Thursday, April 28, 2011

mr. silly pants

A few pics for ya!

He loves him some congee.

Skimming through the paper.
And saggin' & draggin'.

No explanation needed.
I also have a photo exactly like this of K-Man.

Kelly (I get tired of calling him K-man sometimes, ya know?) called about 3am this morning
saying that Little Guy was scratching all
over (no rash...just scratching everywhere) and had a fever.
All I could think to do was have him give him
Benadryl and Tylenol.
But guess who forgot to pack the Benadryl?

Yes, that would be me.

I think Benadryl is the very first thing on the travel list
that is given to adoptive families.
And I neglected it.
In my brain, I had put it in the suitcase...but not in reality.

But I'm thinking K can snag some on the streets there
on Shamian Island.
It's the drug of choice for the crowd there.

But I'm so happy to tell you that I woke up this morning to hear that
his fever was gone and he was doing much better.
Maybe it was just stress.
Or bedbugs.

Please pray for my K...he's so worn out still from the time change
and Mister Silly Pants is giving him a whole new
dimension of tired.

I think getting Hao Hao will be a huge help to him!
Which will be May 3.

Gotta run for now.


Sally-Girl! said...

Kelly is a good sport. I am sure he will be just as happy to see you and I am going to be to see my hubby 40 hours!!!

Wouldn't be bedbugs unless there were bites to go with it. I know because I swore we brought one home from China to only find out we didn't. But I am now paranoid. It was the first thing I checked for when we came to the RMH!

Debby said...

Hey Lori....
I'm loving the blog up dates from China. Sorry little Jack wasn't feeling his best, but glad he's doing better now.

Does Hao Hao know Kelly & this little guy will be meeting him? He knows Macy too, right? I bet he's so excited, but of course mixed with the knowledge of such a huge move. They are all such heros to me.....

Tony and Rett said...

Poor little guy! Poor Baba!

Time can't fly fast enough, can it?

Maybe it can if you drop kick it.

P.S. Little Isaiah Jack is so stinkin' cute! Is it wrong to do an arranged marriage with he and one of my cuties?

Holly said...

Poor K-man. I was thinking he sure got that little boy fast before the jet lag could have worn off. Praying for strength and energy for him! And that new little sweetie is ADORABLE! Great pictures too!

Joy said...

He's so cute!

There's always the white swan clinic in a pinch. I'm not kidding. I've taken three kids there and they were recovered from their illness in three to four days. No messing around with this stuff for weeks like here in the US. ;-) It's on the third floor.

Zane had a horrible wet chest cough and it was GONE by the time we got home. We figured if he had that kind of medicine for 3.5 years, what would 2 more weeks matter?

One thing to consider - scabies. Zane had them. You have to look close between the fingers for bumps that look like large ant bites. We had cream with us and we covered him in it. His skin looked better in a few days.

Another reason for the scratching could be nerves or eczema. Both Quinn and Zane scratch in their sleep for both reasons.

I can't wait to see your next son!

Chris said...

My Faith scratches too when she is stressed, but yeah all those other cooties come to mind.

Tell Kelly to grab as much sleep as he can...does he need to travel again or does he get to stay at WS?

Melissa said...

Glad hes feeling better and praying for all of you.

Karin said...

Poor Kelly--I got tired just looking at those pics. And really...the memory of jet lag never fades. It all came back to me looking at Kelly's weary face. And chasing a toddler. Sometimes all you can think of is: put this kid in a stroller, walk down to the 7-11 and get some strong caffeine in the form of Coke--or walk to Starbucks and get some Espresso. Make it a double. ha. Poor guy! And kids with a spunky personality are usually in hyper-drive when they are stressed. Hopefully when his big brother arrives on the scene he will have someone else to play with. :)

Joanne Reddell said...

What a wonderful husband you have and what a great Baba!! Thanks for the frequent posts - I'm loving them!!!

My alarm went off at 6 this morning and I immediately thought of Kelly & Isaiah so I started praying. I don't know what time it was in China or what was going on there, but I felt I was supposed to be praying for them. I'm glad to hear that things are going well!

Adeye said...

Loving the updates, friend. What a sweetie pie you have...I'm thinking your big boys are gonna the BEST time with little guy :)

So glad his fever broke.

Chrissy said...

OH WOW LORI! I am shaking, chills, teary-eyed reading this. CANNOT wait to see them all 3 together!

ourchinagirls said...

Congratulations! Oh how I would love to bring home "just one more" however my husband thinks that five is enough.

Kathy said...

He is just adorable! I think he is a going
to be so much fun! So happy to see his
fever broke. Jet lag and a toddler UGH!!
Praying for Kman to get some
rest, strength and energy.
I am so not looking forward to the jet lag.
So relieved DH is coming. (he wanted me
to go myself) I can't wait to get our Chloe

Jean said...

Lovin the pics of your little man!! And visualizing Kelly in the same state- poor guy (Kelly that is). I bet he is exhausted!!

We went to the White Swan clinic- it is very convenient if you need it!!

I am sure other fams would have benadryl to share if the itching starts again!

Keep the pics and the posts coming!!

Anita said...

Oh poor guys...both of them. The jetlag is such a killer and then to have a speedy little guy on your hands, too, who doesn't feel good. Glad to hear he's doing better now though. And maybe your older son can help with just chatting with Isaiah...that might take some of the craziness off of Kelly, too! Sure did Kaleb to talk to Helen. ;)

Adrian Roberta said...

LOL, love the stroller shot, next time K-man should give Isaiah the camera to sneak a shot of Baba crashed out after a day of chasing him!

Bring on the big brother now!!!

Susan A said...

Reading about K-man with Dong Jii got me exhausted! :) He's (K-man) doing great!!! soon he'll be home with the two boys and have a good catch-up sleep. Not long to go! :) :)

Thanks for the updates, Lori :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Lori - your newest little one is beautiful handsome! He is stinkin cute, in other words! Feeling sorry for your poor husband and praying for his strength. May 3rd probably looks like a long time away for K-man!

janet and gang

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