Saturday, April 30, 2011

All week I've been looking forward to Saturday morning.
To not have to rush around taking care of school stuff is glorious.
And last night I was thinking,
"Gee, I sure wish I didn't have to get up and go clear to
the kitchen to get my coffee in the morning."

So as often happens when I have a brilliant idea,
my imagination set-sail and I
quickly devised a plan.
I dug out a little coffee maker we have,
put it in my bathroom, all set to go.
And all I had to do was push "On" and hot coffee would
be brewed...only a few steps away.
It was an amazing plan that was executed and completed
without a hitch.
A new habit is born.

I chuckled when I got this picture from Kel...

You see,
Little Dong Ji sat on the Waiting Child list for months
and months...and months.
I cringed each time I saw his happy little face
because I knew in my heart that the diagnosis that had him
there was scaring everyone away...and so he waited.
A very long time.
But I also knew that things weren't as they appeared.
I knew it in my heart and I also had confirmation
from a doctor who reviewed his file for us.
And I also knew...
that he was ours.

His diagnosis?
Spina Bifida.

Look back at that picture.
No, there's no Spina Bifida.

God is so good.

When I was skyping with my fellas last night,
Isaiah Jackster was having the greatest
time playing with his noodles.
Pouring them from one container to the next.
It's boring in a hotel room.
But if you think hard enough, you'll find something
to entertain you.

I think Little Guy is beyond ready for bed at this point.
But look how perky K-man looks.
Maybe because once tired boy goes to sleep,
his shift is over for the night!

Two weeks from today,
all three of my guys in China come home.

Two. weeks.


Oh how I pray they go by fast.


Cari said...

Ah, Lori! You are one smart cookie...that coffee set up is pure can have your morning cup of java and use the bathroom all at the same!

The last picture of baba and son is so precious. I bet you can't wait to stare at his precious little face while he is sleeping {Isaiah's too...hehe}.

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad all is going well!!!

I think I may have to steal your coffee idea. Oh just the thought of smelling it brew as I take my last few moments to snuggle and pray in bed before my feet hit the floor. Now, that is pure genius my friend and why I am such a faithful follower of your blog!!

Jennifer said...

Yup, stealin' the coffee idea! :) Genius!
Isaiah looked SO sleepy in that picture! He wears himself out daily! :) How many more days until Elijah joins the crew? :)

mom2-4boys said...

Oh Lori what great pictures!! He is absolutely beautiful. I love the mischief in a little boys eyes!!! They have a certain sparkle don't you think?
Oh, I cannot wait to hear the Lucy and Isaiah Jack stories!!! I am sure they to will be filled with a few sparks!!!

Hugs and prayers,


Ann Marie said...

So glad they are settling in together. I've pondered the same thing with my coffee maker...hmmmmmmm.

Melissa said...

God is good !! Praying your two weeks go by super fast !!

Angela said...

So sweet! I love that last picture. So close to sleepy time for your little guy.

David and Janet Hurley said...

I don't drink coffee, can you come up with a plan to start the sweet tea (on ice, with straw)coursing thru my veigns before I get out of bed?
Looks like one guy found the benadryl, and one guy found a Mountain Dew=)

Jean said...

I am lovin your updates and pics!!

Enjoy your new habit!! Just wondering what your gonna come up with next!

Susan A said...

I love how God gives you the knowing about Dong Ji :)

Loved your updates and glad to hear that everything's going well :) praise the Lord!!

Holly said...

E's neurosurgeon said that she has a mild version of spina bifida and he said that as much as 10 PERCENT of the general population has a mild form of SB that will never even be detected and does not need surgical intervention!!
Not sure why your son got that diagnosis but wanted to share this hopefully to encourage you :)
Blessings as you wait....

Adeye said...

What a sweetie, sweetie, sweetie pie :) I KNOW you're aching to get your arms around that little fella....and the big one too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking there must not have been room on the nightstand.....

Mia said...

Love the pictures...
I love noodles too...
I had twice eating noodles for breakfast when I had a cold...but it really made me feel better...

Joanne Reddell said...

♥ the picture of Kel with Isaiah!! Super adorable!!

Couldn't sleep in the early morning hours again so I was praying for your guys in China. It seems that they're doing well. Can't wait for Elijah to join the mix!

Sending you ♥ from Durango!!

Kathy said...

Love the pictures! So happy for answered
prayer. Kman is doing awesome with your
precious little guy. Pray the two wks. go by
fast for you and not to fast for us. I have
waaaaay to much to do! I am in panic mode!

connie said...

You are so stinkin' smart! And if your precious children knew just how awesome you are, they'd deliver your java right to you :)
I love the pictures, and I love the way God brought Isaiah to your family, calming your fears and removing your doubts. He is so very good!

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