Friday, April 23, 2010

creatively connecting with your kids

Dr. Lucy's family practice is in full swing.
I believe she is accepting new patients, though she
tends to focus on the two
who made her endure multiple procedures in the last week.
Notice the vengeful grin that she can't
seem to wipe off her face.

I will warn you that this thermometer has been in
my mouth and multiple armpits.
In that order, thankfully.
So, you may just want to forgo that part of your exam.
I'm just sayin'.

And in another part of the Dr.'s office/living room,
Brenden and I spent a good amount of
time filling out a job application for W*l Mart.
I finally convinced him that working there won't cramp his style.
Well...maybe it will but it will be good for character-building.

after he got passed the regular application stuff
(name, address, job history, etc.),
he (we) had to answer 65 questions
that left us laughing hysterically
and wondering how in the world some of the current cashiers
at WM actually pass this part of the app.
Bless their hearts.
No offense,
of course.
It was a very bonding moment for mother/son.
If you are feeling disconnected from your teen, just hop
on their site and fill it out.

Then I moved on to some bonding with my other teen-man,
who insisted on giving me a tattoo
with Lucy's markers.
I seriously think it hurt/tickled as much as getting the real deal.

Macy just sat and took it all in...giggling.
And probably wondering what in the world kind of
crazy family she's gotten herself into.

You gotta be creative with how you stay connected
with your kids, folks.

Maybe I'll write a book.
It will blow all the experts out of the water.

And no, I will not ever be getting a real tattoo.


Janet and Kevin said...

Too funny! I did notice a hint of revenge on Lucy's face as she worked on you guys!

Janet and gang

connie said...

Awesome! You are SO connected and such a good sport! Praise to the Father for the day Macy is 'tattooing' her mama!!!
I would buy your book!!!

Holly said...

Great post...helps us fear those teen-age years a bit less. ; ) Those pics of Lucy are so great. I think doctors probably do act out some revenge from time to time! I mean, come on, a loaded syringe with a needle?? That's got to be therapy to someone.

Hezra said...

HehHeh Yeah, you need any heklp writing that book? I may be able to offer some good tips and I can proof/edit. We, I mean YOU could be FAMOUS!

Tiffany said...

aww... our girls have the same kit, and it is well-loved as well. Maybe they could open a practice together?

Karin said...

Oh and here I thought you were just jealous of the flower tattoo I got in Florida. :) It really lost it's luster when the yellow paint leaked out around the stencil and is all over my ankle. I mean ALL OVER. blech...

My kids were playing doctor yesterday, too. And they LOVE it. They even do IV's. :) With straws. I really should post about that.

Beware of armpit thermometers. Hopefully Lucy doesnt' know that sometimes they are put in certain unmentionable places... :)

JR said...

Such a great, uplifting & fun post! Just what I needed this Friday morning!

♥ to you & your precious family from durango!

Jean said...

Dr Lucy! After I take my kids to the Dr office we usually come home so I can get a couple, or more shots. I know it's pay back time and they are just too happy to do it!

Love the tattoo! Ya know the sock is quite cute, too!
You stylin!

Chris said...

Dr kits are so therapeutic!
Maybe nick needs to apply at the nearest tattoo parlor.

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