Saturday, April 23, 2011

my good friday

I sure wish I could tell you that Good Friday brought
a much-needed spiritual awakening in me.

Deep things.

Even...semi-deep spiritual things.

But no.

Our day started early with Brenden getting his wisdom
teeth removed.

Which was quickly followed by this...

Though unable to talk, he was far from unable
to communicate.

And if you are having a hard time reading exactly what's there,
let me help you.

"When I tap cup, get Mom."
Which was his instructions to Lucy.
Like she could even be able to fully read and comprehend what he wrote.
She's 5.
But his cup-tapping system was his go-to way of
getting my attention.
Throughout the entire day.
Only because I didn't have a bell that he first requested.


"Could you ask Angela (our friend who is a nurse) if there is an
easier way to take pills while numb."
I just stared at him in pure disbelief.
Did he really think that anyone would have a brilliant solution
to him swallowing his pain pills, other than the traditional way?
Short of me standing on the other side of the room
with a blow-gun, propelling it into his half-open swollen gullet??

He wanted to know how to correctly spell narcotics.
I was proud that he cared about his spelling.
But who, in their right mind..who is on narcotics,
cares about spelling?

The day continued with other antics.

All the while,
here is what Nick was doing...

He used a half a loaf of bread...
trying to lure the chickens into the house.

Good heavens, people...somebody rescue me.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh for heavens sake...I can SO relate...its just refreshing when someone puts my everyday in a place that we can all laugh about it!!!!!!!! TOO funny!! More jewels in your crown, sista, more jewels in your crown!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter swears Pill Glide Swallowing Spray helps her swallow pills. I bought it at Walgreens for about $5 I think. They carry it in grape and strawberry flavors. You just squirt in 2-4 squirts then take meds as usual. Hope he is feeling better soon!

Chris said...

Tell him there is always a needle! They use the back side for that.

I hope the bread was stale...good bread is wasted on chickens.

Are you sure you shouldn't just go along w/ K-man to bring home the boys?

Holly said...


Shonni said...

I am laughing so hard....this is so funny!!!

Adeye said... have the funniest boys! I cannot wait to see how the next two are going to fit in :)

Sooooooooo excited for you!

So, did the chicken make it into the house??? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell your man/child there is something called suppositories that is a method for handling pain, nausea, etc.!!!!

Joanne Reddell said...


Never, ever, ever a dull moment at your house....can't wait to see how things will be with your new boys!!!

And, must know, did the chicken get lured in????!!!

Nicole A. said...

Two more, Lori. You have TWO MORE boys coming soon! More fun on the way!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Cari said...

sorry to burst your bubble, Lori, but there's no rescue coming in the near future, in fact, my magic ball {if i had one} shows that you have two more coming that will quickly join in with the "Brendan & Nick" run now while you have a chance! :)

Angie said...

All I can do is chuckle...'cause ya a few more'll have two more funny boys imitating their funny big brothers!!

Jennifer said...

Hahahahaha! Never a dull moment, huh? :)

Susan A said...

I have trouble swallowing pills, they always go the other way (no kidding)... you can always get them in liquid form :)

Karin said...

Oh my gosh...I am cracking up!! Like seriously LAUGHING!!! Those notes from Brendan were priceless. You have to save that and put it in his baby book. :) As for the chickens...I didn't know you could lure them with bread. bahahahaha...

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Bahahahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOUR FAMILY! Can you adopt me when I move back???

Matilda Joyce said...

Happy Easter :) Thanks for the laughs!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

There is no rescue in sight for you, I am afraid! :) Hee, hee!

On another note - with the a soon-to-be added new sons! I will be looking forward to reading about your husband's adventures in Ch*na each day with your new sons!

janet and gang

Jean said...

Haha! He is a funny boy!! Never a dull moment in your house!!

Happy Easter! (At least I hope it is!) keep the narcotics coming and it will be! ;-)

Charissa said...

LOL! That is so funny! I love your kids Lori!

Tony and Rett said...

YOWZA...never a dull moment.

Praying for's going to be a big one.

Mandi said...

Okay, I am seriously laughing out loud. Your boys are just too much. Just think, you are about to add two more to the mix. Praying for you...

Hezra said...

Just so you know, I save your blog for Monday mornings, because I hate Monday's and you make me giggle. Or literally laugh out loud. Your guys are SO funny, and again, SO remind me of bigger versions of my older two guys. Swallowing pain pills... hmm, crush and slurp through a straw?? Applesauce? That works for the 6 yr old here. Luring chickens into the house. lol, Elijah is waiting for the chicks to grow here. Why? So he can "chase chickens to my heart's delight." While I love that he uses words like delight, tormenting chickens making him happy?? Not so great. My poor chicks.
Sorry for the big fella's obvious pain. Maybe ice packs tied to his head on either side? and if he resorts to that?? TOTALLY get a picture. lol

Holly said...

giggling uncontrollably. Oh how I needed that. You are one blessed woman! (Mama and wife!)
Thanks for sharing. What a fun fun bunch of kiddos the Lord has blessed you with!

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