Monday, May 2, 2011

plunger in my kitchen sink

So sorry I didn't post anything this morning.
No new pics from Kel so I just didn't have any good blog material.
Ya know?

However, I did have a photo-op here at home when
one of Lucy's little plastic cups got stuck,
down into the garbage disposal.
Are you following this?

It took exactly three of us to shimmy it out,
after using a plunger.
Yes, a plunger.
In my kitchen sink.

I didn't take pics.
But I'm pretty sure you get the visual.

I got an unexpected skype call from my Honey a little while ago.
I love that man.
He and Isaiah were getting ready to leave the hotel
and head to the airport.

They will arrive in Henan at 11:30am (their time),
which is 10:30pm our time.
Yes, I think that's right.

Then...he gets Hao Hao (Elijah) sometime in the afternoon,
which will be early Tuesday morning here.

I hope to wake up early to a wonderful skype conversation!

I will keep you posted as I get info!


Chris said...

I'm sure your kitchen sink is OK even w/ a plunger in it...they say the toilet isn't all that dirty...just sayin'

I'm thinking that Kelly is going to get a lot of double takes as he shepherds 2 Chi*ese boys through the airports

Stacy said...

Lori! I can't wait for HaoHao (Elijah)!!
What orphanage is he from again?

(Been there with the plastic cup in the garbage disposal) : )

David and Janet Hurley said...

We had a sink mess today when little blind boy tried to wash his hand upstairs all alone. Hours later I found a sink, with stopper in, full of water, a countertop full of water, dripping onto the floor, and 2 sopping wet least he tried.

Jennifer said...

Oh boy, I've caught a cup in our disposal opening...too many times. :) Those little cups are the perfect size. Needle nose pliers work like a charm! ;)

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