, hospital, formula!)

In His precious NAME!

The Bachville Times said...

Hi Lori,

I went on your blog and clicked on "follow this blog" - AND it worked!!!! We are now following you by the name of our family blog "The Bachville Times" which is not developed but at least we have a name and a place to "park" it :o) that is my little yorkie in the picture - little Rosie.

See you soon,


Suzanne said...

Hi Lori

please add $100 to your total. My hubby and I just mailed off a check to River Church. You are so awesome to do this for the Morning Star Project. Thank you for having a heart for the orphans.

Middle TN

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