Saturday, July 18, 2009

family picnic

The weather here is INCREDIBLE.
Today's high, you ask?

77....and very low humidity.

Yeah, it's pretty much heaven.

Next week at this time it will no doubt
be 105.

Last night as I was throwing dinner together,
I announced that we would be having
dinner outside on the wonderful
picnic table that K-man built.

Getting warmed up for the show.

I told Brenden to sit up straight.
So he did.
Lucy had to nuzzle her way in between
her two favorite teenagers.

As always, Brenden is taking good care of of his Lucy...
and her always-flipping off flip-flops.

Brenden sternly told Lucy NOT to smile.

Ok, now you can smile.
Sweet girl.

Lucy literally refused to be photographed in
this picture. Control freak.

Oh I WILL kiss you!

My quiet child...but let me tell you,
Nick is HILARIOUS and keeps me
laughing constantly.

My only blue-eyed child....

And my only...Brenden.
Thank goodness!

Sibling lovin'.

Sibling sweetness!

Will Lucy ever be allowed to have a boyfriend?
I highly doubt it.

Lucy loves her Nicholas!

It's really too bad these boys don't like
Lucy very much, isn't it?

Have a super weekend!!


allisyn said...

this are absolutely adorable pics :)

Jen said...


You are so blessed!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Awwww! his may be my new favorite post! Great pictures. Haha, brenden... That one picture of nick is priceless! And Lucy is adorable as always. Aw, I love this post.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Award winning the one of Lucy and B with her arms around his neck!!! Then all the others are runner ups!! Love the one of Lucy refusing to be in the picture where she turned around! Totally Lucy!!!

I love Lucy!

Holly said...

I love it! I think you guys should adopt our family! : )

Hezra said...

Yes, Lucy is sadly under loved. lol Ok, we will be photoshopping US in your family picture. Funny, my D made the same picnic table. Um, only a bit longer than it specified. And we too are glad it isn't 114 degrees today.

Michele said...

Those were too stinkin cute! What is the age difference between your boys?

Our weather is glorious as well. It must be all the global warming, huh? Al Gore is an idiot.


CJ said...

Awww!! How sweet is your family? ~sigh~

Karen said...

too precious! I love to see older brothers loving on their younger sisters. It's nice to see that tenderness is still there as they get older. Hilarious pic of Lucy not wanting to take a picture. Wow, her hair is long!:-)

Chris said...

I'm not sure the boys will ever be allowed to have a girlfriend!
Neat kids

christy rose said...

Great picnic Pictures!

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