Monday, July 27, 2009

leaving behind a neat and tidy house

Since it appears that our Travel Approval could

any day now (??),

I've really been trying to prepare myself
for the fact that we could possibly
leave earlier than September.

It's not that I'm getting my hopes up...
it's more that I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row!
There is TONS to do before we leave.

Something that's really different this time
around is that instead of leaving my
house will be filled with my children
and my mom. Plus my in-laws are going
to come over a lot to fill in for my mom
when she needs (oh and she WILL need) to
get out of the house.

SO.....even though I always try to leave
my house clean when we leave to go just rarely happens.
I can't have my house messy for my mom
and Mom-in-law to see!!!
So on Saturday I cleaned out my refrigerator.
Ahhh. Nice, nice feeling having all those
science experiments tossed in the trash.
I washed my windows and screens.
I never knew the world outside
was so clear and lovely.
I mopped my floors.
Ok, that will definitely have to be done
again (and again) before we leave.

I'm feeling well on my way to having
a neat and tidy house.
And as long as the grandmas leave their
white gloves at home,
I'll be fine.



HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

to my dear friend Angela!!
She turns 30 today!

Ten years younger than me.
And she's skinnier.


Love you Ang!!
I hope you have a happy, happy day!


Jean said...

Doesn't it feel good to get those things cleaned!! I cleaned our mudroom closet last week- I was so proud of that closet!! I really should have done a before and after pic!!

I am getting so excited for you!! Yippee Jesus!!

Happy Birthday to your very young friend! Awww to be 30 again!! If only!

Hezra said...

Great job! Windows!???
Btw, you look amazing in your photo. lolol Really, Angela should be jealous of YOU. I am now facing the house that has gone without mom's attention for 5 days. IT. IS . NOT.GOOD. And our home visit was rescheduled for THIS Thursday. ha ha. . . Can I just have a few closets that I stand in front of?? Or should I get on my hand and knees and BEG DO NOT GO IN THERE??? Offer her a clothespin for her nose before she enters the boys "dorm?" And the fridge. Yes THAT I face today! Maybe if I don a pair of heels and a dress. . .

Chris said...

Maybe if we schedule a home study I will get ambitious enough to finish the house cleaning I started the other week.
Having the grandma's stay for 2 wks would definitely make a difference...light a fire under me in no time.

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