Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TA tourny....and Lucy cuteness

TA News!!

We got an email from our agency yesterday, with basically one sentence...

We found out that our representative in Guangzhou picked up and mailed your second Confirmation Letter to the CCAA at the end of last week.

Honest to goodness, this sounds like good news but
I have no idea what it means!!
All this is SO different from just over a year ago when
we got Lucy that I just don't know if our TA is
coming in a week....or 5!

Hopefully I will find out more today.

But, here's a sweet picture of Shu Li that we
received from my friend Patty!
She's the one with the glasses...isn't she darling?!
Smile, girl!


Thanks for all your sweet comments from yesterday.
I had myself a pretty good pity party.
Not just over that but I (well, I'm not convinced it was me)
lost an important paper.
Not anything adoption related, just a lien release
letter that we needed.
You would have thought my life depended on it.
We got another one ordered easy enough
and then after reading Linn's blog post from yesterday
I got a pretty good attitude adjustment.

last evening Nick got an invitation (via email)
to the Jr. Championship Golf tournament!!
Even though he missed the
tournament on Monday,
he still (barely) qualified!!!
We were both elated!


I will leave you with some pics of Lucy helping
her daddy wash his jeep.

She LOVES being outside with him!

Such a good little helper!

And like any good woman, she's a multi-tasker!
(And look at those sexy calves! No chicken
legs on my man!)

Too darn cute.


McNew Family said...

Yeah for TA news (I think!)!!!!

SO glad about the golf tourney - you are kind of off the hook!

Have a super dee dooper day!

Mom Of Many said...

Awww I am so excited for you....just wish I was going to be there at the same time as you guys. My sweet hubby was hoping so too so that Emmy and I would have a man we knew around when we were at least in Guanzhou (or however you spell it)...

Either way, tickled PINK that you should be going there soon!! xo

Sally- That Girl! said...

Keep us posted today on what that sentence meant! How funny is that? SOunds like something straight from China!

Lynsay said...

Well I am absolutely NOT going to comment on K-man's not so chicken, sexy legs, nope I'm not, but I'm SO excited that someday soon you will be traveling to Ch! Can't wait to see you! Will be at the airport waiting for you with bells on our toes....or fried rice or whatever!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Wow! Lots of good things! You'll be on your way soon....and me too!! :) And yes, Lucy is too darn cute.

Kathy said...

We haven't gotten our RA/LOA yet.
It has been 90 days as of today.
I was so hoping to get to meet up
with you in Guangzhou. Although
friday we were emailed all the
paperwork we have to fill out to
be ready for RA/LOA So I thought
we would be in the next batch.
Well that was yesterday and it we
didn't get the call. :(
The Hague Plague has added so
much more paperwork.
I had my pity party last night.
Blessed again from this mornings
devotional. Praising Him in the

So happy about the golf tourney!
God is good!
No chicken legs here either. : )

(I am not sure if this went through
tired from my little party last night)

christy rose said...

Oh wow! Great news all around. I am so glad to hear about the golf tourney for your son too! God is so good to redeem us in so many ways.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Don't you love it how all the rules/procedures change so often!
Hope all of that is good news about your TA. In the pic of ShuLi--the sign says WACAP. Does that have anything to do with the adoption agency WACAP, or just a coincidence? Janet

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