Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Macy Shu Li

I have fallen in love with not only,
Shu Li....our daughter,
that we have yet to meet in person
(yet I feel I already know her in many ways),
but I also love her name.
Hearing it just makes me smile.

Hearing Lucy say it makes me smile.
Shoo Wee.

But because I know that she will very likely
want an American name,
we have decided on

Macy Shu Li.

I love that name...and I love that it
goes well with Lucy.

Macy and Lucy.
Cute, huh?

But still...I'm really struggling with bringing
myself to call her that,
even as I type this...
or say her name around the house.

It feels the same as me changing
my name to Betty.

Cute name but....it's just
I talked to Patty about it
(for those who don't know she just adopted on of Shu Li's friends)
and she said she feels the same way about
her daughter's new American name.
I'm relieved to know that because I thought
I was being rather odd about it.

ultimately we will let Shu Li, I mean Macy,
choose what she wants to be called.

If she wants to stick with Shu Li,
I'll be tickled.
If she likes Macy Shu Li,
I'll be tickled.


I am up earlier than the chickens today
as Nick and I are heading to his
BIG golf tournament.

YES, I'm positive that it is today.
He is so excited.
And I'm excited that it's the last time
I have to get up so dog-gone early!


Mandi said...

I love, love, love the name Macy! Although I also love Shu Li as well. Both names are equally beautiful. Whatever name she decides to go by it will be beautiful either way.

Oh, and good luck at the golf tournament today.


Jen said...

Lori, I LOVE the name Macy!!! All our girls have "M" names and we had Macy on our list as well!!! THIS time, (notice I said "this" time!!) we went with Meisyn (pronounced Mason) It's close to Macy!! I think you may find Shu Li wants an American name. All the older kids that I know who have come home from China want an American name and NOTHING to do with their Chinese name!!! But who knows, each child is different. Whichever she chooses, will be the correct one!!!! I hope you receive your TA REAL SOON!!!

Karin said...

What a cute name!! I love it--and I also love Shu Li's Chinese name. I think she will like having both! :) All of the Chinese students we have hosted in the past have given themselves American names--so I would guess that Shu Li will want one, too.

Debby said...

Lori..goodmorning. I could not believe how early you were up & posting this AM. Good luck to Nick on the golf tournament.

I like the name Macy......do you know Donna, who has Lena & Macy?....Macy is HER Fu......anyways, just another small world coincidence.

Thank you also for being such a faithful blog follower. I do write my blog primarily to remember what we've done & enjoyed as a family, but it is so nice to know at least someone else does read it. I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you

Joy said...

I love the name Macy. :-)

We let Sarah decide if she wanted to go by Sarah, Chang or Sarah Chang. She chose Sarah and only went back to Chang for one weekend a few months ago.

I hope you get to travel very soon!

Adeye said...

You SURE you got the right date :)

I absolutely love the name you have chosen. So sweet. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl :) Before you know it, friend--you're heading to your new sweet one. So exciting.

Tracy said...

I love both names too, but I think Shu li is so original, and beautiful. I think I would be tempted to keep it as her first name.
I think its great that you are allowing her to make that choice. Way to go mom!
Our little guy when he came home at the age of three wouldn't have anything to do with his american name. He always acted like he was being betrayed when we called him by his american name.
We allowed him to choose, and we're glad that we did.

Jill said...

Miss Macy Shu Li is gorgeous!!! Love the name too! I agree though, both names are equally as cute, so you can't go wrong!!

christy rose said...

I love the name Macy too!

Susan said...

I have felt the same way about our children. We have decided to name them Luke and Nia, but keep their Chinese names and let them decide what they would like to go by. It also seems a little strange at this point refering to them by Luke and Nia.
I will pray your TA comes soon.

Tony and Rett said...

Macy...LOVE IT! It fits! And she'll let you know, and you'll all feel comfortable! It might morph too. At 22 months, our girls were set on La La and Mei Mei. Now, it's a combo, Abby LuLa and Laney LuMei. I figure it will change all over again about a thousand times.

Remember, the best thing she'll be called is, Daughter!

Holly said...

That's funny because we like to call our Sarah Zheng Ting. I feel like I am somehow betraying her, changing her name, even though she is not even 2 years old. But we are calling her Sarah more and more, and that is getting me used to it. I think it is going to be Sarah Ting, and not Sarah Zheng Ting. Scott doesn't like 2 middle names. I love the name Macy too! Adorable like her!

Suzette said...

Beautiful names for a beautiful girl. I'm sure you can't wait to bring her home. We have also been trying to decide on a name for our almost 4 year old and understand how difficult this can be as we want to keep her name as well as an American name.

Cari Bacon said...

I love the name Macy! My oldest daughter's name is Cami, and we played with the idea of re-arranging the letters to Maci for the next girl, but then decided to stick with the "C" names until now. Sami (Samantha) will be our first "S" name, so my husband (Sam) doesn't feel left out! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Cute! We know a Macy! She is a great teenager!
Congrats on the tournament! Will he move on from here?! We have the Memorial here! Maybe he will be here next year;)

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