Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Disturbing Post

I need to show you some Lucy cuteness first because
what comes next in this post is disturbing....
(what is with me this week?)

Every time Lucy wears pigtails,

She insists on holding onto them
for fear of them blowing away!!

(And again, my sincere apologies)

I have a stainless steel refrigerator,
which shows all the fingerprints of my sweet children.
This drives me crazy.

I know, I know, someday they will be out of the
house and I will yearn for the days when I
saw the evidence of their

I know.

But wait.....

Last night Brenden came home from a long day of
school, golf, and church.

He was standing in front of the refrigerator
hoping to score something yummy
to satisfy his 16 year old appetite.
(Yes Linn, he talks constantly about food)

I said,
"Honey, I just cleaned the refrigerator today
and it looks perfect and beautiful,
please don't get your grimy hands on it."

There was my mistake.
When, oh when will I learn??

Why can't I just leave well-enough alone.
I could have simply cleaned
up after him later.

Oh if I could only go back in time.

I would have avoided this........

My sweet first-born.
The one whom I hope to be a missionary someday.

Did the unthinkable.


dropped his drawers and planted his sweet, lily white fanny
right on my refrigerator.
Leaving his butt print in three different places.


I'm sooo sorry for having to tell you that! I have gained a few followers this week.....please don't leave!
I promise I will clean up my act after this week.


Debby said...

BWAHAHAHA.......Remember to tell THAT one to any future wife.....
Well, your life is never boring....that's for sure.

Brittne said...

BAhahahhahahah!!!! That's HILARIOUS!!! I understand the lack of pictures on that one ;)

Nicole A. said...

Men!! No chance that Lucy would have done that ... she probably would have kissed the fridge or something like that, to leave her mark! I wonder if my boys will have that sense of humor when they are older. Yep, I certainly know that one of them will (and I know which one it is, even though he is now only in kindergarten)!

You gotta love those boys! But thank heaven for little girls!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

PS: I tried to send you a friend request, now that I'm on FB, but I'm not sure if it went through. Still a newbie there!

Anonymous said...

Oy! Thank you for sparing us the pictures of this...... :D

And thank you for the hope in my cooking! Details will come tomorrow! Providing I don't give myself and Michael food poisoning! :D

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh the joys of boys! That was too funny!

Jaime said...

that's awesome! i'm going to have to do that to my friends (when they aren't in the room of course). and i'm pretty bummed about not seeing pictures. not of his butt -b/c that would make me a dirty old lady-, but the cheek imprints on the fridge would surely make me laugh all day long!!!!!!!!!!!

Shonni said...

LOL!!! I am so glad to hear that my teenage son is not the only one who has done something so goofy!!!

Jaime said...

bwah-hahahahaha! LOVE IT!!!!! thanks for adding hte pic!

Hezra said...

hhahha haa. . .oh my gosh. . . . ha ha ha. I am just thinking, OH drats! I have two boys with that sense of humor. You are like seeing my future my frien, and um, it scares me. BUTT Prints on the FRIDGE!!! Nooooooo. I am still in the 'wiping toddler bottoms phase of life on one end, and preteen on the other. With crazy 5 y o boy in the middle. Girls give us hope that life *might* go on sanely. Boys, well they are the spice of the said life, the not so sane.

Nancy said...

Gives new meaning to butter hee hee

To go on the buns

You'll smile now when you go to "wipe" the fridge.

Ok...I'll stop.

Tony and Rett said...

AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA That is stinkin' hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Oh man, how do you do it? You make me want a son, and praise God I don't have one all in the same breath!!!

You live in a FUN house, that's for sure! Thanks for um, sharing!

P.S. Abby holds her hair too, for fear of it blowing away!

Anonymous said...

You posted the picture!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Lori. While I'm slaving away over my Lasagna, I'll be thinking about Brenden's butt cheeks on the fridge. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

I knew you had taking up knitting ! I had no idea that was what you were making!!!!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard I snorted!!!
My 18 year old SO would do something like that - I think it's a boy thing. Or a guy thing. I don't know, but they make life fun, don't they?!?

Patty said...

Oh that's hilarious. Well you know, he IS part of that adoptive family thing......goofy,spooky, know....buh buh da dum.......

Ohilda said...

Oh my gosh...I'm gonna kill you girl! My hysterical laughter just woke up 3 napping kids.


Teresa said...

That is so funny!

Karin said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's hilarious...and sounds like something one of my teenage boys would do. :))))

Holly said...

The whole post I was trying to guess what the disturbing thing might be, and I don't think I
EVER would have guessed that!!! Soooooo HILARIOUS!!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Oh. My. This is disturbing. But yet, I can't stop laughing. Oh but that is gross! *shivers*

quilt'n mama said...

Too funny!
I am heading your direction this weekend! First Nate will be home to meet my dad:) T

carie said...

at least he didn't pee on it to leave his mark!
i needed that laugh!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay that is something my boys would have done too! I am not even going to tell them about the post cuz even in their 20's they are not past doing something like that!!!

You gotta love em!!!

Laura L. said...! I would kill my son if he did that.
Well, not literally, but you know.

Amy said...

OMGosh, Lori that is so gross...and SO hilarious! Good thing my boys don't read our blogs...I wouldn't want them getting any ideas! LOL Boys are such icky fun!


Karen said...

Never been so glad we didn't have stainless steel appliances. Makes me wonder if I ever want to have them-with 4 boys coming through the ranks:-) I have to say...."yuck":-) How do they come up with these ideas? This is one post I'll have to hide from my 11 yr old:-) and my other boys too.

Kathy said...

After four brothers and three sons I thought
I had seen it all. That was too funny!!!
My boys are in their 20's and I lets just
say I won't be sharing this post.
Because I have all stainless steel appliances!

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