Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A 3-year old "shoplifter" and other fun things

I really don't have anything to say today....I just want to move that last post down! Enough of that nonsense!

Yesterday Brenden and Nick had a golf tournament so Lucy and I did some shopping. *sigh* This little toot has some things to learn about how a girl is supposed to go about her retail therapy. We went to the fabric store because I wanted to get some things for my super secret project AND some fabric for a little summer top I am making Lucy (actually, I got it done last night!).

Anyway, unlike when the fellas are with us and all rules seem to fly out the window because none of them can resist Lucy's lure to get her out of the shopping cart....and they buy her sappy story each time saying that "I want to hold you," and then she wants down two minutes after she is in their arms.

Huh! When it's just Lucy and me, the rules stick. She stays in the cart. I'm tough and her batting baby brown's don't sway me one bit (usually).

I could sense that a storm was brewing and so I tried to appease her without giving in. At first she had my phone and was taking pictures. My heart melted when she said, "I'll take your picture Mama because you are so pretty!" Aahh, shucks.

But her mood quickly shifted to restlessness so I gave her things to hold, which worked great for a while until I found multiple items I was buying IN MY PURSE! I guess she figured everything else is in there, why not some unpaid for items. I am SO GLAD I discovered them before we left the store. Lucy and I wouldn't cope well in jail. But boy, what a great blog post that would make.

Then she started throwing the items. This is a for sure sign that she has had enough and that my day is about to turn ugly. I knew we had to wrap it up quickly. As the nice older lady was cutting my fabric I felt the urge to explain away Lucy's poor behavior with, "Oh we just adopted her and she's still adjusting..." But ummm, she's been with us almost a year so I think I have to retire that one. So I blamed it on her hunger. Even though I'm a firm believer in having self-control no matter what. But perhaps a little mercy can be given to a 3 year old.

Anyway, I'm sure I left an impression on the people at the store as being a new, inexperienced mother. Especially if they watched through the window as we were walking to the car. Lucy did not want to hold my hand and made it quite clear. So I picked her up and she kicked off her flip-flops (I knew it was is her classic I'm-so-mad-at-you protest). I didn't say a word, put her in the car seat then put her shoes on the floor (knowing that was punishment for her). Well, THAT makes her really mad! She wanted her shoes on. Well Cookie, you shouldn't have kicked them off. There.

We made what should have been a really quick stop at the UP* store to mail back my coffee maker that caught on fire (I forgot to tell you about that.....flames were shooting out of the bottom, which made for great entertainment for K-man and the boys). But this stop was more of the same, only I was holding a huge box.

FINALLY, we got to McD's. Food always makes a girl feel better and back on track. I gave Lucy half a hamburger....she looked at it like I was crazy (even though it's exactly what she asked for). She pulled the the meat out, ate it and left the bun in her cup holder. Then ate some french fries. Wow, super nutritious.

Well, we got home and she was back to her sweet self. Sometimes it's really hard to decipher between just naughty toddler behavior and over-stimulation that this poor little former-orphan may be experiencing. It often makes discipline tough. But we muddle through and hope that we are making wise choices!

Well, sorry for the boring post. I should have just gone to jail so you all would be glued to the computer. Rats! Maybe next time. Maybe not.

God's got big plans for this strong-willed, lovable, adorable, sweet little gal!!
I just know it.


Brittne said...

Your coffee maker caught on fire! Woah! I'm pretty sure Hubby would have freaked! He cant live without his "cup o' joe" each morning!

This super secret project sounds fun! You should post pictures of your progress! I'm hoping to be able to learn how to quilt because I ADORE quilts! That will have to be after basic though ;)

God Bless!

Debby said...

You know...I think it's just being newly minted 4 yr old sounds an awful lot like Lucy...although turning 4 & reminding how grown up she is now has really helped some of those behaviors.

Your a much nicer mom than me though. After the restlessness at the store (I KNOW, it was boring) & the flip flop kick off (I KNOW, she was frustrated) the McD would have been the treat / lunch that was taken off the table. She'd have to eat crackers until we got home to make a regular lunch.

I use the "She's 3" excuse alot.....=)

Lori said...

I actually thought about not going to McD's but it was almost 1:30 and I didn't have anything else to give her to eat...and we were 30 minutes from home. PLUS, I really wanted/needed a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke! :)

Lacy said...

I have thought about using the "we just adopted her" story to get out of a few of Miss. Katie's tantrums. However, I did bring her home at birth, so I think the problems are mine:)

Katie has a hard time at the fabric store as well. It is really boring for the little ones. The last time I took her she promised to stay in the cart and be a big girl. As she tried to climb out of the cart I reminded her of her promise and she said "I was just kidding you momma".

We will miss this stuff when they are grown right?

Shonni said...

Well, I enjoyed reading this post...laughed at the very normal behavior of a toddler trying to get her way (good mothering, by the way), and the only thing missing is where's the picture of the coffee pot flames? LOL

Karin said...

Another line you can use, is "When we get you home, I'm going to tell you Mom how naughty you were," thus giving the impression that you are babysitting. hehe

A couple of my kids get low blood sugar when they are hungry and turn into emotional basket cases. Nothing helps until they get something in their tummies. Within minutes they change back to their 'normal' selves. I started carrying glucose tablets in my purse and pull them out when needed. :)

Nancy said...

Actually, I loved the post. I usually love all of them though.

Jean said...

Oh My- yes, jail would have been interesting! I loved your post because I have a naughty little 3 yr old, too!
This experienced well trained mom has no clue what to do!

of course when the 9 yr old calls her naughty I say no... she's tired, or hungry, or needs TLC...


Holly said...

Boring?! Nope. But it sure makes the rest of us with strong-willed kids feel better. I always say that strong will will come in handy someday!

Anonymous said...

You said you were knitting.... I has no idea that's what you were using your new found talent for

Sarah Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing all of your moments with us, this mommy moment encouraged my heart. My 4 year old dealt with many of the same issues (but was ours from the get go). We did learn that he displayed signs of kid hypoglycemia and now feed him before we go anywhere and he does great! He also turned four :) Cherish every moment, your little Lucy truly is a gift from God.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Janet and Kevin said...

I really identified with your post today. We have one of those strong-willed, adorable, loving little people at our house, too! Makes life interesting, doesn't it? All of our parenting techniques we used with our compliant, adorable, loving 23-year-old years ago don't really work with our strong-willed, adorable, loving 4-year-old! God has a way of humbling us through our children, that is for sure!!

Janet and Kevin

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