Friday, July 24, 2009

mystery delivery and a dancin' dress

Sorry to leave you hanging about the mystery
package that was delivered yesterday!
I wasn't trying to leave
you in suspense!

It was a DVD that we ordered for Shu Li.
So, sort of adoption-related but not anything
to shed more light on when we
will travel.

Oh, and if you are adopting an older child,
you might want to look into getting
this video...

The Jesus Film

which is available in MANY languages to
reach the world for Christ.

I pray constantly for Shu Li...
that she would come home soon,
that she won't be fearful of her future,
that she will love us...
but most of all,
I pray that she will accept Jesus as
her Savior very soon.

That's truly the most important thing above all.


Here are a few pics of Lucy and Brenden...

Lucy is absolutely crazy about
her brothers.
They are constantly scooping her
up and lovin' on her!

This is Lucy's dancin' dress...
well, every dress that she is
wearing at the time she calls her
dancin' dress.

And Brenden gives her a spin
on the dance "floor".

Dancin' fun!!
And funny!

Ok, I'm done.
And adorable.

Because I know you will ask, my mom bought this dress
at a garage sale that a lady made out of a pillow case.
I keep meaning to duplicate it but I just haven't taken the
time to sit down and figure it out.
But isn't it darling!


Rhonda said...

Hi Lori,

The dress is adorable! I LOVE that, but she'd look smashing in anything!

MBHOH is not a part of any larger SWI. It is completely privately owned and ran through the Chapman's Ministry/Shaohannah's Hope. Gifts to their ministry.....Also, it isn't exactly an orphanage, although some children will stay there longterm. Very sick kids come for surgeries and medical care that they otherwise would not receive for various reasons. Joyce and Robin Hill, the directors, do bring in children from various orphanages from around the Luofang (I know I didn't spell that correctly). I'll send you the link to MB's blog so that you can read about it.....or you can just google her and it'll come up. After Maria died last May, the donations came pouring in to was amazing. God has continually blessed them. His annointing is truly on their family. I have seen and can attest that they are the real deal. WHat they proclaim is what they live out. Their son, Will Franklin, and my oldest are very close friends and have been since they were itty we have watched the pain from the front row. Horrific, but at the same time,has shown them the deepest understanding of the Lord. He is in it all, and they receive it humbly...the good and the pain. Well, I have the biggest day ever...a 16th bd party for Nolan, Tyler's little friend coming into town to visit, portraits for the whole family, and a 100th bd party to plan at my house for Aug. 8th, and a "going away" party to throw together for my oldest and his 12 closest friends and their parents here at my house next week....Unbelievable. haha!

Oh, and we live in Brentwood, TN; not KS. That was where our friends had come from...;)

Have a great day!

Nancy said...

The dress is darling, and I was going to ask you if you made it. My g'daughter always says she is a ballerina when she has a dress on. So, so cute.

Holly said...

When I see pictures like this, it just makes me love adoption even more. :) I will be praying for Shu Li's salvation with you!

Rhonda said...

Hi again Lori,

Ohhhhhh, YOU live in KS....Ohhhhhh! I thought that you thought we did...haha! And I thought that b/c of your comment on my post where our KS friends had come for the weekend. Anyway, gotcha! Sorry ;)

Have a great weekend!


CJ said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! Whenever you do figure it out I would love to buy one for my Catie Beth!!! Hint!! Hint!!! :o)

janet said...

Yes, the ULTIMATE goal of adoption!, their salvation.
Cute dress, and I can't help but notice the ironving board in the background. Not to make you feel bad----just glad I'm not the only one. My ironing board lives in the foyer unless I know someone is coming over=)

Sally- That Girl! said...

The dress is darling as is the peanut inside of it! Google pillowcase dresses and I am sure you will find a pattern.

I started a dress for Marissa that is too small, so I am trying to figure out how to attach a tank top for the top and leave the bottom part that fits fine.

Can't wait to see how everything goes with Shu Li!

christy rose said...

Was wondering what was in that package you ran down!

Lucy is adorable! Just thinking about your older boys scooping up Lucy and making her feel so loved and having so much fun brought tears to my eyes. I love it when I see my older son do the same thing with my toddler son. Sibling love does something inside of a momma's heart.

Kathy said...

Yes. I already have the Jesus film for Piper.
Jaden likes it also. She also likes one
I found at T right before Easter.
The Animated Passion
It has two stories Worthy Is The Lamb
and He Is Risen. The stories
are told in a language that children can
Lucy looks adorable. I love those pillow
case dresses.
Big brothers are so fun!

Cami said...

Lucy is so cute! Thanks for your comment too!

Claudine T in MD said...

Lucy is so adorable! She also looks very familiar. We've sponsored several children thru PHF & Harmony. Was she, by chance, from either? I've seen SO many photos of sweet ones in China -- can't remember if I really know some of these kids or if I've just seen them via the net...or was a dream -- hah!


Claudine in MD

Adeye said...

Aahhh---what precious pics of brother and sister--I love them. Melts mommy's heart, I'm sure :)

Love that dress, too darn cute.

Thank you for your sweet encouragement yesterday--PLEASE keep praying! I appreciate it so very much.

Cari Bacon said...

Isn't the salvation of our children the most important commitment we desire for them?! I'll be praying for Shu Li's decision to accept Jesus as her personal Savior.

PS Great photos...Lucy's adorable as always! :)

Tony and Rett said...

TOTALLY darling! I'll admit..I have never ever sewn, but I wanted my girls to have pillowcase dresses. SOOOO, I ordered two cheap ones off of and just recreated them w/ material I liked! I even had to borrow my MIL's sewing machine and teach myself how to use it! I get tons of compliments. If I could do that, I KNOW you could!

What a great idea about the video! Now, bring on travel news!

Anonymous said...

The Jesus film is an AMAZING thing!! When we got back from China a couple years ago, we showed it to our 11 year old and she began telling us "I have Jesus!"

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