Wednesday, July 29, 2009

right finger in left nostril

First of all, let me just say that your comments
yesterday truly meant a lot to me.
I always love hearing from you but yesterday's
words of kindness were especially touching
to me because the whole name thing
was heavy on my heart.

God used you all to give me confirmation.

Thank you.


In case you were wondering,
I got Nick to his BIG tournament yesterday
not only on the correct day,
and the correct time....
but early!

It was an off & on rainy day so I wasn't
sure the tournament would go
as planned but, it did.

Nick was just thankful to be there at all.
After a very successful golf season
on his school team,
the summer tour he was on was proving
to be quite difficult for him.
Yet after each disappointment I would tell him,
"Nick if you really love golf, then you must
persevere and keep at it."

And that's exactly what he did each
and every time.

The fact that he qualified for this championship
tournament was an honor...
even though he went into it in LAST place.

In the meantime,
Brenden, Lucy and I went to get my
picture taken for my visa.
They told me not to smile...
I did my best to "smile" with my eyes
cause I didn't want it to look like
a mug shot.

It turned out OK, only I was drawn
to the fact that my lips are
just way too thin.
*Note to self, try lip-liner one.more.time.

Brenden said it wasn't a rule that you
can't smile your pic for passport or visa,
the people working there simply
want to use you as their source of entertainment
for the day.
He said to be happy that I wasn't the poor soul
who they told to...
stick your right finger into your left nostril...
open your mouth wide...
and click.
There you go.
And the rest of the day, the employees
at the photo place make fun of you.

That kid has a vivid imagination.
I hope he isn't right.
Nick called me with exciting news...
he was currently tied for 3rd place!
We were elated!!

When I arrived they were putting up the
final scores....
then, they wrote something next to Nick's
he was wrong.

He wasn't tied for 3rd....

he got 2nd place!!!!

And only 1 stroke over the first place

This determined young man is
quite happy!


Still no news on our TA.


But I did get our visa applications sent!!


Sharon and Michael said...

Way to go Nick! I love seeing young people strive to stay with what they love doing and doing their best. He must be a natural at golf. One day when he's famous, I can say, I "knew about when". :)

Tracy said...

Well Hello Nick...and Please Move Over Tiger Woods!!! Way to go! What an exciting day that must have been!
I dont know much about golf, but my brother plays every weekend. So when is the playoff, or whatever they call it? Cuz I could cheer you on from here for sure.
I felt the same way about the Visa pictures, and was told by my husband in fact that your not suppose to smile. I looked just like one of those people that rob a bank and then gets taken to a special place to have their pic. taken. OH YEAH...A FELLON! hee,hee.

Karin said...

Oh my gosh, I am cracking up over the finger in the nostril idea. I think I would love hanging out with your kids! :) WAY TO GO, NICK!!!! How awesome that he persevered and that God helped him end up in 2nd place!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Love Nick's comment. Actually made me lol...

BTW, tell Nick I saw on the news that the Ipod may be a thing of the past..."they are moving toward the new *sexy* something or other" anyway, something like that..but I just heard the statement about the *sexy* thing and thought of him and his blankie...


Mandi said...

COngrats to Nick! How awesome. I have to tell you I love and look forward to reading your posts because you are so funny. As for Brenden, how do you not just crack up daily with him around. What a sense of humor.


Holly said...

Wow! I guess I am feelig emotional again today, but the news about Nick getting 2nd place just made me feel all...goose pimply/teary. :) Congrats to him!!
And I cannot tell you how bad my passport picture is. I know many people think theirs is bad, but seriously, mine is the WORST picture EVER taken of me. By far. And it was because I had been laughing, and they told me I couldn't smile! Making yourself not smile is not a good thing. Every time I had to send in my goofy passport picture for something adoption-related, my heart just sank. I just knew that someone somewhere was not going to allow me to adopt a baby because of it! (I almost put LOL right there, but it was not funny!)

Holly said...

Ha ha! Sorry, I had to comment again. I just read Linn's comment about the sexy blankie, and I just cracked up! Awesome. ;)

Chris said...

Good job Nick! He does look sorta pleased on that picture...more like you will need to get him a bigger hat.
As to visa photos you will look that way when you get off that long plane ride they should mis-identify you.
Not sure how you are going to have school w/ Brendan around, you will all be laughing all the time. Now I'm going to worry when I go to the DMV for my license photo.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Awesome Job Nick! I will be sure to tell Kevin!! Keep up the good golfing. He can take you places that is for sure!

Tony and Rett said...

WHOO HOO Nick!!!!

And smiling with your eyes? Have you been watching Tyra Banks, "America's Next Top Model" again? Heheheh

McNew Family said...

Congrats, Nick! WAY TO GO!!!!!!! Love the name Macy, too!

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