Friday, April 30, 2010

We made it safely to Seattle! But had to go the long route. Argh. The girls are having a blast! The moms are too. I will try to post pics tonight.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

cursive "L"

Well, it's 4:30 AM and I'm having an extra
big 'o cup of coffee to jump start my
crazy day of travel!

Like I said in my last post,
I won't be taking my laptop
(which is like leaving behind one of my limbs, if you must know)
so I will send short and oh-so-sweet posts from my
cell phone.

I am just giddy with excitement to see my friends
Mary and Patty.
AND for Macy to see her friends Ellie and Lina.
It will be a super sweet reunion.
Three darling girls, once in wonderful families
of their very own.
I'll probably cry like a big Chinese baby seeing them together.
That is if I don't shed all my tears trying
to get through FOUR dog-gone airports!!
Do be praying about that, would you?!

Oh and I'll let you in on a little secret
(since I know Patty won't be reading this this morning)...
I put a cursive "L" on my t-shirt to wear today.
You gotta go read her latest post to understand.
I found it to be terribly difficult to make such a letter
out of fabric.
So it has an alarming resemblance to a figure 8 with wings.

I gotta run jump in the shower.
Then we're off!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

please pray!

Tomorrow morning,
bright and early,
Macy and I leave for Seattle to
visit two of her good friends that she lived
with in her orphanage.

Macy has been looking forward to this trip for a
LONG time!!

Here's what I need from you prayer warriors.


*That Macy would have a wonderful time with her friends.

*That she would see how nicely her friends
have settled into their families and it would cause her
to settle in a little more into our family.

*That we would make the most of every minute of our time
with tons fellowship, filled with laughter.

*That we will be able to catch a better flight tomorrow.
Right now we are scheduled to fly to Denver,
LA, THEN Seattle.
*hello, free tickets*
We really want to catch a direct flight from Denver to Seattle.
PLEASE pray that that will happen!
It will make things so much easier and less stressful!
Cause right now our connection times are really tight.

I'm not sure if I will be taking my laptop or not.
We are trying to travel super light.

But I promise I'll post lots of pics when I get back!
I have already warned Macy that I WILL be snapping
my camera often and frequently.
And she knows I will.


Off the subject,
do any of you know of an orphanage in
Guangzhou that would want a volunteer this summer?
My Chinese-American friend is spending the summer
in China and really wants to do some volunteer work.
She's getting her Master's degree in social work and plans
to work in China after she graduates so this would be really
helpful for her to get her foot in the door there.
Please email me if you can give me some leads!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

micro-manager, first place, and lively dinner conversation

I am crazily trying to get things done around
here before Macy and I leave for WA
on Thursday!

Why is it so much work preparing to leave three fellas and
a four-year old girl at home for a few days?

Oh wait.

Never mind.

So, Lucy will be assuming the role of micro-manager while I'm gone.
Which won't be much of a shift in positions, trust me.
All would agree that she's basically my mini-me.


So I'll give you a quick update as to what's happen'
here then I really gotta run...

My big boys took FIRST place in their tournament yesterday!!!!
The best part is,
it was a two-man scramble tourney and they chose
each other to play with.

And it paid off.

Golly, I'm crazy about these guys!!
Congratulations fellas!

And lastly,
here's a little Lucyism.

We were eating dinner together the other night
and Lucy piped up
(because she can't stand a lull in conversation...
or not being the CENTER of conversation),

"Nick, are you from China?"

And before Nick could even respond, Lucy said,

"OH WAIT! No, aren't from China!
Only GIRLS are from China."

And then an argument broke out between the
family and Lucy trying to convince her that there are in fact
BOYS in China.

We lost the argument.

There's no convincing this girl of anything she's got
her mind set on.

Watch out world.
And future Lucy-husband.
Watch out.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

the view from my kitchen window

Yesterday I caught Lucy in a rare moment.

Sitting quietly.
By herself.

Not trying to boss her teen sibs around.
Not trying to mandate the day's activities.
Not seeking to be the center of attention.

But just sitting.


By herself.

And I captured it as proof
that she can, in fact,
mind her own business.

The view from my kitchen window
of that glorious moment.

It was short.

It was sweet.

Perhaps it will happen again.


*No, she wasn't actually reading...or was she?
I don't know because she was by herself.

Friday, April 23, 2010

creatively connecting with your kids

Dr. Lucy's family practice is in full swing.
I believe she is accepting new patients, though she
tends to focus on the two
who made her endure multiple procedures in the last week.
Notice the vengeful grin that she can't
seem to wipe off her face.

