Thursday, April 21, 2011

monday morning

Flights are booked.

Monday morning.
K-man leaves MONDAY MORNING.
As in,
this coming Monday morning.

My brain is a whirling jello concoction of stress and anxiety.
I am SO not spontaneous and all this last-minute
stuff has me beat.

Oh and my dear sweet husband,
whom I've never been away from for more than a few
days in our entire married life,
is going to be on the other side of the world for
close to three weeks.

I can barely stand the thought of not having my
snoring teddy-bear beside me for that long.

Okay...I better go for now.
Lucy has been in front of the TV for the majority of the

And I suppose my family is going to insist on dinner.
They're funny that way.


Patty said...

Well it might be good for you to get adjusted to not sleeping with your big teddy bear since we have our reservations in the funny farm all good to go. This will make your adjustment there so much easier. :) So happy for you, really...LOL!!!

connie said...

i know it's fast, but ya'll can do this! we are so excited to follow along. and i'm with patty...

Stacy said...

I am SO excited for your boys to be home!!
Is K-man blogging for us while in China?

Like you......I would be making an instructional DVD!!


Sally-Girl! said...

So cool you have a date!!!! OH my this time will pass quickly and then you will have two more boys in the house!!!!

Will your DVD be in Chinese as well as English??

RJ said...

Hooray! Sooo excited! I just went through the hubby being away and the time was made bearable by the excitement of what's to come! Can't believe how smoothly it actually went! Blessed times!

Jennifer said...

Yippee skippeee!!!!! So excited for you guys!!! HUGS!

Karen said...

So happy you have a departure date!!! You are so close to having 2 more precious boys home!! Congratulations!!

Cari said...

monday?! how crazy fast is that! I'm so excited for your family and hope your husband emails you pics to post to your blog!!!

what a fun summer to look forward to this year with SIX kids!

Jean said...

That is quick!! Wow!! I've never been away from my hubby for more than a few nights too- I'm here if ya need me! I even snore!

God bless your sweet man!! Going to China to get your boys! No doubt you have him all set to go!!

Wooo Hooo- soon you'll be a family of 8- wow!!

Make sure he takes pics and emails them to you!! Your fans need to see the boys!!

Melissa said...

So exciting. Praying for you all.

Holly said...

WOW...Monday!!!! Amazing! He's an on-time God, isn't He?! We will be praying for everyone. Are you sad you're not going? I know there are pluses and minuses either way, but I think I would be really sad to miss it. Anyway, I do hope that K-Man blogs along the way!

codyssister1 said...

THIS MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD! and Miss M is asleep. thanks for that!
"And way easier than packing for girls.
Hair-care alone is freeing up an entire suitcase"

and assuming K will send you updates and YOU will be keeping all of us updated as K sends stories and progress while in China?

ran into Eric and he said B's SR pics are fantastic, make sure you send me the link when he has them posted

Our God is an awesome God!

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