Saturday, April 30, 2011

hotel life

I really don't know how these two aren't going completely
nutty being in the hotel room so much.
They do stroll around the island a lot, have met several other families,
and have eaten at Lucy's 3,246 times.
Actually, they have also ordered Papa John's and McDonald's, delivered.
Can you even imagine how delicious McD's would be after being delivered on a
bicycle from who-knows-how far away?
That's sick.

The fun of disposable hotel slippers.

And K-man has been pulling props out of his bag-o-tricks
a little at a time.
Much parenting experience has taught him well.
So yesterday was the day to reveal
the new shades.
And, boy oh boy, did he love them!!
Kel had a hard time getting his pic because he was jumping
up and down in excitement!
But...sadly, he has no nose to hold them in place.
They stay on better upside down.

But their time at the White Swan is drawing to an end.
On Tuesday they head to Zhengzhou, Henan to
meet Hao Hao.
Then back to Guangzhou on May 5.
Quick, I know.
But thankfully, they'll be staying at the Garden Hotel for the
duration of their trip.
Which will give them a whole new area to explore.

The countdown continues!

All week I've been looking forward to Saturday morning.
To not have to rush around taking care of school stuff is glorious.
And last night I was thinking,
"Gee, I sure wish I didn't have to get up and go clear to
the kitchen to get my coffee in the morning."

So as often happens when I have a brilliant idea,
my imagination set-sail and I
quickly devised a plan.
I dug out a little coffee maker we have,
put it in my bathroom, all set to go.
And all I had to do was push "On" and hot coffee would
be brewed...only a few steps away.
It was an amazing plan that was executed and completed
without a hitch.
A new habit is born.

I chuckled when I got this picture from Kel...

You see,
Little Dong Ji sat on the Waiting Child list for months
and months...and months.
I cringed each time I saw his happy little face
because I knew in my heart that the diagnosis that had him
there was scaring everyone away...and so he waited.
A very long time.
But I also knew that things weren't as they appeared.
I knew it in my heart and I also had confirmation
from a doctor who reviewed his file for us.
And I also knew...
that he was ours.

His diagnosis?
Spina Bifida.

Look back at that picture.
No, there's no Spina Bifida.

God is so good.

When I was skyping with my fellas last night,
Isaiah Jackster was having the greatest
time playing with his noodles.
Pouring them from one container to the next.
It's boring in a hotel room.
But if you think hard enough, you'll find something
to entertain you.

I think Little Guy is beyond ready for bed at this point.
But look how perky K-man looks.
Maybe because once tired boy goes to sleep,
his shift is over for the night!

Two weeks from today,
all three of my guys in China come home.

Two. weeks.


Oh how I pray they go by fast.

Friday, April 29, 2011

great job, honey!

It tickles me senseless when I see an email from
Kel with new pics.

It does this Mama's heart good.

Look at my little man Isaiah in
his Woody PJs.
Is he not 100% boy?
But...I think it's time to lose the Hitler-like haircut.
Note to K-man: take that child to get it fixed.

Sweetie pie.

He loves noodles.
Surprise, surprise.

Don't mess with me,
I'm eating.


I need to publicly say how very proud I am of
my hunky husband for the
amazing job he is doing.

When I skype with them and see how he is with Mr. Isaiah Jack Dong Ji,
I just watch in amazement.
He's got that little dude all figured out
and is quick to know his needs.

Once when we were skyping K said,
"OH! He's having a sad moment. I gotta go."

It is so sweet how quickly he tends to him.

He has such a great understanding of attachment.
Knows when to extend grace,
and when to stand firm.
He's so sweetly affectionate and loving.

He's been peed on.
Cleaned up diarrhea multiple times,
kept fever at bay,
rocked to sleep our reluctant boy,
knows exactly when Little Guy has food in
his mouth that he doesn't like and is
quick to extend his hand to help him rid of it.
Been kissed on the cheek,
is called Baba regularly.
And has amazingly handled everything else that has come along,
all without complaining at all.

But he has bragged about the kisses and Baba thing.

I'm so proud that my kids have him as their Dad.

Great job, Honey.
I'm very thankful for who you are.

a very good day

All conked out.
Little Fella goes to bed early,
and sleeps long and hard, all night long.

