Friday, July 31, 2009

school bell ringing and Lucy's first dentist appointment

Well, next week we start homeschool.

My boys are thrilled.
Just tickled like you wouldn't believe.

Sure they are.

I feel really guilty starting them so soon
but we simply must get in a good
month of school before we head to Ch*na.
But honest to goodness, most of the time those
boys are sitting around doing nothing
which drives me crazy! So sticking their
noses in a textbook will bring much
satisfaction to me at least.

I want to take 2-3 weeks off after
we return with Macy Shu Li.
So, they will be thankful once that nice little
break rolls around.
But for now, they are grumpy.

My time will be mostly consumed with that
so, please bear with me as I may
have days that I just can't post anything...
or it will be very short and sweet.

Or long and bitter, depending on how
things are going.


Today is Lucy's first dentist appointment.
I covet your prayers.

This little unpredictable dynamo is
excited/resistant about going.

I keep telling her she will get a surprise
and a new toothbrush.
That's enough to make any girl want
to hop in the drill-screeching chair, right?

Seriously, if they were smart the reward would be a new
pair of shoes.
Or at least a venti frappacino.

I'm bringing my camera...not sure
though that whipping out my big Canon Rebel
will go over well....
so I may have to just nonchalantly snap
pics with my cell phone.

Good times ahead.


Nancy said...

Good luck. My g'daughter is absolutely petrified of losing her baby teeth. It is so funny. I am sure she will change her mind when all of her friends are losing them. Have fun. Good luck, too, with school starting next week. That does sound early.

Stacy said...

Tell you boys that school starts next week in Kentucky. That may make them feel better knowing that 1000's of other will be starting school. This summer has been way to short. We got out of school late because of the ice storm that we had in January.

Shonni said...

I know that you will feel good to have some days behind you in the school year so that you can focus on your new daughter.

Rachel said...

Who would get the shoes and who would get the cappucccino?

Tony and Rett said...

Will pray for Lucy! Our girls go next month. We took them when they were two for a "pretend" visit where they met the dentist and she just took a peek in their mouths. They got the prizes and such. However, this time, with the cleaning, not sure how it will go. So, yeah, I'll pray for you!

quilt'n mama said...

I hope Lucy's dental appointment goes well. My kids actually love to go to the dentist (I hate it!) They ask for months when they get to go next, but thankfully none of them have needed dental work yet, that might change things!
Hope you have a great day though and I'm excited for you to start school next week. We were planning too but found out we have friends coming to visit for a week so we are jumping in the following Monday!
Praying for your TA to arrive soon!

McNew Family said...

Have fun lil' Lucy! Chick-a-Dee does fine until they actually want to stick that probe in her mouth and actually, really, truly look around. Then she clamps those purty lips together and won't budge! We just keep taking her with us and letting her watch.

School in session will be great! I don't think that we are starting until after Labor Day - we had a late finish this year.

Jean said...

I love the short and sweet or long and bitter comment!! You are so witty!!

I know what ya mean about the laying around stuff- I wish they would just read a book BUT the don't even do that! I've had to kick a few buttays around here just to get them moving!

Blessings on your HS!!

Looking forward to the dentist appt pics!! We go on Monday @ 10:00 am!

christy rose said...

Uh Oh first dentist appt! I hope she does well!

Holly said...

Happy schooling! I am seriously considering blessing my boys with an early start as well, since I know we are going to be taking a break too. Probably the same time you are! (I can wish, can't I?)

Ben's first dentist appt. was so cute. He did great. And they took his picture along with pictures of his teeth so that I could have a momento. But if you want to take your camera, I'm sure you won't be the first mom to do it. :)

Karin said...

I'm just checking in and the appointment must have happened by now. I hope it went well. The dentist we had in Indiana had a treasure box with cute little trinkets. My kids loved going there just to get a cheap, plastic toy. In Michigan they got stickers and rub-on tatoos which they liked pretty well. Hope Lucy got a FUN surprise! :)

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