Friday, April 29, 2011

great job, honey!

It tickles me senseless when I see an email from
Kel with new pics.

It does this Mama's heart good.

Look at my little man Isaiah in
his Woody PJs.
Is he not 100% boy?
But...I think it's time to lose the Hitler-like haircut.
Note to K-man: take that child to get it fixed.

Sweetie pie.

He loves noodles.
Surprise, surprise.

Don't mess with me,
I'm eating.


I need to publicly say how very proud I am of
my hunky husband for the
amazing job he is doing.

When I skype with them and see how he is with Mr. Isaiah Jack Dong Ji,
I just watch in amazement.
He's got that little dude all figured out
and is quick to know his needs.

Once when we were skyping K said,
"OH! He's having a sad moment. I gotta go."

It is so sweet how quickly he tends to him.

He has such a great understanding of attachment.
Knows when to extend grace,
and when to stand firm.
He's so sweetly affectionate and loving.

He's been peed on.
Cleaned up diarrhea multiple times,
kept fever at bay,
rocked to sleep our reluctant boy,
knows exactly when Little Guy has food in
his mouth that he doesn't like and is
quick to extend his hand to help him rid of it.
Been kissed on the cheek,
is called Baba regularly.
And has amazingly handled everything else that has come along,
all without complaining at all.

But he has bragged about the kisses and Baba thing.

I'm so proud that my kids have him as their Dad.

Great job, Honey.
I'm very thankful for who you are.


Janet and Kevin said...


Your posts about Kelly and your little fella are making me alternate between laughing and crying. They are just so touching in a sweet, funny way. So like you!

It is a dance at first, isn't it - this amazing thing called attachment and bonding in adoption. A back and forth in steps, a give and take. Wow! The view from the hotel room - that brings back so many memories for those of us who have been there doing that adoption dance.

We are so proud of Kelly and all of you as you navigate your way through your newest adoption journeys. Continuing to lift you all in prayer and thinking of you often. Thank you for updating so much as I rush to the computer to see what is happening now each time I come back into the house - a true adoption addict!

Love from Indiana
janet and gang

Sally-Girl! said...

We are lucky woman and our children are lucky kids to have the baba's they have!!!

Good Job K-man!!!

Kim K. said...

I have happy tears for your family. Keep up the good job, K-man!

Jennifer said...

And now you've got me tearing up. Girl, you're so good with words and I love reading your posts about K and Isaiah! Awesome, awesome, awesome! :)

Difference2This1 said...

Congratulations on boys in hand!! Yea for another Daddy going on the pickup trip! My husband returned last week with our two and it was the BEST thing ever that he went...he so "gets it" how much work the Mama puts in to remember to pack diaper bags, snacks, ex clothes, etc, etc. It has been exhausting since boys x2 have come home, but SO much better with a partner who got to know them so well before coming home!! Get some rest now....'cause it looks like yours are gonna keep you plenty busy. EXHAUSTING!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

Adeye said...

How blessed you are to have such an awesome hubby and GREAT Daddy. There are not many men around who would travel to the other side of the world to adopt TWO kids on his own:) No way! I would also be proud!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, I'm just tearing up!! K-man is such a great dad!! We have one of those here too.
Umm, your not all ocd about his hair? As in, only you can fix it?!! I'm impressed!!

Rachel said...

beautiful! LOVE the pjs!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, life got crazy around here, and I am just now checking in again. Congratulations on the newest member of your family. He is precious!

I'm impressed with Kelly and how he is taking it all in stride. Going to China on your own is not for the faint of heart. It was stressful enough for me with my husband and parents with me. So glad that God is giving all of you the grace to handle the separation.

Love the pictures!

Jean said...

AWWWWwwwww- that is so sweet!! What a great Dad!!

What a wonderful bonding experience!!

Have you decided if he will continue on his own or you will send Brenden? Sounds like K-man is doing a great job!!

Shonni said...

This is so absolutely sweet!!! What a husband and daddy!! Praise the LORD for men like him.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Peed on and cleaned up diarrhea! WOW! and not complained, super WOW, he has a Superman shirt on, doesn't he.
So are you calling him Isaiah?

Angela said...

What an example of selfless love. Just when I think your family couldn't possibly get any more amazing, there you go and prove me wrong again. Praying all continues to go well!

Karin said...

Gosh...girl, so sorry I've been outside today playing in the bright sunshine instead of reading your blog. Ya posted 3 times and I didn't know. Sniff, sniff...

SOOOOOOO glad to know that Isaiah will be feeling better now. That shot of 'grumpy bug' cracked me up. Ohhh, if looks could kill. haha So glad to hear how well Kelly is doing today. He looks much better.

connie said...

I'm so proud of your hubby too! He's doing an amazing job!!! And so are you! It's such a treat watching your journey, sweet friend!

Tony and Rett said...


If Blogger had a "Like" button, I'd press it 10 times!

Annie said...

You are really blessed to have a husband who can take this on! He is doing a great job!

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