Tuesday, April 26, 2011

all boy {busy}

Horribly picture, I know, but it's all I have at the moment.


Little Dong Ji is a busy, busy, busy little guy!
He readily repeated almost everything Kelly told him to say.
"I love you, Mama"
was my favorite. :)

He put his water bottle in the toilet while we were chatting.
Did I mention that he's busy?

They cut his hair so stinkin' short.
I knew they'd do that.
Oh well...he's a boy.

ALL boy, so says my hubby.

And solid as a rock.

Funny, his medical file said he was severely malnourished when
he first came to the orphanage.
I'd say they beefed him up quite nicely!
I just hope the clothes I sent fit him.

So my two guys are heading to Lucy's for some lunch.
And I need to calm down and go to sleep!

I should be able to post pics in the morning!

Night, night!


Susan A said...

awesome! :) can't wait when you get to finally meet him in person too. I guess he'll keep Lucy busy too! :)

Kim said...

OH YAY!!! I am so excited! Oh what a sweetie...I can't wait to see more pictures and follow along!


learningtogether said...

So glad I waited up for that first glimpse. He looks great! Hope you can catch a few minutes' rest.

Holly said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad I stayed up! : ) Can't wait for pictures!! : )

Robin said...

Hurray!!!! Congratulations to all of you, what a little sweetheart he is!

Patty said...

Love love love it!!!!!!!! So soooo excited! Keep the posts coming, this is great therapy for me....LOL....along with the P&W...

Kathy said...

He is so CUTE!!! Sounds like he is
going to keep his Daddy very busy.
Praying when it is time for bed he
sleeps well so DH can get a goodnight
sleep. You too! :)

Angie said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!! Your hubby is going to have so much fun just being boys over there. As for you...lock down the house. You have two more boys comin' home!! Yeah!!!!! Can't wait for more photos.

Kim K. said...

I can't wait to see your son and Lucy getting "busy" together. Continued blessings!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, he is so adorable! Thanks for posting a first picture. I bet you had a difficult time going to sleep! So happy for you all.

Love in Christ,
janet and gang

connie said...

Oh, Lori, I love it! I'm wondering, did you sleep :) :)
Can't wait to see more pix!

Annie said...

Yay for Skype!!! So glad you got to see that little face and hear about you very busy little boy! I can't wait to hear more! Sounds like your husband is doing a great job!! Don't worry about his hair, it will grow fast and I am sure that is the least of his transition worries. He is just beautiful.

Jennifer said...

YAY!!! I bet you wanted to climb through that screen and hug that precious boy!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!! :)

Cari said...

yay that u were able to skype!! and the water bottle in the toilet?...guess brendan and nick don't have to teach him anything...he already knows! lol

hope you were able to rest...congratulations mama !!!

Rachel said...

First thing on my mind when I woke up this morning!...He's a honey! So happy for you & your family!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Couldn't wait to look this morning!!! Now we just need a better photo, but taking the one ya posted for now!!! Love that he is perfect, busy and sturdy...sounds all boy!!!

Jean said...

Wooohooo- He is adorable!! I mean perfect and sturdy!

Congratulations!! Yay God!

Our little guy came to us with a buzz- looks like yours did too!

CAn't wait for more pics!!

Tracy said...

I bet you wanted to literally climb through that computer of yours too!! : ) He is soooo manly and strong looking...oh and very cute too. Cant wait to see more pictures and so happy hes in the arms of his Baba!

Tracy said...

ha ha lol...ok its early and I just got caught up on your blog and read that he is not manly and strong but perfect and sturdy....ok I will go with that too. LOL sorry its early. Regardles hes a cutie.

Anonymous said...

oh please keep us all posted!!! Praying for you at home and hubby and boys in China!

Melissa said...

So sweet !! Hope the time passes fast for you and they are home soon.

Tony and Rett said...


So glad!

And, FYI, it's morning.

Where are these pics???

Love ya!

quilt-n-mama said...

I was so excited to see this post. Glad they are together and that you got to chat with them! I am also glad that the camera card works in the computer:) Can't wait to see more pictures!
Praying friend.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Jack is precious!!!! Thank goodness for Skype....it is a wonderful thing!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Sean and Lisa said...

Tears...so happy to see him in his daddy's arms. So glad Skype worked too.
Praying for extra stamina for hubby to keep up with busy little guy. :)
So excited for you...
Much love!

Anonymous said...

When Bob went for Katie (14 months old) she was not only walking but RUNNING ! ! Everywhere, if he put her down for even a second she was gone , ha ha ! She only weighed 14 lbs . but she was mighty .. thankfully one of the families had a grandpa with them that was fast and when Bob needed to do paperwork , grandpa Bob took over Katie so they wouldn't lose her ..he still laughs about it and that was 10 years ago ! Your new son is sure a cutie , excited to hear about the trip ! ! ! Judy

Karin said...

Yay!!! So great to see him in K-Man's arms!! :) I'm kinda smirking about that busy boy thing. hehe I know. It's so wrong of me. But I really think every family needs a "Jakey." :)))))

Adrian Roberta said...

Loved waking up for this!!! I luv em' busy! Boys are so much fun!

Did you actually sleep? (-:

Chris said...

Yeah, he looks solid...no hair? doesn't need much washing.

water bottle in the toilet? umm well I'm sure K can handle that...he seems capable (to put it mildly)

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