Probably because during the day he is super busy
doing stuff like this...
For those of you who have been here to adopt,
you no doubt recognize this box.
That's right, he saw the White Swan Barbie and tore
into it like nobody's business.
(And meticulously put each torn piece into the trash can. He may
be a tornado, but he's neat about it)
Oh and once he finally got to the Barbie...he was no longer

View from the room.K-man says he took this pic to prove that
he was in fact in China and not on a Hawaiian vacation.

But I think he took it to prove:

1. That he hasn't hurled himself out the window. Yet.
2. That he looks so dapper in his new shirt and no one there seems
to appreciate it.
3. That he figured out the timer on the camera.
4. That he hasn't hurled himself out the window yet.

And as of just a few minutes ago...Little Dude was curled up
in Daddy's arms settling down for bed.
He's feeling better.
And so is K-man.
(Emotionally, that is)

They seemed to have turned a corner,
are figuring each other out,
and doing really well.

We are now thinking that he will just stick it out by himself.
But we'll make a final decision this morning about
sending B over.

THANK YOU so much for praying.
It TOTALLY makes a difference.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

on the mend


The doctor at the hotel clinic said that Isaiah has strep
(though I don't think they did a throat culture),
so I suppose that explains a lot.

They gave him antibiotics, Benadryl, and some Chinese herbs.
For good measure.

he should be on the mend now.


please pray...

Hi guys.

I would sure appreciate your prayers right now.
Little Isaiah still has a fever,
itching, and just not himself
(not that we quite know what that is yet).
But my heart is so sad because I'm not there.

K-man is taking him to the doctor in less than an hour when
the clinic opens up.

Also...I am just about the pull the trigger on
booking a flight for Brenden to go
over to help him next week.
It's a tough decision because of money,
but we are thinking the benefits outweigh the cost.
Please pray that we make
a wise decision, that God would provide,
and that we get B's visa in time.

God is sovereign and in full control.

I'm so thankful for that.

mr. silly pants

A few pics for ya!

He loves him some congee.

Skimming through the paper.
And saggin' & draggin'.

No explanation needed.
I also have a photo exactly like this of K-Man.

Kelly (I get tired of calling him K-man sometimes, ya know?) called about 3am this morning
saying that Little Guy was scratching all
over (no rash...just scratching everywhere) and had a fever.
All I could think to do was have him give him
Benadryl and Tylenol.
But guess who forgot to pack the Benadryl?

Yes, that would be me.

I think Benadryl is the very first thing on the travel list
that is given to adoptive families.
And I neglected it.
In my brain, I had put it in the suitcase...but not in reality.

But I'm thinking K can snag some on the streets there
on Shamian Island.
It's the drug of choice for the crowd there.

But I'm so happy to tell you that I woke up this morning to hear that
his fever was gone and he was doing much better.
Maybe it was just stress.
Or bedbugs.

Please pray for my K...he's so worn out still from the time change
and Mister Silly Pants is giving him a whole new
dimension of tired.

I think getting Hao Hao will be a huge help to him!
Which will be May 3.

Gotta run for now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh wow.
We've got a live-wire on our hands!

This lil' fella is full of energy,
a huge eater, and stubborn.
Very stubborn.

Oh goodie.
That's okay...I'm broken in with that type.

Here are the long awaited pics...

First meeting!

How sweet is this?
I think they look alike!

Rice Krispy Treat!

Can't you just see the energy in his eyes?
Oh, boy.

Skyping is working GREAT.

He took the mic away from K-man and started singing me
a lovely Chinese ditty.
It was so adorable.

He readily says,
"I love Baba"
"I love Mama"
"I love Dong Ji!"
(His Chinese name)

And at one point during our conversation,
K-man said,
"He's buckled himself in his stroller and is happy with that...
I gotta use this time to run to bathroom!"

Sooooo funny!

Ok, I really gotta get my kiddos started on some schoolwork.
I'll report back later when I have time.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

all boy {busy}

Horribly picture, I know, but it's all I have at the moment.


Little Dong Ji is a busy, busy, busy little guy!
He readily repeated almost everything Kelly told him to say.
"I love you, Mama"
was my favorite. :)

He put his water bottle in the toilet while we were chatting.
Did I mention that he's busy?

