Tuesday, April 26, 2011

not quite there yet...

As I type this...my Dearest Manly-Man-K-Man
(I'm renaming him because he deserves an upgraded title)...
is still not quite to his final destination.


There was a change of plans rather last minute which meant he had to
go to Guangzhou just a couple hours after arriving in Beijing.
Which meant he didn't get to spend any time with our friends Bill and Lynsay.
We were all so bummed about that.
Really, really bummed.

But anyway, he texted me at 2AM to tell me he made it to Beijing and was working his way through the airport to get to his next flight.

Did I mention he is manly?

There was a huge blessing on his flight over the pond...
he had a window seat with two (count them)
empty seats next to him.
Glory be.
For those of you who have traveled to China before know
how it's usually packed like a semi full of cattle going to slaughter.

He was able to curl up and sleep like a lil' kitten.
A very manly kitten.

So thankful!!!!

He will arrive in GZ at about 9AM our time (central).
Then he'll meet his guide, Elsie (who was our guide when we got Lucy!)
and go to the White Swan Hotel.

Then gets our Little Dude on Wednesday at 10AM
(which is Tuesday 9PM our time).

Is anyone still reading this?

How am I doing?
Why, thank you for asking.
I did great yesterday until I saw my man's empty
spot at the dinner table.

Oh my heart.
I have this whole new appreciation for those of you whose
military husbands/sons leave for months at a time.
And for single moms.
Ya'll are super strong women, I tell ya.

I'm left with feeling so extremely thankful that my guy will
be back in just a couple weeks.

Okay, that's all for now. Just thought I'd update you.


Nancy said...

Praying for your manly man and your family as K-man's journey continues.

Jean said...

Aas usual- you make me laugh and smile!!

I do agree the wives of military men are heroes!! And very strong! I'm a puddle when he travels for 2 nights!

So sorry he would not see Linsay and Bill- what a bummer...

keep us updated- can't wait for him to get your little guy!! WooHooo!! (hope he has a camera- we need pics!)

Tony and Rett said...

Awww...praying for you, seriously.

BUT, on a happier note...should he have your little Jack (hhehe, yep, I'm going with Jack) by now???

I can't wait to hear and see!

Adrian Roberta said...

Please tell me your manly man knows how to forward all the photos he'll take your way!!! So excited for your amazing family (-:

Karin said...

Oh man...that is such a bummer that he didn't get to see Bill and Lynsay. :( Very cool about the two empty seats, though. That just does NOT happen. For you...one day down. You can do it!! Go Lori! You can do it! :))))

Chris said...

Wow! 2 empty seats! Never had that happen in the 3 times we did that trip. But what a mess flying back and forth across that country!

If I'm reading your post correctly, he should have Jack by now?

Prayers for all those wonderful steps he needs to take
And for ya'll at home

quilt-n-mama said...

Praying for you friend!
Glad your hubby is almost there! Hope he gets some sleep!
Can't wait to see pictures with your little guy!
Thanks for the text last night while I was traveling btw. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Debby said...

Wow...Extra room on the way over!! Super!! Too bad he did not get a chance to meet up with your friends though...Major BUMMER..

Can not wait to hear how the boys start settling in with him......You can do it...just cut another paper ring off of that chain....

Nicole A. said...

Wow - he's arriving there and getting your little one on the same day?! What a trip! Praying that all goes well over these next couple of weeks (for you, too, of course)!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Donna said...

Thanks for the update - your honey is in our prayers (you too!!!) and those TWO empty seats??? How sweet is that!?!?!
Hang in there!!!!

Cari said...

so that's like in tonight at 9pm K-man will be holding your little boy?! whoo hoo! very very cool.

bummer about missing Bill & Lynsay though...

Rachel said...

We loved Elsie!!!! So exciting to see the Father's hand in every step. Hugs!

Joanne Reddell said...

I'm praying for all of you, sweet friend! What a great update! Gives me a lot of details to pray for (you know how much I ♥ that!!)

I'm so stinkin excited for all of you!! I can't wait to hear more. Do you think you can post hourly updates?? (j/k.....but not a bad idea!! Ha ha!!)

Love to all of you!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

WOW--so rare--those empty seats!
He gets Jack tonight?!?! today IS Tuesday, right!!!!!! WOOO HOOO

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh man - we can hardly wait for your manly man to hold his little son very, very soon! You must be on pins and needles! Are you going to skype right away with them? It makes me teary knowing K-man is so close to meeting your little one!! What an emotional time for you all.

Hugs to you sweet Lori,
Janet and gang

Anonymous said...

So thrilled for your family. Excited to hear the updates when K-Man meets your sweet new sons. Praying for you at home. So excited to hear that Elsie will be there to help him. She was our guide both trips to China. She is amazing and will help him every step of the way. Now, go eat some chocolate. Trust me, it will help! =)
The Singletary's

connie said...

Lori, I'm so glad your manly man had a little more room than usual on the long flight! And he's there!!! And tonight he meets your lil guy! We are so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

How exciting new family member in about an hour and a half!!!! Sure hope he got a camera chord or some saint out there shares one with him!!!! Only God could have gave him those 2 empty seats! He knew K was going to need to be rested up for a blessed journey!

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