Friday, April 29, 2011

a very good day

All conked out.
Little Fella goes to bed early,
and sleeps long and hard, all night long.

Probably because during the day he is super busy
doing stuff like this...
For those of you who have been here to adopt,
you no doubt recognize this box.
That's right, he saw the White Swan Barbie and tore
into it like nobody's business.
(And meticulously put each torn piece into the trash can. He may
be a tornado, but he's neat about it)
Oh and once he finally got to the Barbie...he was no longer

View from the room.K-man says he took this pic to prove that
he was in fact in China and not on a Hawaiian vacation.

But I think he took it to prove:

1. That he hasn't hurled himself out the window. Yet.
2. That he looks so dapper in his new shirt and no one there seems
to appreciate it.
3. That he figured out the timer on the camera.
4. That he hasn't hurled himself out the window yet.

And as of just a few minutes ago...Little Dude was curled up
in Daddy's arms settling down for bed.
He's feeling better.
And so is K-man.
(Emotionally, that is)

They seemed to have turned a corner,
are figuring each other out,
and doing really well.

We are now thinking that he will just stick it out by himself.
But we'll make a final decision this morning about
sending B over.

THANK YOU so much for praying.
It TOTALLY makes a difference.


Cari said...

ugh! my blog is having some issues and is not always updating my blog list until much later after people i just caught up on Isaiah's health concern. I'm glad that things seem to be turning for the better for both of your guys. I'm praying for Kelly's emotional and physical strength because that's a HUGE mission for anyone to get through and still feel sane at the end of the two/three weeks! Yes, the fact that "he hasn't hurled himself out the window yet" shows his will to survive...haha!

Robyn said...

I am following along closely and praying every step. I am so excited to see Isaiah with his dad and that he is feeling better. He is so super cute!! Big hugs to you!!

Hezra said...

So sorry for not commenting before now. I am so sorry things have been so CRAZY for K. Poor lil fella having strep, and poor big fella! What a way to meet your new son... alone and with him sick!? yikes. I am praying here, and the kids are too. We are all super excited for you and your family, HEY!! It is Friday! A whole week done!? Wahoo!!

Tony and Rett said...

I look away from my computer for TWO MINUTES! TWO MINUTES! And it all falls apart!

I am so thankful he's turned a corner and K-man is not splattered on the Hawaiian, I mean China's streets below.

Seriously, I'm praying that Little Man continues to heal. Both physically and emotionally.

Let me know what I can do to help!

Robin said...

I'm so glad things are looking better for them both today. You've got a couple of rockstars there Lori.

Holly said...

So glad that man hasn't hurled himself out the window yet!!

Soooo glad things are going better. God is good! Still praying! And Sarah would have done the same thing--tore into the box and left the Barbie. ; )

Donna said...

Awww. So glad both of your guys are doing better! Still praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for all .. I told you a day or so ago about our Katie and the run she gave Bob .. he lost 15 lbs in the two weeks . Not only was she active, VERY , but she got very sick and took every min. of his time . Bob understands totally what your husband is going thru and we pray .. thankful he hasn't hurled himself out a window , Bob says it did sound like a good idea at the time !

Marie-Claude said...

Sorry for not giving my congratulations before, I was out all week (computer free week vacation) but I'm back and had to run to read and see your good news. Your little guy looks simply adorable and your hubby is doing an outstanding job, but he must be soooo tired! I am praying for a healthy stay in China for your little boy but specially for your hubby and thank you for keeping us in the loop!


Anonymous said...

Is K-man watching the Royal Wedding?!?! Looks like it!!! Ha ha ha!

David and Janet Hurley said...

I am so glad Jack is better.
He REALLY does look like K-man.
I hope the meds continue to work for him. Looks like he sacked out just in time for K-man to watch the royal wedding....I know he was glued to the screen.

Kathy said...

So glad your little man is feeling
better. God is so good!

Wife of the Pres. said...

GREAT update. I love your posts. You are so funny even with the serious stuff!

Bless little man's heart. And so thankful he is feeling better.

And that Barbie ... too funny!

Here's to next week!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Lori! What an adorable little man you have there!!! Oh my goodness gracious! Those cheeks are to die for! I've finally had a chance to sit down and catch up on the journey so far and OH MY! I am so glad little man is feeling better and that daddy is feeling better as well! I will pray for continued healing and that all things go smoothly. My heart soars for you!!! :)

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