They cut his hair so stinkin' short.
I knew they'd do that.
Oh well...he's a boy.

ALL boy, so says my hubby.

And solid as a rock.

Funny, his medical file said he was severely malnourished when
he first came to the orphanage.
I'd say they beefed him up quite nicely!
I just hope the clothes I sent fit him.

So my two guys are heading to Lucy's for some lunch.
And I need to calm down and go to sleep!

I should be able to post pics in the morning!

Night, night!

perfect and sturdy

Ok, so here's what I know so far, via text messages.

K-man said that Isaiah Jack is...
"a perfect and sturdy little boy."
Isn't that cute?
Such a manly way to describe him.

AND he said that he's doing great so far!

They are on their way back to the hotel right now
and I hope to skype with them soon!

I'll post pics as soon as I get them!

Oh and no worries on the camera cord...K's camera memory
card thingy just pops right into his computer.

I always worry for nothing.

More to follow...

As of right now...K-Man is sleeping soundly
and will awaken to the glorious breakfast buffet at the White Swan.
I'm *jealous*!

Oh and funny thing...
this morning I left Lucy in the kitchen alone to go brush my teeth...
I came back and she was on the computer skyping with her him.
He called and Lucy had the know-how to answer.
These kids these days!
But sadly, K's microphone on his computer wasn't working
so we couldn't hear him.
Please pray that it starts working, would you?!

In less five hours from now...he is meeting Isaiah Jack-ster!

Sniff, sniff.

I wish so much I was there.

And here's how my day went today:
Because I know you care.

Well, even if you don't...I'm telling you anyway.

All my grand plans to get projects done & such...
are well, a foggy dream at this point.

Keeping up with everyday life here is proving to be difficult.
(Ummm, it's only been a day and a half)

1. One of our TVs quit working.
Okay, not a big deal.
But, still.
(Honey, it's the kitchen TV...sound but no picture)

2. I found a dead chicken today.
I wanted to cry.
In fact, I did cry.
And tried to scoop it up with a shovel to get rid of it,
just like any good hard-working country girl
would, but I couldn't.
I just cried.
I love my chickens.

3. I found K-man's camera cord in a suitcase that he
decided not to take with him.
Hopefully he can buy one there.
Or I'll cry.

4. Well, as of right now...there is no #4.

And for that, I'm extremely thankfully.

I will keep you all updated!
Hopefully I can fill you in on all the gotcha day details late tonight!

Oh and one last thing.
I really really can't stress enough how much I appreciate
your encouraging comments and emails.
And the fact that you are praying is triggering an extra dose
of God's grace on me.
I'm sure of it.

Thank you, thank you!

not quite there yet...

As I type Dearest Manly-Man-K-Man
(I'm renaming him because he deserves an upgraded title)...
is still not quite to his final destination.


There was a change of plans rather last minute which meant he had to
go to Guangzhou just a couple hours after arriving in Beijing.
Which meant he didn't get to spend any time with our friends Bill and Lynsay.
We were all so bummed about that.
Really, really bummed.

But anyway, he texted me at 2AM to tell me he made it to Beijing and was working his way through the airport to get to his next flight.

Did I mention he is manly?

There was a huge blessing on his flight over the pond...
he had a window seat with two (count them)
empty seats next to him.
Glory be.
For those of you who have traveled to China before know
how it's usually packed like a semi full of cattle going to slaughter.

He was able to curl up and sleep like a lil' kitten.
A very manly kitten.

So thankful!!!!

He will arrive in GZ at about 9AM our time (central).
Then he'll meet his guide, Elsie (who was our guide when we got Lucy!)
and go to the White Swan Hotel.

Then gets our Little Dude on Wednesday at 10AM
(which is Tuesday 9PM our time).

Is anyone still reading this?

How am I doing?
Why, thank you for asking.
I did great yesterday until I saw my man's empty
spot at the dinner table.

Oh my heart.
I have this whole new appreciation for those of you whose
military husbands/sons leave for months at a time.
And for single moms.
Ya'll are super strong women, I tell ya.

I'm left with feeling so extremely thankful that my guy will
be back in just a couple weeks.

Okay, that's all for now. Just thought I'd update you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

it's go time

The obligatory packed luggage photo.
Which means, today is the big day.

