Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lucy's dentist appointment and a TA hold-up

Lucy's dentist appointment went well.
Let me tell you about it...

We went to a pediatric dentist,
which was new to me.

And let me just say this.....
I'm glad Lucy doesn't have any sensory issues
because the office was sensory OVER LOAD!
Of course their intent is to make the
kiddos excited about being there but good golly,
balloons, trinket toy vending machines,
TVs everywhere,

an ice cream machine right smack in the middle
of it all!!!

Far from calming but Lucy seemed fine with it all.

The dentist (Dr. Jill) came in and the high-strung-sensory
theme continued.
My goodness...this doctor went overboard on "welcoming"
Lucy. I've never seen a grown-up so excited.
I wanted to say,
"Lady, BACK OFF."
And at first Lucy was a bit freaked out.
But then quickly thought she was funny.
I, on the other hand, wondered how in the world
she could maintain that level of enthusiasm all day long.
Perhaps she's dipping into the laughing gas.
Who can blame her.
On the other hand, if I was making the clams she is,
I could maintain giddiness for as long as necessary also.

Lucy did let her look in her mouth.
And Dr. Jill quickly saw the huge hole in her back
tooth, which I've been watching grow over the
past year.
It was decided that Lucy needs to have it fixed,
along with whatever else they find,
in an outpatient situation at our local
children's hospital where they can give her
They will clean, x-ray, and put caps on
the teeth in need, all while she's asleep.

At first I was all for it.
And really, there's no other choice,
unless we want to try a mild sedative
and do it in the office,
which Lucy would still be awake and could fight it.

I'm just sad that she has to go through this at
all. It makes me really see (in a teeny tiny way) how
it must feel for those of you whose children have to
undergo surgery.
My heart goes out to you.
That must be so very difficult.

Anyway, we are scheduled for early October.
I hope we are back in the swing of things
having just returned from Ch*na.

And on that note,
I got an email from our agency last night saying
that there was a mistake with our immigration stuff.
Honestly, I don't understand it at all.
All I know is that our coordinator apologized
several times in the email and said they will
continue to make daily phone calls to USCIS until
it is resolved.

I'm a bit stressed...yet I really don't know what it all means.
I am still clueless about all these new procedures
so I'm not sure what is going on.
I will call our agency first thing Monday morning.


Trusting the Lord. Trusting the Lord. Trusting the Lord.


allisyn said...

glad to see that Lucy's dentist appt went well....praying for your China trip to go smoothly as well :)

Mandi said...

I will be praying that you hear only good news regarding your TA.

I can't believe a Dentist's office had an ice cream machine in the middle of their office. Then again, I am sure it is good for repeat business.
Glad to hear things went well for the most part. As for Lucy's surgery, Mylee has had several adn amazes me how strong and resiliant she is.


Hezra said...

um, Lucy's dentists sounds a tad bit like she IS dipping into the laughing gas. lol I am glad it went well. I have a hole in one of MY teeth and I would like to see DR Jill and then be knocked out for my procedure. . . then go home with a balloon.

Jean said...

I am so glad it went so well!

Anna had the dental procedure in outpatient too- it went well. She is sporting 2 new front crowns!

Sorry about the TA- I'm glad your agency is on top of it and working hard for it to arrive ASAP! All the paperwork and procedures are all so confusing- ugh!

Praying for TA to arrive soon!

McNew Family said...

Oh, Lori! A mistake on the immigration paperwork?????? What on EARTH? Yes, God has it all under control, but you must hear MY heart thudding - let me know what you find out on Monday!!!!

Great to hear that Lucy did well at the dentist - good luck with the filling/cleaning/etc.

Sharon and Michael said...

Sorry about the "bad" teeth. I have one from China that way. The regular dentist is sending him to a pediatric one. :( What a bill we're facing! Thankfully, the other four have pretty good teeth or can handle the regular dentist doing what it takes without sedatives. I'm really sorry for the mishap with your adoption paperwork. Praying for a fast resolution! :) When it coems to dentist's salaries ... :) .... I already tell my kiddos that is the job to have. All the Fridays and holidays off and making a nice living. Wouldn't that be the sweet life? :) As far as getting used to kids going to surgery (we have a cleft child in the mix), it gets easier everytime.

Denise said...

Maggie has to have dental surgery next week...I will let you know how it goes. I am very nervous of her having to go under in a dentist office!!

Holly said...

I've heard that Ped. dentist offices are like that, but I didn't realize it was to that extent! Sounds interesting...

I'm glad it went well, and I am sorry about the little surgery. My Jacob had to have teeth pulled and fillings at 5 or 6 years old. It was horrifying for me, but he did great. I am sure she will too. :)

Oh how frustrating about your immigration stuff! I sure did like seeing that fed-ex lady today! I can feel that baby in my arms already! Let's just hang in there...

Karin said...

I'm glad things went well at the dentist. I'm so sorry to hear that sweet Lucy will have to have so much work done. (But truly, it IS a blessing to use the anesthesia when they have so many cavities.) Kate was done by noon and a few hours later was able to be up and playing. She had no pain at all...just felt really loopy for awhile (but that's because the little bugger woke up instantly from the anesthesia, rather than sleep it off in the hospital like most kids).

I sure hope you are able to find out what is happening with your immigration stuff--and that it won't delay you at all.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Marissa had 18 rotten teeth out of 20 when we got her. They too put her in the hospital to put her to sleep and do it all at once. It is so much better for them to do it like this, even with being asleep it took over 4 hours for them to fix all her teeth. She was totally fine after an hour in recovery eating jello and sprite.

Never fun to have your kids be put to sleep, but the alternative would not be pleasant for her. Marissa loves going to the dentist even though our pediatric dentist does not have an ice cream machine!

Tony and Rett said...

Awww...I'll be praying about the TA situation and Lucy's future appointment.

SO glad you got that first appointment over with!

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