I will warn you that this thermometer has been in
my mouth and multiple armpits.
In that order, thankfully.
So, you may just want to forgo that part of your exam.
I'm just sayin'.

And in another part of the Dr.'s office/living room,
Brenden and I spent a good amount of
time filling out a job application for W*l Mart.
I finally convinced him that working there won't cramp his style.
Well...maybe it will but it will be good for character-building.

after he got passed the regular application stuff
(name, address, job history, etc.),
he (we) had to answer 65 questions
that left us laughing hysterically
and wondering how in the world some of the current cashiers
at WM actually pass this part of the app.
Bless their hearts.
No offense,
of course.
It was a very bonding moment for mother/son.
If you are feeling disconnected from your teen, just hop
on their site and fill it out.

Then I moved on to some bonding with my other teen-man,
who insisted on giving me a tattoo
with Lucy's markers.
I seriously think it hurt/tickled as much as getting the real deal.

Macy just sat and took it all in...giggling.
And probably wondering what in the world kind of
crazy family she's gotten herself into.

You gotta be creative with how you stay connected
with your kids, folks.

Maybe I'll write a book.
It will blow all the experts out of the water.

And no, I will not ever be getting a real tattoo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Bless Lucy's heart.
Besides an all-out cry fest while they were
drawing her blood,
she did great.

And bless those wonderful gals who work in
the lab at our doctor's office!
They are amazingly talented in getting an itty bitty girl's
vein in one quick prick.
the tech doing it told Lucy,
"Honey, if it makes you feel better to cry, then
go ahead. It's totally fine with me, darlin'."

And cry she did...more of a wale, actually.

The entire office heard her.
All the girls at the front desk showered her with
stickers and suckers as we were leaving.

Funny, no one has ever offered me a thing when I was
brave getting my blood drawn.

Perhaps I'll whip up some tears next time.

to further her rewards, the biggest softy in our house
bought her a new doctor's kit.

So now Lucy is equipped with a broad range of medical
supplies and an arsenal of new procedures that
she's recently learned.

And just so you know,
your computer mouse gives a fairly decent
*Perhaps that's a glimpse into our future health care*

We'll get the results of Lucy's test later today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bestest buddies

Every evening when Kel comes home from work,
Lucy races outside to greet him.
Then after dinner they always head back outside
to do whatever work needs to be done.

And lately,
it's been gardening.

And just to give you a glimpse of my darling daughter's
resolve to not always cooperate....
Here she refused to turn around for a pic.

I told her, NOT to turn around,
I DID NOT want to take her pic.
Absolutely DO NOT turn around.

Mama's one step ahead of you, girly.

Lucy and her bestest buddy ever!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lucy update

We set out this morning for Lucy's ultra sound and
bless her sweet stubborn heart,
she refused (refused, I tell ya) to drink any water.

Good heavens,
and they wanted her to drink 32 oz?

Ha, they don't know Lucy like I do.

However, knowing that the ONE who creator her
could no doubt fill her bladder
(yes, even without water consumption)
and take fear from heart, gave me much peace.

I also prayed that the timing would be perfect because
let's face it....a four year old with a (hopefully) full
bladder can't keep it full
for very long.

And that, He did.
He orchestrated it perfectly...down to every little detail.
One being that Lucy was apparently scheduled to have a male
do her sono but one of the gals there
saw on the schedule a four year old little girl
and she said there was no way a guy should be the one to do it.
She insisted on doing it.
I thanked her profusely for her discernment on that!!

Lucy did amazingly well.

now I'm feeling like I need to protect Lucy's privacy
and not spill her entire medical situation
here, but it does appear that nothing is really showing up
except a couple little things that could
be causing her pain.

Again, I'm feeling protective so that's all I'm sayin'.
But, no worries. She's fine!

Thank you all for praying,
I have no doubt in my mind that God Himself
calmed Lucy's fears and worked all this out.

Oh but we do have to go in for blood work tomorrow,
just to clear her on the glucose and sodium concern.
Please do pray, would you?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

one of those days...

At the last minute this morning,
we rescheduled Lucy's blood work appointment
to Wednesday.

Thank you all who remembered to pray
and I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

It's been one of those days.

Praising Him in my mini storms of everyday life,
ya know?

baby luke

Sweet little Luke,
who is very lovingly cared for by our friends
Bill and Lynsay
The Morning Star Foundation
is finally having heart surgery this week.
He is in Israel for the complicated
operation and your prayers
are VERY much needed.

Sweet baby boy, he was not doing well during our visit.
My goodness he's grown since these pictures were taken
seven months ago!

Friends, would you please join us in flooding heaven
with our prayers for Luke?

