Saturday, July 18, 2009

a hot date but not to China

K-man and I have been needing a date night
(with each other!)

Before Lucy came along went out at
least once a week.

We knew things would change drastically once our
sweet girl arrived and boy did they!

Wonderfully so!

But, a happy, refreshed marriage is such a
gift to our children, don't you think?

Plus we are trying to get Lucy used to the idea
of us leaving her when we go to China.

So, our wild night out tonight left
Brenden and Nick in charge.

These boys who love Lucy dearly....were scared to death!
It was comical.
And you can only imagine how they reacted when I started
explaining what to do if she had to go poo on the potty.

Prayer works because I have no doubt that they prayed
hard that Lucy would not need to poo and
in fact, she didn't.

And we fully expected Lucy to cry and beg us to stay...
and we were fully prepared to do just that.

Oh no....
She said a hearty good bye and refused to give us kisses.


So, this being a REAL date we took K-man's jeep...
not my boring mini-van.
A little self portrait of the happy couple...

K-man pulling out of the drive way...
does he really think I won't be taking pics of this date?

And here is a treat for hair.

It blew every.which.way.
Believe it or not, it looked fairly decent once we
arrived at the restaurant.

25 years ago, had he made me endure
this follicle torture,
he wouldn't have seen me for a 2nd date.
Thankfully, I've lightened up over the years.
Obviously, because look at
those pics I'm letting the world see.
If you find my dignity along I35,
please mail it back to me, would you?

We weren't gone long but we had a
super time!!

When we got home,
Lucy raced outside to greet us...
jumping up and down.

She seemed overly-excited..
She looked around everywhere then said with panic in her voice,

"Didn't you go to China to get Shu Li??"

Oh, sweet baby girl.

We gently said no and she BURST into tears.
I mean, she cried hard.

We felt horrible!!

We eventually calmed her down and tried to explain
that it wasn't time for us to go to China yet.

Then K-man knew just what would cheer her up!

A ride around the yard in the jeep!

She had a blast.


Jean said...

Those are the best pics- ever!! I have your dignity, yes it was on I-35 next to the casino exit (oops maybe I wasn't supposed to say that!) and I will be mailing it right back to you!!

Love the post!!
If only we could leave for a couple hours and bring back our sweet children!!

Still smiling from what you wrote!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

That is great that you got out for a date with K-Man!! Good for you and good for Lucy!!

Bryson saw Lucy in the jeep and said, "There's Lucy!" Maybe K-Man should save the jeep for their first date!

Hezra said...

LOVE the hair! lol I am amazed it went back to normal afterward. You must have magic styling tools and hair care products. I would have looked like Bozo. So sad she thought it was the big day. Poor baby. It is hard for these kids to understand WHY it takes so long9ok so it is hard for us grown ups too!!) to get the kids home. So glad a jeep ride calmed the storm.

Michele said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard, I am crying. When I scrolled down and saw the hair pictures, I literally about wet myself. Good stuff.

What a sweet girl. My heart broke for her. I am glad that she has such a fun daddy that made it all better.

Tony and Rett said... SO need a date night! I'm proud of you! And the pics...worth a million bucks!

Poor Lucy...such a sweet girl ready for her sister!

And the Jeep...oh my, you've won my hubby over! We're a Jeep family-Cherokee, Wrangler (our toy) and then I drive a four door Wrangler...just one more reason to love your family! Heheh.

Holly said...

Yea!!!! I'm so glad you were able to have your date! (and it is really too bad it wasn't to China.) I am making Scott take me--I mean my dear hubby can't wait to take me to see the symphony next week!! We haven't been out in a while either, and I can't wait! Love your hair, by the way... :)

Karin said...

Oh man...poor Lucy!!! I love the pics of your hair in the jeep! :) I've been considering a few weird hair pics myself. Maybe seeing yours will give me the courage. (Did you ever think that PERHAPS we might not be good for each other? I mean, like egging each other on to do things we shouldn't?! hee)

Mom Of Many said...

Looks like fun....the date, the hair - all of it!! xo

Adeye said...

I absolutely LOVE the pics---you are tooooo funny :)

Hey friend, stop by my blog when you have a minute--I have an award to share with you :)

christy rose said...

Oh Wow! I was completely enjoying the date post until you got home and made Lucy cry. Awww! She thought you were bringing home her sister. Why else would you go out without her? :)

Your pictures were so great!

Patty said...

Ok so just a warning, now that this is not crashing every time I get on here.........I am having a ball showing your photos to Ellie and she especially loves your lovely jeep hairdo LOL!!! I said "Shu Li's mama" and she got a good laugh out of that!! She also said that Lucy is cute and she thinks your boys are funny too. Shu Li is going to have a great time in your family, just hurry up TA would ya!!!!

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