Wednesday, April 28, 2010

please pray!

Tomorrow morning,
bright and early,
Macy and I leave for Seattle to
visit two of her good friends that she lived
with in her orphanage.

Macy has been looking forward to this trip for a
LONG time!!

Here's what I need from you prayer warriors.


*That Macy would have a wonderful time with her friends.

*That she would see how nicely her friends
have settled into their families and it would cause her
to settle in a little more into our family.

*That we would make the most of every minute of our time
with tons fellowship, filled with laughter.

*That we will be able to catch a better flight tomorrow.
Right now we are scheduled to fly to Denver,
LA, THEN Seattle.
*hello, free tickets*
We really want to catch a direct flight from Denver to Seattle.
PLEASE pray that that will happen!
It will make things so much easier and less stressful!
Cause right now our connection times are really tight.

I'm not sure if I will be taking my laptop or not.
We are trying to travel super light.

But I promise I'll post lots of pics when I get back!
I have already warned Macy that I WILL be snapping
my camera often and frequently.
And she knows I will.


Off the subject,
do any of you know of an orphanage in
Guangzhou that would want a volunteer this summer?
My Chinese-American friend is spending the summer
in China and really wants to do some volunteer work.
She's getting her Master's degree in social work and plans
to work in China after she graduates so this would be really
helpful for her to get her foot in the door there.
Please email me if you can give me some leads!



Janet and Kevin said...


Already prayed and will continue. Praying for all you asked for.

Janet and gang

connie said...

Been praying for this and will continue to do so! Thank you for the privilege. Have a wonderful time!!!

Jean said...

Have a wonderful time and I'll be praying for you!!

Serving the King said...

You and Macy will be prayed over over our dinner table tonight! Have a great trip!!

Madeleine said...

Will be praying for whatever it takes to open up her precious heart to the mother of her heart. :)

So glad you are going!

And sheesh, I will also pray for a better flight plan.

Oh, and will also pray that everyone survives the little momma at home. :)

JR said...

Lori, I'm praying for abundant blessings upon every detail of your trip! It sounds like such a fun "girls" you have room for one more? (tee hee!!)

♥ to you & Macy from Durango!

Kim K. said...

Prayers for a lovely and safe trip. By chance have you contacted Kay Bratt about volunteering at orphanages? I wonder if she would have any connections based on her own volunteer experiences?

Kathy said...

Have a wonderful and blessed time!

Patty said...

Yeeeehaaaawwww!! Look out Seattle, here we come!!! Must. Get. Packing!!!

Cari said...

I will definitely be praying, Lori! I can't wait to read about how the trip went. Hope you both really enjoy your time together and form a tightly knit bond!

Holly said...

So exciting! Praying!

Sammie said...

What, your coming to Seattle. I never comment (sorry), but I feel like your a best friend. I don't have a blog (so you can't read about me an my crazy family) but would love to get together for coffee if you have a minute of free time (can't imagine you will have much) I live in Seattle have two kids (boys) both adopted, aged 14 and 11 now. We will be gone this weekend at a family camp, back Sunday night. Ackkk to think I could meet you and chat that would be great, but I also understand the trip is for daughter to reconnect. Hope it goes well and has the desired effect : )

Karin said...

Have a fabulous trip!! I will be praying for your requests...and I will pray that as Macy interacts with her friends and their families that she will realize how comfortable she is with YOU.
Big hugs!!!

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