Spread the word!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lucy update

All seemed to be fine and good with Lucy-bug
yesterday...then she started complaining
every now and then that her tummy hurt.
She would even wince a bit
and bend over.

Then, it would get better.

Yes, her BMs are normal and regular (believe me).

the doctor called to set up her ultrasound
AND more blood work.


Turns out,
her glucose level was high and they want to
rule out diabetes.


Plus they want to check her kidney and liver function.

Anyway, Monday morning we go in for her blood work.
No need to set your alarms to get up for the day,
Lucy will provide you with a complimentary wake-up call.
You're welcome.

Tuesday morning she is scheduled for an ultrasound.
They told us to have her drink 32 oz. of water


Sure, that will happen.

For goodness sake,
she's the size of a 32 oz drink!!!

We'll do what we can.

Oh and we are NOT going back to the children's hospital.
Just a regular hospital who agreed to
do a pediatric ultrasound.
I'm thinkin' since they're probably used to seeing
bladder-bulging cranky pregnant women all the time,
a cutie-pie Chinese girly might make them roll out the red carpet.

We'll see.

Please pray!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

thank you for praying....

The last couple weeks Lucy has complained of
a tummy ache, here and there.
Nothing ever became of it but I did make
a mental note that she had complained several times.

Then today, which began way earlier than planned,
Lucy woke up in great pain.

She had a low-grade fever and vomited.
I definitely knew something was up,
especially when she doubled over in pain every time she
stood up.

Somethin' wasn't right.

The doctor wanted to see her right away.
They ruled out a UTI off the bat.
Next they suspected her appendix or an unwelcome
comeback of an ovarian cyst
(that was her "special need" when we adopted her).

So blood was drawn.
Oh how I wish you all could have seen the drama
that unfolded with that.

It was a sight to behold.

Her white blood cell count was elevated.
Off to the nearest children's hospital we went,
doctor's orders.

A simple CT scan.
No problem, we told them.

The aforementioned drama was just the warm up.

We got checked in and they stuck us in a pleasant
but claustrophobic room,
gave Lucy a plethora of over-sensorizing toys
a big-gulp size "fruit punch" (aka, dye to read the scan easier)
and told us to have her drink it over the next
1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Say what??

She "chugged" away at it for a good
45 minutes until we were alarmed at how
little she had actually drank.
They can put a man on the moon but they can't figure out
an easier way to make a four year old
get a simple x-ray?

The nurses gave up on this idea
and decided to do an IV with dye in it instead.

All the while,
she is making an incredible recovery thanks to prayer, no doubt,
and apparently our extended stay in the 10x10 room
with her as the total center of attention.

After about 3 1/2 hours,
they came to get her for her scan.


She cooperated for all of about 3 minutes as they
overly talked to her to prepare her for this.

Good golly.

Then she fell apart, latched onto Dad and wouldn't let go.

One of the gals actually had the gall to ask me if
they should tell her that mom and dad would have to LEAVE
if she wouldn't lie down.

Yes, that sound you heard around 4 PM was, in fact,
me coming unglued.

No, sweet but completely ignorant lady,
I will NOT tell my adopted daughter that I will
LEAVE her side if she doesn't cooperate.

We finally said, ENOUGH.
Take the IV out, we are leaving.

The radiologist, bless his very kind and patient heart,
came to our rescue and didn't leave our side
until we finally got Lucy an ultrasound.

Her bladder was empty so they couldn't see her
ovaries and her appendix didn't make an
appearance either, leaving the doctor to conclude
that it wasn't inflamed.

Very long story short,
we are home now.
Lucy is playing outside as if nothing happened.

Of course.

The doctor is still concerned about her ovaries so
we will go back for a better ultrasound.

for your prayers.

I have NO DOUBT that they made all the difference.

We are STILL waiting for a CT scan. Lucy is doing ok at the moment and we are getting plenty of fluorescent light therapy. Ugh.
Lucy woke up this morning with severe abdominal pain. We just left the dr office and are heading to the hospital for a cat scan. Please pray.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

is it friday yet?

Golly jeepers,
this week has been exhausting.

Is it Friday yet?

Please say yes.

We have been getting up early every morning to go
take standardized tests.
Well, by we I mean the kids, of course.
I am not being tested on anything, except the normal stuff
like my patience, self-control, moderation, discernment, etc., etc.

Anyway, I'm just not used to this rigorous schedule!
*I think someone is a little spoiled by the cushy life of homeschooling*
That'd be me.

No time to blog much so I'll leave you with another
pic from our sunny afternoon the other day.

Oh, and Macy and I met with our Chinese friend Joyce this
afternoon for coffee/tea.

It was really great.

