Tuesday, April 27, 2010

micro-manager, first place, and lively dinner conversation

I am crazily trying to get things done around
here before Macy and I leave for WA
on Thursday!

Why is it so much work preparing to leave three fellas and
a four-year old girl at home for a few days?

Oh wait.

Never mind.

So, Lucy will be assuming the role of micro-manager while I'm gone.
Which won't be much of a shift in positions, trust me.
All would agree that she's basically my mini-me.


So I'll give you a quick update as to what's happen'
here then I really gotta run...

My big boys took FIRST place in their tournament yesterday!!!!
The best part is,
it was a two-man scramble tourney and they chose
each other to play with.

And it paid off.

Golly, I'm crazy about these guys!!
Congratulations fellas!

And lastly,
here's a little Lucyism.

We were eating dinner together the other night
and Lucy piped up
(because she can't stand a lull in conversation...
or not being the CENTER of conversation),

"Nick, are you from China?"

And before Nick could even respond, Lucy said,

"OH WAIT! No, no...you aren't from China!
Only GIRLS are from China."

And then an argument broke out between the
family and Lucy trying to convince her that there are in fact
BOYS in China.

We lost the argument.

There's no convincing this girl of anything she's got
her mind set on.

Watch out world.
And future Lucy-husband.
Watch out.


Chris said...

ah well, Lucy most of the world agrees with you too!
Congratualtions boys!

Have a nice trip ladies

Nancy said...

Nurture vs. nature? Congrats to the boys?

Jean said...

Congrats to the boys!

Are you going to WA to visit a friend of Macy's? How fun to take a big girls trip! Enjoy... and be sure to blog... with pics!

Wait... there's boys in China?


Karin said...

Wow...congrats to the boys! :) That is an impressive win!

Lucy, that girl cracks me up! I guess that picture of you holding Luke at Morning Star didn't register? Maybe you could show her pics of Jordan on my blog. He is definitely a boy...from China.

Have a wonderful trip to WA!!!

Madeleine said...

OH that is cool they picked each other. I love it when siblings can trust each other like that. Even in the little things. :) And yAy for winning!!

And as far as Lucy. What a gem. I am sure life is always interesting with her around. LOL.

And if it helps, I always wondered what Chloe husband would be like. She also is some kind of kid.

Well, God did good.

And you will enjoy that journey to him I am sure!!!

So, why the WA trip?? Have fun, though. :)

Holly said...

"Like" : )

Learning Together at Home said...

That story is too funny. We have a couple of *ahem* determined young ladies around here too. :)

Shonni said...

As always, she is so funny, and your boys are so cute!
(by the way, I thought this was funny...the word verification for me to leave this note is ocrab...is that a new bad word? LOL)

Kim said...

I'm chiming in here because I think I have Lucy's twin! Before I leave Cate with anyone, I have to tell them not to let her boss them around! Then they laugh, and I'm like, really, I'm being serious!

Janet said...

I think you need to go get a boy from China, just to show Lucy that China does have boys. =) Janet

Lori Anne said...

That is TOO funny!

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