Wednesday, April 14, 2010

is it friday yet?

Golly jeepers,
this week has been exhausting.

Is it Friday yet?

Please say yes.

We have been getting up early every morning to go
take standardized tests.
Well, by we I mean the kids, of course.
I am not being tested on anything, except the normal stuff
like my patience, self-control, moderation, discernment, etc., etc.

Anyway, I'm just not used to this rigorous schedule!
*I think someone is a little spoiled by the cushy life of homeschooling*
That'd be me.

No time to blog much so I'll leave you with another
pic from our sunny afternoon the other day.

Oh, and Macy and I met with our Chinese friend Joyce this
afternoon for coffee/tea.

It was really great.

Then Macy and I had a good chat (can you say, breakthrough?!)
on the way home.

I learned some things and I'm extremely grateful.

God is amazingly good and never ceases to keep
me wide-eyed and full of awe.


Holly said...

That girl is just so precious. I love seeing pictures of her. So glad for breakthroughs. So happy that the Lord is working!!

Jean said...

Wonderful! I love those breakthrough moments!! We had one too a couple weeks ago! Bringing the girls to China will also be a huge help!

I do love the Homeschooling life! Tests- yuck- so sorry. However that does remind me of one more thing I need to get done- get Sarah tested- aaaaaahhhhh!
I'll just add it to the list

Jean said...

BTW- great pic of Mom and daughter with cool shades!!

Jill said...

Love the news! Love the pic! :)

Shonni said...

I'm wishing for Friday too! :)

Leah said...

Yay for the breakthough! I have soooooo much to learn from you.

Debby said...

Sounds like a great day despite the schedule & kid's testing.....

Love pics of Macy & her mom.

connie said...

Yeah for breakthroughs!!!! He is good!

Kathy said...

I love breakthroughs!!!
Love the pic!

Lou and Lorna said...

What a beautiful mother/daughter photo! It sounds like you're doing great.

Sally-Girl! said...

Glad for you chat and breakthrough, don't they feel so good!!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Oh Lori-
Praising Him for the great time you had with Macy! I love the picture too!
Hope you are all doing well and I'm hoping to be back your way very soon, I'll let you know!

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