Monday, April 12, 2010

our spring afternoon

What a glorious spring day we had today!
We found ourselves (yes, ALL four kids and me),
outside for the entire afternoon.

They did this with zero persuasion.
I wasn't sure whether to question their motives,
or shout, Hallelujah!

I chose the latter.

We did everything under the sun (literally)
and had a complete blast doing it.

Come on, I'll show you...

Brenden spent some time playing with Zeke.

Which quickly turned to a tumbling move.

Which led to doing it on concrete.
Because that's just the kind of man he is.
Yes, he had an outfit change...he didn't want to get his golf clothes dirty.

We did some hard-core swinging.

And about mid-way through our day,
the meadow next to our house was beckoning us to frolic.

Yes, I frolicked.

Oh how I did frolic.

Nick absolutely could not stand that I was having
such fun and simply HAD to do his
share of frolicking as well.

Oh how he did frolic.

A sunny afternoon wouldn't be complete
for Nick without some golf.

Which led to him wanting to compare the size
of his driver to Lucy's head.

Then, shy little Macy got in on the golfing action.

Because it's just so darn fun.

Then of course we had to shoot a few hoops.

And just as we were ending our fun afternoon,
we noticed our neighbors approaching
on their equestrian transportation.
I told you we lived in the country.

It doesn't get much more American than
this, folks.

Lucy is totally enamored by these horses
but refused to go for a ride.
Petting them was good enough for this little filly.
Bye bye for now!
Hope ya'll had a super day as well!


Karen said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous day. I love your meadow!!! Oh how nice it would be to be able to frolic in a meadow around here:-) Too sweet that Nick is helping Macy hit the golf ball.

Love you new blog too!!

Karin said...

I am cracking up over the frolicking. :) Who knew ya'll like to frolic like that? Was Macy tempted to frolic? That photo of the horses, framed by your flowering tree is REALLY cool!

Glad you had such a wonderful day. I was indoors doing laundry. Don't be jealous.

Holly said...

Lori, I think that is one of my most favorite blog posts EVER. Including every blog I've read. So fun!!! I just loved it. Thanks for sharing. : )

Holly said...

Who was taking pictures of Mama frolicking? Hmmm.
Looks fun! Nick has a bit more pep in his frolic that you...but yours was great too!
Love seeing that big girl of yours smile and having fun!
What a glorious day!
I spent much of mine making copies.
Yep. Glorious :)

Stefanie said...

The day? Lovely.
The horses? Gorgeous.
The frolicking? Hilarious.

Thanks for the early morning giggle.

And did I see you gettin' your verse on, too Lori? You are ROCKIN' that tee, sistah!!

Madeleine said...

I think my favorites are of Nick frolicking! He seems like a serious young man,and these pictures looked like an abandonment to that illusion. :)

What a fantastic day!

And I am TOTALLY jealous of your school room. I will confess my sin later. Right now I will continue to be jealous. lol. And not that I am THRILLED you got it, just kinda wish GOD would give me one.

Nice new blog!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Loved the frolicking. And yes I did have a fun spring day. Was at the Cubs opener and we won...I am 1-0 for the season.

Rachel said...

You just put a new face on the word frolic, my friend. I actually got a little teary with joy over the fact that Macy & Lucy were welcomed into such a joy-filled home. WhooHoo!

Leah said...

Oh I want to come play too! Although I'm not sure I am as high quality "frolic-er" as you guys. Looks like a wonderful day.

Debby said...

I LOVE country living....where else can you frolic like that without causing a neighborhood situation???

Great pictures!! So much fun!!

Kathy said...

What a fun day!
I loved the horses framed by
the flowering tree!
You and your son frolicking gave
me a greatly needed laugh after a
bad day yesterday. You guys are so
I loved seeing Macy outside enjoying

JR said...

Awesome pics! I especially like the frolic & Nick really cracked me up!! It was great to see Macy on the swings and trying golf! Such a precious gal! I'm glad you enjoyed a beautiful spring day....because right now it's SNOWING in Durango CO! UGH - will spring never spring here??

Cari said...

wonderful pics that put a smile on my face...thanks!!! i sat on a neighbor's horse when i was about Lucy's age and ever since i have loved horses!!! growing up, i begged my dad {with no success} to have one. still don't have one...maybe in heaven?! :)

Tracy said...

Now that was a fun post! I want to be your neighbor. Oh my goodness is it beautiful there. I would love to trade a few tumbleweeds for some cushy grass if your interested. : )
Now...I have never frolicked, but after watching you do it, it looks quite fun and freeing. You totally crack me up. That was too funny. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole A. said...

What a gorgeous day! Good memory-making day for you, I bet! Your blog looks great; love the makeover!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH (but moving soon...)

Chris said...

I frolic like that too sometimes, but then I get strange looks from the neighbors...maybe I'd better do it in the back of the house :^)

Enjoy your spring weather....we had rain today

Jean said...

Okay- I think this blog makeover has energized you!!

Love the frolicking!! Did anyone get any wood ticks?

Macy is so cute in her sunglasses! Great to see her in pics!!

Great pics and the neighbors coming over by horseback is incredible! Wish I where your neighbor!

Sophie said...

Oh what a fun day, your Nick is a funny guy, I've got me one just like him, must be the name. Macy looks like she's grown so much.

Glad you had a great day with your kids, you made me laugh with the frolicking

Tina said...

OMW!! I so loved the frolicking pictures! I was laughin! Oh I and I have to mention that I am sooo jealous of your AWESOME figure!

connie said...

OMW, I LOVE these pictures! You do frolic well! What fun! And I love the new blog look. Some day I'm really gonna give mine a facelift too... nah, not yet.

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