Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bestest buddies

Every evening when Kel comes home from work,
Lucy races outside to greet him.
Then after dinner they always head back outside
to do whatever work needs to be done.

And lately,
it's been gardening.

And just to give you a glimpse of my darling daughter's
resolve to not always cooperate....
Here she refused to turn around for a pic.

I told her, NOT to turn around,
I DID NOT want to take her pic.
Absolutely DO NOT turn around.

Mama's one step ahead of you, girly.

Lucy and her bestest buddy ever!!


Janet and Kevin said...

Lucy is so cute! Even with her tude! I have some cute little boys over here with big tudes too! Makes life interesting!!LOL!!

Janet and gang

Jean said...

That is so cute! I love that Mom is one step ahead of her! (For Now!)

Madeleine said...


Isn't it great? Getting that manual before you have kids? "How to deal with your kids" lol.

What a garden! I wish we had that much space!!!

What a smile. And she did good with picking just the right best friend.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Lucy is a beautiful little girl!!! Love the pics!! Hope all is well with her!

Serving the King said...

Ok that was HYSTERICAL! Love the over the shoulder pic! Too sweet!

quilt-n-mama said...

I love the pictures! Especially Lucy with her daddy, what a special relationship. Our kids love to garden with their daddy too, with the whole new house mess, we haven't even started a garden this year- bummer, I am hoping we can plant a late one and it will do ok:)
So glad to hear that Lucy's appointments went ok and I hope everything is ok soon!

Karin said...

Love that photo of Lucy and Daddy! :) She cracks me up!! I had a kid who needed reverse psychology all the time and he is still a pain in the rear--and sadly the tactic no longer works....

Leah said...

I swear you could be talking about Sydney. We are in trouble this summer when they get together!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hahaha, Lucy. She reminds me of me sometimes. So strong willed (ok, I'm not that extreme, but....almost).

Holly said...

Love those pictures. Just adorable! Hope she's doing better. : )

Shonni said...

That is so sweet.
Have you prayed that as she grows older, God keeps keeping you one stop ahead of her? LOL

Cari said...

when you lose that "one step ahead" pull out the bribes!! :) Cute pics!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

She is so adorable!!! I love her hair, it is so long and pretty!!

Ava's Daddy is her best buddy too!!

JR said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! And the poses are adorable! She acts like a model at times - she cracks me up!

connie said...

Such DARLING pictures! Hmmm, stubborn ~ yeah, I'm familiar with that!
We've been praying for all the procedures. Hang in there, Mama!

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