Thursday, April 21, 2011

packing, planning, packing planning {repeat}

We are still waiting to hear the details of our
in-China itinerary,
which will dictate WHEN K-man will leave next week.
It's a little trickier getting things ironed
out with two boys, in two different provinces,
and a Chinese holiday thrown in there.

I hope to have all the info we need to book flights this afternoon.

But...we definitely do know that they will arrive back home
on May 14.
B's Baccalaureate is May 22 and graduation is May 27.
Great timing.
Although I'm way nervous about a new 4 year old boy sitting
through the ceremonies.
You may need to remind me how badly I wanted to get our
fellas before the end of May.

So now I'm in a packing frenzy.
It's so fun!
And way easier than packing for girls.
Hair-care alone is freeing up an entire suitcase.

As we were heading to bed last night I started
to explain a few things I had packed to my traveling-man...
then said that I would wait to
go over everything later.

He said,
"Are you going to write a book for me on how everything should
be done in China?"

"No, honey...I'm putting together an instructional DVD."

He knows I'm not kidding.


Susan A said...

It's awesome, K-man will be there for Brenden's graduation... the Lord did answer prayers, halleluYah! :) :)

Tony and Rett said...


LOVE your sense of humor. Oh wait, you really WEREN'T kidding!?!?!

Tesseraemum said...

YEA!! And you were worried!!!
If your husband is like mine he will "lose" the manual..Just be prepared!! Its a man trip. Just try to put the thoughts out of your head!! Just be prepared to scrub the fellas within an inch of their lives when they get home!! He will feed them and get them on the plane that's all you can count on!! HEE HEE!!

Madeleine said...

LOL. It is a shame we women know it all. We can't help it. And yet, somehow the guys make things work out anyway.

And that drives us nuts. lol.

SO very happy he will be home for the ceremonies. And a 4 year old boy having to sit still...


Life is good.

Tracy said...

Im still laughing on your last little note at the end. Your too funny Lori. I love it!
Didnt get a chance to tell you because things around my house have been less then quiet, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Their coming home...woot woot! : )

Laurie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How awesome is our God to work out all of the details for you!!!! All to comfort your heart. I don't doubt God will take care of both ceremonies and a new 4 year old as well. Again, Congratulations!!! How so exciting for you all.

Adrian Roberta said...

LOL! See if you can find an 'earpeice' that he can just wear while in China, then you can instruct him moment by moment!

Holly said...

I'm laughing because it's probably TRUE!!
Honestly, I think it would be equally yet differently challenging if my hubby went alone....I would be right there with you- DVD instructions :) And I would sent a printed and laminated book as well.
Ha ha ha!
That spunky 4 year old is going to play quietly with some creative things you will bring in a bag during graduation. You'll see :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

The DVD is a great idea. Does he have a player, where he can watch it over and over on the plane?!
I can relate, fellow control freak.
Cook and bake and sew something cute with the girls to take your mind of did Jack put on clean underwear (or dirty) after his bath;), are they eating fruit, or just donuts for breakfast?.......OOPS- didn't mean to give you more to worry about!

Nicole A. said...

Yay! Packing must feel so good - finally!

If your husband is anything like mine, you might want to wait until closer to the trip to tell him anything, and then repeat it a few times, then quiz him on it, then give him a cheat sheet to refer to. Then maybe he will remember the important parts. ;)

Good luck!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

connie said...

I will gladly drive up there and help you entertain lil man during graduation!!! Oh wait, with my krew in tow that wouldn't really help. But it would be FUN!

Jean said...

I bet your new guys will be great at graduation!! We're surprised at how long Sam can sit!!
I bet Isaiah will be the same way! Crazy in China (sorry K-man) but more calm once home!! well, kinda more calm ;-)

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