Saturday, April 30, 2011

hotel life

I really don't know how these two aren't going completely
nutty being in the hotel room so much.
They do stroll around the island a lot, have met several other families,
and have eaten at Lucy's 3,246 times.
Actually, they have also ordered Papa John's and McDonald's, delivered.
Can you even imagine how delicious McD's would be after being delivered on a
bicycle from who-knows-how far away?
That's sick.

The fun of disposable hotel slippers.

And K-man has been pulling props out of his bag-o-tricks
a little at a time.
Much parenting experience has taught him well.
So yesterday was the day to reveal
the new shades.
And, boy oh boy, did he love them!!
Kel had a hard time getting his pic because he was jumping
up and down in excitement!
But...sadly, he has no nose to hold them in place.
They stay on better upside down.

But their time at the White Swan is drawing to an end.
On Tuesday they head to Zhengzhou, Henan to
meet Hao Hao.
Then back to Guangzhou on May 5.
Quick, I know.
But thankfully, they'll be staying at the Garden Hotel for the
duration of their trip.
Which will give them a whole new area to explore.

The countdown continues!


Shonni said...

Getting closer!!!!!

Rachel said...

funny stuff - Elsie told us that the one of the most often performed surgeries for women (and men I would guess)from southern China is to add bone to make a bridge for the upper nose. Gracie has the same sunglasses problem! I thought at first it was a cleft thing, but Elsie said she struggles w/it too! :)

Kathy said...

Love the shades! I had Jaden try
Chloe's on to see if we could get
some to work.
McDonald's delivered? Oh yum!
One week over! Yay!!!

Jean said...

McDonalds delivered- oh my! Yuck!
I am sure they gobbled it up just fine ;-)

So excited to have them meet Elijah!! WooHooo!!

Can't wait to see pics of th three of them together!!

Love the bag of tricks adea!! Emma and Ellie plowed through everything at once it was chaotic! We held off a few things with Sam and Ava- it was much better!!

klc112792 said...

glad things are going well!

Jennifer said...

Elijah is SO cute!!! :)
Can't wait for them to meet big brother! Then K will have two more hands to help wrangle the little one. :)
So....White Swan or Garden? Which one's your favorite?

Elissa said...

I just realized Kelly's in the same travel group as my blog friend Kris and her daughter Rachel, who is Hope's bff from the orphanage!! Small world. I told her to go tell Kelly that he played a part in getting her daughter's bff home, without even knowing it! He will love that I'm sure :) Anyway, she's traveling solo too, and has a 4 yr old at home if he needs help (not that he does. Clearly) :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh he is going to LOVE the Garden Hotel. I so love it better than the WS. There is a trust mart up the street. I can give him directions if he wants. There is a yummy Italian Restaurant across the street. A very good bakery right out the back door across the street. Lots of places to walk and see China not the island. We loved it!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Don't you wish all provinces were as fast as Henan, we went on a Monday, signed papers on a Tues, and left on Wed.
You did not stay at the Garden with Macy--did you?
The boys wil love the extra space.

Tony and Rett said...

For some reason, the song, "I will Survive!" keeps playing through my head. I'm not sure if it is your anthem or K-mans?

"Ohhhh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive!

I will survive! I will survive! Hey hey!"

Annie said...

All I can say is that is one cute little guy!! What a face!! I can see also that he is going to keep you all on your toes!!

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