Then Macy and I had a good chat (can you say, breakthrough?!)
on the way home.

I learned some things and I'm extremely grateful.

God is amazingly good and never ceases to keep
me wide-eyed and full of awe.

Monday, April 12, 2010

our spring afternoon

What a glorious spring day we had today!
We found ourselves (yes, ALL four kids and me),
outside for the entire afternoon.

They did this with zero persuasion.
I wasn't sure whether to question their motives,
or shout, Hallelujah!

I chose the latter.

We did everything under the sun (literally)
and had a complete blast doing it.

Come on, I'll show you...

Brenden spent some time playing with Zeke.

Which quickly turned to a tumbling move.

Which led to doing it on concrete.
Because that's just the kind of man he is.
Yes, he had an outfit change...he didn't want to get his golf clothes dirty.

We did some hard-core swinging.

And about mid-way through our day,
the meadow next to our house was beckoning us to frolic.

Yes, I frolicked.

Oh how I did frolic.

Nick absolutely could not stand that I was having
such fun and simply HAD to do his
share of frolicking as well.

Oh how he did frolic.

A sunny afternoon wouldn't be complete
for Nick without some golf.

Which led to him wanting to compare the size
of his driver to Lucy's head.

Then, shy little Macy got in on the golfing action.

Because it's just so darn fun.

Then of course we had to shoot a few hoops.

And just as we were ending our fun afternoon,
we noticed our neighbors approaching
on their equestrian transportation.
I told you we lived in the country.

It doesn't get much more American than
this, folks.

Lucy is totally enamored by these horses
but refused to go for a ride.
Petting them was good enough for this little filly.
Bye bye for now!
Hope ya'll had a super day as well!

new blog look!!

I just had the MOST trying time at
Wal Mart with my
(I am using that word extremely loosely right now)

Mercy sakes, my nerves are FRIED.
FRIED, I say.

it was a delight to come home to find
my blog all made over by
PRECIOUS (and I do mean precious) friend, MANDI!!!!

I'm telling ya what,
she is leaving for China on WEDNESDAY
and she still took the time to work
on my blog.

She ROCKS, no doubt about it!!

She did a great job, don't ya think??

my musings about chinese church

I'm so excited!!
I have a big change coming to
my blog super soon!

Stay tuned!


I have to tell ya something really fast.
*We have a really busy day and I MUST get off my bee-hind asap*

Macy and I went to the Chinese church yesterday.
It was great, as usual.

my dear friend Joyce translated for me
(as she ALWAYS insists on doing).
She sat right behind me and relayed the message
quietly to me.

suddenly during the sermon she stopped talking.
I figured she was taking a little break,
no big deal.
Then she said,
"I'm sorry, I am having a hard time translating
this because I don't agree with what is
being said!"

We both totally cracked up!!

And she later apologized for her commentary
during the service.

I thought it was hilarious.

I can't even remember exactly what the speaker said
that she disagreed with but
I tend to trust Joyce's theology (she's a graduate of Wheaton)
so it was fine with me!

maybe you had to be there.

Something funny happens every single time we go there.
Like the last time when the speaker's
sermon was on speaking in tongues....I almost laughed out loud
as I listened to it in...Chinese (and of course the translated version).

Isn't that funny?
I think so.

Ok, I've amused myself long enough.
I'm off to start my day!

HaPpY MoNdAy!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

a new school house {in the nick of time}

Remember waaaaay back, months ago,
we were building a homeschool room?

Well, looky looky!

Now that we are wrapping up our school year,
it's done!!
*I am nothing if I don't maintain my sense humor*

Ok, a few finishing touches are still needed.

But still,
I'm so tickled to finish our last few weeks
of school in our new room!

And guess what?
Next year, it looks like it will just be Macy
who will be homeschooled.
*The big boys are SO DONE with schoolin' at home*

Ironic, isn't it?

We started this room thinking we really needed the extra
space for all our students and now it will only be one.

For now.

my friend mandi

Would you all please take a minute
to jump over to my friend Mandi's blog??

They got notice that they have to leave this coming
to get their TWO boys in China!

They are super excited that they are finally going
but the short notice to put together their travel plans
is costing a fortune, as you can imagine.

It would be super great if everyone could just pitch in...
even a help out!

Every dollar counts!

Friday, April 9, 2010

supermodel saturday {on friday}

I think the pictures speak for themselves.
Or should I say, the subject...and her confident self.

All I have to do is say,
"Lucy, smile."

And this is what I get...

And just as quick as she breaks into her supermodel poses,
she's back to being a tom-boy girly,
running with the dogs, picking up bugs, and adding to
her collection of bruises.

I'm not sure it gets any better than this.
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