Early (awfully early) this morning I dropped my man off
at the airport.

I know it's sickeningly sappy...
but we are both heart-sick to be apart for almost three weeks.

We will no doubt be one of those old couples where
the husband dies exactly one week after
his beloved wife...
because of his broken heart.

I know, I know.

I gotta stop it our I'll end up in tears.

Please, please pray that everything goes smoothly.
The itinerary is still up in the air
because of the holiday in China next week.

But back here at home...I have grand plans to get a
million and one things done around here.
And when I told my dear husband this he said,
"Soooo, me being here has been holding you back from
getting things done?"

Well, no.


Anyway, I just figured if I fill my time with tons of productivity,
the next few weeks will fly by.

Please say, right.

I will be blogging about his trip.
A blogger, he is not.

But don't you worry.
Auntie Lori will keep you informed.

Have a great day!

Is it May 14 yet?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

my good friday

I sure wish I could tell you that Good Friday brought
a much-needed spiritual awakening in me.

Deep things.

Even...semi-deep spiritual things.

But no.

Our day started early with Brenden getting his wisdom
teeth removed.

Which was quickly followed by this...

Though unable to talk, he was far from unable
to communicate.

And if you are having a hard time reading exactly what's there,
let me help you.

"When I tap cup, get Mom."
Which was his instructions to Lucy.
Like she could even be able to fully read and comprehend what he wrote.
She's 5.
But his cup-tapping system was his go-to way of
getting my attention.
Throughout the entire day.
Only because I didn't have a bell that he first requested.


"Could you ask Angela (our friend who is a nurse) if there is an
easier way to take pills while numb."
I just stared at him in pure disbelief.
Did he really think that anyone would have a brilliant solution
to him swallowing his pain pills, other than the traditional way?
Short of me standing on the other side of the room
with a blow-gun, propelling it into his half-open swollen gullet??

He wanted to know how to correctly spell narcotics.
I was proud that he cared about his spelling.
But who, in their right mind..who is on narcotics,
cares about spelling?

The day continued with other antics.

All the while,
here is what Nick was doing...

He used a half a loaf of bread...
trying to lure the chickens into the house.

Good heavens, people...somebody rescue me.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

monday morning

Flights are booked.

Monday morning.
K-man leaves MONDAY MORNING.
As in,
this coming Monday morning.

My brain is a whirling jello concoction of stress and anxiety.
I am SO not spontaneous and all this last-minute
stuff has me beat.

Oh and my dear sweet husband,
whom I've never been away from for more than a few
days in our entire married life,
is going to be on the other side of the world for
close to three weeks.

I can barely stand the thought of not having my
snoring teddy-bear beside me for that long.

Okay...I better go for now.
Lucy has been in front of the TV for the majority of the

And I suppose my family is going to insist on dinner.
They're funny that way.

packing, planning, packing planning {repeat}

We are still waiting to hear the details of our
in-China itinerary,
which will dictate WHEN K-man will leave next week.
It's a little trickier getting things ironed
out with two boys, in two different provinces,
and a Chinese holiday thrown in there.

I hope to have all the info we need to book flights this afternoon.

But...we definitely do know that they will arrive back home
on May 14.
B's Baccalaureate is May 22 and graduation is May 27.
Great timing.
Although I'm way nervous about a new 4 year old boy sitting
through the ceremonies.
You may need to remind me how badly I wanted to get our
fellas before the end of May.

So now I'm in a packing frenzy.
It's so fun!
And way easier than packing for girls.
Hair-care alone is freeing up an entire suitcase.

As we were heading to bed last night I started
to explain a few things I had packed to my traveling-man...
then said that I would wait to
go over everything later.

He said,
"Are you going to write a book for me on how everything should
be done in China?"

"No, honey...I'm putting together an instructional DVD."

He knows I'm not kidding.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

got it!

Well hello,
May 12 Consulate Appointment!


We got it.

And all is good.

Not the date we had first hoped for,
but I can already see how the timing is going to be great.

We still have a couple things to iron out before booking
flights...but we will hopefully
be able to pull the trigger on that this afternoon.


dangling {but God is good}

Thought I'd share with you this lovely photo
of some of my fellow adoptive friends and me.

