Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dangling {but God is good}

Thought I'd share with you this lovely photo
of some of my fellow adoptive friends and me.

Dangling in mid-air.

I'm super tired of this ride and I'm ready to get off.

We didn't get notice of our consulate appointment yesterday.
And I was in a snit all day.

But then,
I was quickly reminded of all the families
(Karin , Sally, Robyn...just to name a few)
whose children
are undergoing extreme medical stuff
and I realize that I have much to be thankful for.
So I'm overwhelmingly grateful that I'm anxiously waiting for
a simple consulate appointment,
and not a sobering test/procedure result.

God is good.
He knows me VERY well.
He knows what I need.
Which is usually a lesson or two in patience
(and various other things).

And He also knows what our consulate appointment is.

So, I sure do hope to be filled in on that this morning too.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

You are literally in my prayers day & night. Trusting the one Who holds your heart & your boys as well. I'm cheering for you in this final stretch!!! You'll be separating laundry for a family of 8 before you know it! :)

klc112792 said...

I've been wondering how things are going.Still praying it all works out. Hang in there!

judy said...

I recently heard a speaker say " All we need to do is obey and God will take care of all the details " That statement has been such a help to me the last few weeks as we wait to see if my husband is one of the state workers being laid off in NY . Since we homeschool ,his is the only income , but we are obeying the Lord as best we can and waiting , He will take care of all the details .. it sure is easier said than done , but I will be praying for you all at this time , and in His time all the details will be worked out . Praying , Judy Weniger

Stacy said...

Thinking of you often!
I'll be praying the you get a CA appt. VERY SOON!!

Loving your blog. : )
Can't wait to see you get those boys home.


Shonni said...

Praying for you as you wait on the LORD and His perfect will.

Madeleine said...


UGH, I remember waiting. And waiting. And then waiting. And then you get a phone call, the one you have been waiting for, and they ask you to wait some more.

HAHA! This Congonese adoption is totally different. They tell you upfront, it will be a mess and just deal with it. There is no time frame, there is no semi guarantees, just a little girl in the end. So we, too, wait. It sure is nice having something else to think about during this time.

Like a grandbaby. <3 :D

Elissa said...

Do you read the devotional Jesus Calling? It's SO good and every other day seems to be about constantly releasing things back to God. Not that I have a problem with that... :) (and no NVC letter today either.... release... release...) :)

I am almost more ready for you to get off this ride than I am myself! That said, there's no one I'd rather be upside down with. I will totally hold your hair if you need to be sick! ;)

Adrian Roberta said...

Judy's post really tugged at my heart here.....but she's right, all in God's timing. Thinking of you sweetie and excited for the next season of your life (and mine!)

trustandobey said...

You are a fun mom to get on that horrible ride in the first place!!!
Just wanted you to know that I needed a chuckle today and your post on Karin's blog supplied it. Thanks!

Karin said...

Oh man, I am so sorry you are still waiting for that last pesky detail. It's so hard to wait and wonder. Praying it comes soon and you can get K-man on a plane.

Thanks for the shout-out. :) I looked at your other friends' blogs. Wow...the halo traction was amazingly difficult looking.

Hopefully tomorrow you will get some good news! :)

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