Dangling in mid-air.

I'm super tired of this ride and I'm ready to get off.

We didn't get notice of our consulate appointment yesterday.
And I was in a snit all day.

But then,
I was quickly reminded of all the families
(Karin , Sally, Robyn...just to name a few)
whose children
are undergoing extreme medical stuff
and I realize that I have much to be thankful for.
So I'm overwhelmingly grateful that I'm anxiously waiting for
a simple consulate appointment,
and not a sobering test/procedure result.

God is good.
He knows me VERY well.
He knows what I need.
Which is usually a lesson or two in patience
(and various other things).

And He also knows what our consulate appointment is.

So, I sure do hope to be filled in on that this morning too.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

rows to hoe

First, this is my 1,000th post.
Just so you know.
Happy 1,000th Post to ME!


Lucy-girl has toys.
Lots of them.
But not too many, if ya know what I mean.

She has dolls.
Girly stuff.
The works.

But here is the sort of thing she loves most...

Take this child outside and give her a garden tool
and she's in hog-heaven.

Concentrated "play-time".



Yes, fun.

Serious, serious business.
I mean, fun.

Rows to hoe.
In the driveway.

Beautiful mind.
Beautiful imagination.
Beautiful girl.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the day I lost it {my mind}

I was recently going through old photos of Brenden for a
graduation presentation.

is what I muttered through it all.

Then I discovered it.

The very moment that I lost my mind...long, long ago:

With birthday cake candles up his nose.
And lighting them.

Can someone remind me again why I'm sad about him
growing up?

So my mind continues to be...lost.

Life is just easier that way.

Boys are fun.
And dangerous.
And terrifying.
And hilarious.
And dangerous.

And I'm getting two more.

The ride continues...

Friday, April 15, 2011

rollercoaster {cont'd}

I sure do wish I could tell you that our TA was safe and sound
in the loving arms of our agency.

But, no.

However, it IS on its way.
That has been confirmed.

SO, Monday (or Tuesday) it will arrive.
Next, we gotta get our CA.

Then, like the crazy people we are, we are going
to put K-man on a plane next Friday
morning...if it kills us.


Oh and Brenden is scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out
that day too.

So, you know...if you need me to babysit your kids
or wash your dog or something,
I'll be free in the afternoon.

No problem.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

john deere green {driving lesson #1}

TA update:
Things are in the works.
And things are moving fast.
More later.


I looked out the kitchen window this evening and
I had to do a double-take
when I saw Miss Macy whizzing by on the lawn mower.

I ditched my dishes, grabbed my camera
and dashed outside.

K-man deemed it the perfect time for her first driving lesson!

And as we can all see,
she thoroughly enjoyed herself.
And like any good teenage girl, she had the foresight
to match her footwear with her

What's not to love?
Sweet freedom!

Dad was proud.

Country life is treating this gal just fine.

brenden is at it again {so cool}

Hey, do you guys remember Brenden's really cool
that he made...of himself, playing
poker...with himself (himselves)?

This time,
he involved me in a little photography project
that he is submitting to an academic meet.

It was so fun doing this!

Without further delay,
I give you....

Super Mom

How fun is that!?

Truth be told,
that's actually really me zipping around the kitchen
so fast that he was able to capture
it all in one photo.

Very cool.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

charming smile {and other things}

Look what we got!

A picture of our little fella taken just last week
by another family.

He's the one smack-dab in the middle.

Look how healthy he looks!
I am SO at peace that everything is ok with him.
And I felt that even before seeing this.
God is good!

Will you also notice that he has written all over him,
cabinet-climbing, sofa-jumping,
chicken-chasing, pig-tail pulling, never-ever-ever stop
moving, then flash that charming smile...
and all is forgiven by mushy Mama?


Boy, oh BOY.

We are in for a treat!

I think I better bubble-wrap a few things around here.

Oh and I am SO THANKFUL for a family who is in China
right now who so very graciously asked their
guide to call and check on Isaiah for us.
She did and said he is FINE.
Several of the boys from the orphanage
had to go have minor surgery for
some "boy" issues.

I'm SO grateful that he is ok!!

PLEASE be sure to read my post below about Corrie if you haven't already!
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